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Troubleshooting If the Order Window Is Displayed Incorrectly

What should I do if the order window is displayed incorrectly?

You’ve finished creating your personalised photo product with the ifolor Designer and would now like to move on to the ordering process? You click on “Finish order” but the window is still empty? In the first photo you can see the empty order window; in the second window you see the correct display of the window.

Screenshot of an empty order window.
Screenshot of an empty order window.
Screenshot of the correct display of the order window.
Screenshot of the correct display of the order window.
Windows Internet Options
Windows Internet Options

The solution of this problem lies in adjusting the Internet options in the Windows system settings. The ordering process of the ifolor Designer uses the general settings of your Internet options. These settings can inhibit the correct display of the order window.

In order to fix this error quickly, you should check your Internet options.

You can find the Windows Internet settings under Start and by searching for “Internet options” in the search window (Image: View of Windows 7; similar view in Windows 10) or under Start → Control Panel → (Network and Internet) → Internet Options.


In the window that pops up, click on the “Security” tab.

The set level of security can be set at a maximum of “Medium-high.” If using a different setting, it’s best to reset the settings to default. To do this, click on the button “Reset all zones to default level.”

Here you’ll also find the “Privacy” tab. Here as well, the maximum level you can set is “Medium-high.” In order to reset the settings, click on the “Default” button.


If using user-defined settings, click on “Advanced” and make sure, in the new window, that the options “First-party Cookies” as well as “Third-party Cookies” are checked. Also, you should make sure that the setting “Always allow session cookies” is checked. Confirm by clicking on “OK” and accept all settings in the original “Internet Options” window. Clicking on “OK” will automatically close the window.

Now you’ll have to restart the ifolor Designer and start the ordering process again by clicking on the shopping cart.