• Privacy Policy of ifolor AG, Kreuzlingen (Switzerland)

    The ifolor team is delighted that you have chosen us to process your photos. Your satisfaction is our top priority. Detailed below is our privacy policy, which we have drawn up so that you can be assured that we handle your photos and personal data correctly. This document explains what personal data (i.e., information related to identified or identifiable persons) we collect from your visit on our web sites and from your orders, and how these are processed and used. We also explain how we use cookies.

    Collection of personal data
    Whenever you visit our web site, data relating to your access and data required for the operation of our user interfaces and the processing of your request will be temporarily stored on our web servers. This pertains to the connection data of your computer (IP address), the subpages you are visiting on our site, date and duration of your visit, recognition of the types of device, operating system and browser and the website or starting point from which you came to visit us.
    Otherwise we only process data that you share with us while registering, placing an order or a request, and your image data and further information you send in to us for the processing of your orders. This data collection is not subject to a legal duty of notification with the authorities.
    We collect and process such data only insofar as this serves the professional processing of your order and the maintenance of our customer relationship.
    Apart from that we process anonymised information about how our visitors use our user interfaces; it helps us to enhance our services and the functions of our web sites, and to adapt them to your needs.

    Use and transfers of personal data
    We treat your data confidentially as a matter of principle and do not pass them on to third party processors. However, we reserve the possibility to have the data processed by third parties in Switzerland or in EU countries, if so required for the operational processing of your orders. In such case, an adequate level of data protection will be ensured by compliance with the privacy protection laws applicable in Switzerland, the EU and in each such country, and by corresponding contracts with our suppliers.
    If you have subscribed to our newsletter, it is sent by our technical service provider, Selligent SA in Belgium (Selligent), to whom we passed your data on when you registered for the newsletter. This transfer serves our legitimate interests in using an eye-catching, secure and user-friendly newsletter system. Acting on our instructions, Selligent uses this information for sending the newsletter and for carrying out a statistical, pseudonymised evaluation. You can unsubscribe from the newsletter at any time, either in writing or in the newsletter itself.

    We also use Selligent to send other electronic messages/emails to you. Accordingly, Selligent may receive your personal data as part of our existing order processing arrangements. The data will be stored there for the duration for which it is otherwise lawful to store it for the purposes set out in this data protection declaration, i.e. in particular for contractual communication contracts with you or for advertising communication.

    The applicable Selligent Privacy Policy can be found at https://www.selligent.com/privacy-policy-europe/.

    Trusted Shops
    In order to display the Trusted Shops quality label and the reviews collected, as appropriate, and to offer Trusted Shops products to customers following an order, the Trusted Shops trust badge has been integrated into this website. This badge serves to safeguard our legitimate interests prevailing within the scope of weighing interests in ensuring optimal marketing of our services. The trust badge and the services promoted with it are an offer of Trusted Shops GmbH, Subbelrather Str. 15C, 50823 Cologne.
    If the trust badge is accessed, the web server automatically stores a server log file, which contains, for ex., your IP address, the date and time of access, the data volume transferred and the requesting provider (access data) and documents the retrieval. Such access data is not evaluated and is automatically overwritten seven days after you have visited the site at the latest.
    Further personal data is transferred to Trusted Shops only if you have consented to this, if you decide to use Trusted Shops products following the completion of an order or have already registered for use. In this case, the contractual agreement made between you and Trusted Shops applies.

    Your image data will be automatically deleted within at most 30 days from completion of your orders.

    Social Media Link
    You may send us your image data for processing not only from your own devices but also through internet services such as Facebook, OneDrive and Picasa. Doing so, you do not grant us access to your login data for those services or to your other data placed in those services. The order software of ifolor is given access solely to your shared data and images and/or your public profile. These services will provide you with more detailed information about what data are thereby made accessible. Please also refer to these services’ privacy indications.

    We seek to design our web presence as user friendly and efficient as possible. To this end, we apply cookies. You may decide yourself whether or not our software may load cookies onto your computer. You can configure your browser so that cookies will not be accepted, or only from certain web sites, or only after notice. Please observe, however, that the use of certain functions of our website may be restricted or disabled if you decline cookies from our web site. For a convenient experience we recommend a browser setting which accepts our cookies. Click on the fingerprint button at the bottom left to find out more about cookies and possible settings.

    Third-party cookies and tracking integrations:

    Web Analytics
    We seek to design our web presence as user friendly and efficient as possible. To this end, we apply web analytics services in order to know how many users visit our websites, how often, and in what manner. We do not use this software to collect personal data or individual IP addresses. The data are used only in anonymous and summarised form, for statistical purposes and for the enhancement of the website.

    You can object to the collection of such data from your visit by clicking on the fingerprint button at the bottom left to deactivate Webtrekk for this domain.

    VWO (Wingify)
    To continually improve our online offerings, we regularly carry out A/B and multivariate tests on our website. During these tests, we collect information on visitor hits and your interaction with our online offering which is recorded anonymously and evaluated for statistical purposes.  For this purpose, we process tasks using the technology Visual Website Optimizer ("VWO"), operated by Wingfy (14th Floor, KLJ Tower North, Netaji Subhash Place, Pitam Pura, Delhi 110034, India).

    The legal basis for the processing of personal data, using cookies for analysis purposes, is Article 6 (1) (a) GDPR, given consent by the data subject to this processing.

    To do this, information is collected, evaluated and transmitted by your browser each time you visit. This is collected via a Java script and cookies. The following information is collected anonymously and processed for statistical purposes:

    • Browser use
    • Number of pages seen
    • Number of visits
    • Sequence of the visit
    • Duration of the visit
    • Interactive actions, such as filling or emptying a shopping basket
    • Recording use of individual websites (except e.g. in the checkout and registration process)
    • Transactions carried out
    • Etc.

    VWO uses your IP address to carry out geolocation (regional details of your location). Following the geolocation, which is done directly when you visit the site, your IP address is immediately deleted.

    During use of VWO, the following cookies are set, which last as long as shown:

    • Session cookie (for session recognition, service life: one session, i.e. until the browser is closed)
    • Long-time cookie (for pseudonymous recognition of returning visitors: 10 years)
    • Opt-out cookie (for objection to tracking: 10000 days)

    If you do not agree with the storage and evaluation of the usage measurement from your visit, you can click on the fingerprint button at the bottom left and change the settings.

    This allows you to store a so-called opt-out cookie in your browser. This is used to prevent the service from setting any cookies to measure usage and from collecting any session data. Please note: If you delete your cookies, the opt-out cookie is also deleted, and you may need to re-activate it.

    The applicable VWO Privacy Policy can be found at https://vwo.com/privacy-policy/.

    As a thank you for orders, we enable you to access vouchers and special offers for purchasing and obtaining other services from other providers on the Internet via Profity, a service from our partner adfocus GmbH based in Zug, Switzerland. In order to provide you with this access, we include a corresponding reference from adfocus via an encrypted connection when completing orders on our website, whereby data such as, in particular, your Internet protocol (IP) address, which can represent personal data, is exchanged with adfocus. Any personal data that is exchanged in this context is exclusively used to offer Profity in a permanent, secure and reliable manner.

    If a Profity user reaches ifolor.ch after the voucher selection process, Profity writes a first-party cookie using JavaScript. The first-party cookie is used for identification on the order completion page. Profity only stores the client ID in the cookie. The following information is collected for the visual integration, which is integrated into the order completion page:
    - Website language
    - Profity cookie
    - Conversion data (order value, order number, voucher code used) from conversion tracking (this data is only used if Profity is the intermediary for the order)

    Profity only uses the IP address for possible geolocalization. The IP address is not processed in any other way and is not stored in the system.

    Profity sets the following cookies with the stated lifespans:
    - Session cookies (for session recognition, language handling, version numbers, etc.; service life: one session, i.e. until the browser is closed)
    - Persistent cookies (to anonymously recognize returning visitors and their preferences: 90 months)

    Profity does not offer its own opt-out solution as no session data is collected or session-specific data is processed.

    The applicable Profity Privacy Policy can be found at https://www.profity.ch/about/privacy.

    Excentos Product Guides – "Gift Guide"
    Our online offering uses Product Guides from excentos Software GmbH, Reiterweg 1, 14469 Potsdam, Germany (‘excentos’), to make it possible for you as a user of our websites to select products in the most straightforward way possible and to provide you with better customer service. The Product Guides collect data on the user’s usage activities, including answer options selected and navigation-related activities, as well as interaction with and any purchases of the product recommendations in the Product Guide. This usage data is permanently stored in a web analysis system operated by excentos. This data stored in the web analysis system does not contain entire IP addresses but only anonymous data. Within the context of the reasonable balancing of interests, the Product Guides and the underlying server infrastructure collect data on the IP address and usage activity of the user to fend off cyberattacks. This is a required precautionary measure to be able to offer our services. This data will only be stored temporarily (7 days) to be able to identify potential attack patterns; during this period, an indirect time stamp may be assigned to usage activities in certain circumstances. Afterwards, the IP addresses and the log data will be completely deleted. The usage activities of a user are also retrieved during the session with the Product Guide to be able to operate the Product Guide, as well as interact with it and generate recommendations about it. This data is only stored in the memory on a temporary basis.

    If you do not agree to the measuring of your usage during your visit being stored and evaluated, you can object to it by clicking on the following link: https://analytics.excentos.com/index.php?module=CoreAdminHome&action=optOut&language=en

    By doing this, you can place an opt-out cookie in your browser. This is used to prevent the service from setting any cookies to measure usage and from collecting any session data. Please note: If you delete your cookies, the opt-out cookie will also be deleted, and you may have to activate it again.

    The currently valid privacy policy of excentos is accessible at https://www.excentos.com/en/datenschutz.

    Safety of data and communication
    Our database containing your personal data is protected at all times by appropriate technical and organisational measures to prevent its loss and abuse. It is stored in a safe operational environment which is not accessible to the public.

    While your personal data are being transmitted under certain circumstances, e. g. during login and payment processes, they are encrypted by use of the socalled Secure Socket Layer (SSL) technology. This means that a state-of-the-art encryption method applies to the communication between your computer and ifolor’s servers, provided that your browser supports the SSL (https) technology.

    Information and Rectification
    Ifolor is the data controller of the collected personal data. Upon written request, we will provide you with information what personal data we have recorded relating to your person.
    If we have doubts about the accuracy of the data made available to us, we will verify its accuracy. Should you notice that the data we have processed is inaccurate or no longer up to date, you are entitled to ask us to rectify your data immediately and at no cost.
    We reserve to require an appropriate means of identification from you, prior to processing your requests as mentioned above.

    Please address such requests exclusively to the following address – this will facilitate our processing thereof:

    Ifolor AG
    Data Protection Officer (CQD)
    Sonnenwiesenstrasse 2
    CH-8280 Kreuzlingen

    Kreuzlingen, November 2022