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    Tote Bag

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    from 26.95 from 29.95 per-item
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    from 26.95 from 29.95 per-item
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    • Approx. 40x40x7 cm
    • Machine washable up to 40 °C
    • 100% polyester
    • Printable on front and back
    • Filling volume approx. 16 litres
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    Product Details

    With this tote bag you can carry your favourite photo moment with you, transport your groceries and at the same time protect the environment by avoiding disposable bags. The bag is not only suitable for shopping, but also for travelling. It makes a useful gift idea for your loved ones. Simply print with a beautiful picture such as a great panorama, a photo with a quote or just your favourite photo and your personalised photo tote bag is ready.

    Price Overview

    Tote Bag

    Tote Bag
    approx. 40x40 cm
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    About the product:

    Tote Bag - Stylish and sustainable

    Fashionable and long lasting With this unusual tote bag, you have a truly unique item by your side - created by you. Whether it's a funny photo of your pet or beautiful holiday memories - there are no limits to your creativity. Thanks to the photo print on both sides, your bag will shine from all angles. It is the ideal companion for shopping, because thanks to it you can do without disposable bags.

    Tote Bag - Versatile in use

    Versatile in use This customised photo tote bag not only holds your groceries, but also sports gear, school supplies and work materials. It offers plenty of storage space and is very comfortable to carry thanks to the long straps. Whether you're shopping, on a trip or on your way to work, your personalised tote bag is a practical everyday tool with a personal touch.

    Tote Bag - Easy to maintain

    Easy to maintain The photo tote bag is particularly easy to care for and robust thanks to the used material. The tote bag is easy to clean with a damp cloth. You can also put it in the washing machine on the delicate cycle and wash it at up to 40 °C every now and then. However, the tote bag is not suitable for the dryer.

    As individual as you:

    Tote Bag - Print your own design on a tote bag

    Print your own design on a tote bag

    In addition to your favourite photos, you can also use graphic elements, pretty patterns and motifs or even a quote to design your tote bag. For example, use a cool graphic of your favourite type of fruit as a trendy design for your tote bag. You can print your desired design on both sides. This will make the photo tote bag your new favourite and make every shopping trip the highlight of your day.

    Tote Bag - Memories to take home

    Memories to take home

    With this individual bag, you can not only store your next purchase, but also carry a truly unique piece and your favourite memory with you. Choose your favourite photo and print it all over your photo tote bag’s surface or use one of the templates to add a frame or text to your picture. With your unique tote bag and your favourite memories by your side, you can set off in a good mood for a trip, grocery shopping, a stroll through town, to visit friends or to the park. 

    Tote Bag - Your life motto always by your side

    Your life motto always by your side

    Beautiful quotes, a line from your favourite song or a motivational saying are perfect to be immortalised on your tote bag. This way, your motto is always present in your everyday life and gives your tote bag a personal touch. You can have a mood image printed on your bag to match the text. This can be a photo or graphic elements. It is important that it is a JPG file so that you can upload it like a normal photo to design your photo tote bag.

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