Design your own personalised baby photo calendar

Create your own unique baby calendar

A photo calendar with your little treasure in the starring role

Seeing a child grow up is something very special. Babies change all the time - especially in their first year. So why not surprise your friends and family - whether they live around the corner or halfway across the world - with a photo calendar which records your little treasure's (first) year in photos?

Although the wait for the new arrival seems to go on forever, the time after the birth just flies by. This makes the photos that record each step in your child's development all the more precious. It would be a shame to simply hide them away on your hard-drive or in a box; if you put together the best photos from the first year in a wall calendar, you will not only have a souvenir of this special time, but also a wonderful thank-you gift for grandparents and godparents. We show you how to create a unique baby photo calendar with just a few clicks.

Design your own baby photo calendar

Choosing photos for the baby calendar - it's all in the mix

Now it's time to get designing: If you switch between close-ups of your child, family shots, and pictures of the baby with its grandparents, everybody will have a place in the calendar. From the sleeping newborn child to playing toddlers, these pictures are documenting your little one's development.

Less is often more when it comes to picture content: nobody can get enough of portraits of a sleeping newborn or a toddler beaming with joy. If your baby is not yet one year old you can put together a calendar just of the newborn phase and ensure variety by including a mixture of portraits, close-ups of little hands and feet and whole-body shots.


You can design your baby calendar just the way you like it. To make it easier you can use one of many design templates in the ifolor App as well as in the ifolor Designer. You can also create a nice collage out of family photos for each month. This way your baby calendar can feature even more cute photos.

Baby photo calendar of the newborn

Tell your baby's story in the photo calendar

Design the photo calendar as a unique baby diary. Use the photo calendar to create a fitting frame for your baby's most beautiful moments. Whether it's the first smile, the first crawl, the first little tooth, you can capture the milestones of your little treasure's development and keep it forever. Perfectly preserve the milestones of your little one's physical development – either learning new skills or growth spurts.

Alternatively, photograph your baby in the same pose each month you will see the growth clearly over time.

You can also include the whole family in the calendar: Simply collect the baby photos of the whole family at the same age on each monthly page and enjoy seeing all the differences and similarities between everyone.

Beautiful children's photos throughout the whole year

Decorate the baby photos with matching seasonal decorations to emphasise the mood of the season even more. Simply photograph your baby in different clothes, with different backgrounds and details. For spring, flowers will make the perfect background, while water toys and sand are great for summer. You can also dress up your little one in a Halloween costume for autumn and add a pumpkin in the background. Fill the winter months, for example, with Christmas decorations such as baubles or snowflakes.

A great baby calendar made with seasonal photos

Easy and practical: start on any month

You also have a free choice of starting month, so your calendar can start on the month that your child is born. Design your unique baby photo calendar in just a few clicks and keep track of all important dates at all times.


You are sure to have enough photos of your little one. It's best to copy all of your selected photos into a folder. That way you can add all the pictures to the calendar at once.



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