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    High-quality wedding photo products High-quality wedding photo products

    Capture the most beautiful moments forever. Capture the most beautiful moments forever.

    Before the wedding

    Good planning is everything. Discover here everything you need before your wedding

    Inspiration for your wedding preparations

    Invitations made easy

    With our photo greeting cards

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    «Save the Date» cards for your wedding

    Once the date for the wedding has been set, the next thing to do is organise a big party. In addition to the wedding ceremony, party, and choosing a wedding dress, you will need to be sure that the guests are informed in good time- the earlier the better. The «Save the Date» cards should be chosen carefully. We will show you some design inspirations.

    Perfect planning

    Free wedding check list

    Have you thought of everything? Use our wedding checklist to have everything in view months before the wedding. You can take your time to get an overview of the next steps in wedding planning. Here you will find all the important steps for wedding planning to tick off for a perfect wedding.

    For the wedding

    Here you will find all the products that can make your wedding day even more beautiful.

    Inspiration for your wedding day

    Unforgettable moments

    Personalised wedding gifts

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    Four ways to create a stylish look for your table

    How can you lend a festive table setting a more personal touch? Get inspired and let your imagination and creativity set flight as you decorate the table with ifolor photo products. A charming table decoration or stylish place cards are very quick to create and sure to catch the eye.Every guest will feel welcome when they find their own photo at their seat. Place cards made using photo products not only show guests where to sit, but also serve as a beautiful adornment to the table. Place cards can be used for special celebrations like weddings and birthdays or for cosier meals with friends.

    An original wedding guest book

    A guest book is a beautiful tradition in which the wedding guests can make a permanent mark by leaving their congratulations to the bride and groom. The bride and groom can always look at the guest book and enjoy seeing who was at the wedding. The best man or the parents will enjoy a creative guest book. Here we show you a creative, quick and easy idea of how you can design a guest book in a compact Booklet.

    Wedding decorations: individual place cards, menu cards and more

    The venue is decorated with attention to detail, the table decoration is synchronised: Stylish wedding decorations play an important role in creating the right atmosphere. With photos and place cards or menu cards that you have designed yourself, you can give your wedding decorations a personal touch. We have collected a few DIY ideas for you.

    Personalised wedding gifts

    It is customary to give small wedding gifts to friends and family as a small thank you. Often, each guest will receive a small gift at their seat, which can be taken home after the wedding. We'll show you some creative ideas for original and personalised guest gifts for your wedding.

    After the wedding

    Give your wedding photos the presentation they deserve.

    Inspiration for after the wedding

    For eternity

    Create a photo book with your favourite wedding photos

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    Wedding story: create a unique wedding album

    A wedding day is packed with emotional moments, loving details and funny outtakes. Bring together photos of your wedding photographer and the guests to capture this unforgettable day in all its colours and facets in a wedding album. From the preparation, the pristine table decorations, to the energetic party in the late hours of the evening - your wedding album will capture the memories forever.

    Preserve precious moments

    Create wall decorations with your wedding photos

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    Photo cards for your wedding guests

    An experience every day

    Photo calendars with your favourite wedding pictures

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    Get inspiration for your wedding

    With our creative tips and ideas, nothing is standing in the way of a dream wedding. Get original ideas for wedding games, invitation cards and tips for the perfect wedding photos, or learn more about unusual weddings and romantic wedding locations.

    What you should know about weddings

    How do the Swiss get married?

    In recent years, getting married has become more popular again in Switzerland, especially for couples who want to start a family or are over 30 and already have children. In 2020, most couples said ‘I do’ to each other in the largest Swiss canton, Zurich, which is also where most people live. On average, the Swiss spend between CHF 20,000 and 40,000 on a wedding. Many couples want to have a wedding ceremony in addition to a civil ceremony. A ‘natural’ wedding ceremony is becoming more and more popular rather than a traditional church ceremony.

    What wedding customs are there in Switzerland?

    Every wedding includes traditions that have developed over time within the family or are specific to a particular country. Many wedding customs are widespread across countries. Tree-trunk sawing and bouquet throwing are among the best-known wedding traditions. A popular custom in Switzerland is standing in a trellis, which is often made by club members. On the other hand, the bride and groom traditionally hand out sweets wrapped in coloured paper called ‘flints’ to their guests. Sometimes the bride and groom throw the sweets into the crowd, where they are usually collected by eager children.

    Another popular tradition in Switzerland is bridal stealing: During the wedding party, the bride is kidnapped and her newlywed must notice that she has gone and then find her. To do this, he usually has to solve various tasks that reveal her whereabouts.

    At the end of the wedding ceremony, it is customary in Switzerland for the bride and groom to be carried out by their closest friends. This ritual symbolises the fact that good friendships also endure in a marriage. There is also a beautiful custom in Switzerland for the morning after the wedding: the morning gift. The bride and groom give each other small sentimental gifts. If the husband secretly hides his gift under the bride's pillow during the night, it is said that they will have a happy and healthy marriage.

    Why are wedding almonds given to guests?

    Thanking guests for coming or for their help with the preparations with small gifts is a popular custom in many countries. The main thing is the sentimental value of the small gifts. In some countries, wedding almonds are traditional gifts for guests. The tradition was originally thought up by the French Sun King Louis XIV. In the classic version, five almonds per guest are carefully wrapped in a sugar coating. The almonds themselves are the symbol for life and the number stands for the five wishes for the wedding: health, a long life, happiness, fertility and prosperity.