Inspiration & gift ideas for weddings

When wedding bells are ringing

Inspiration & gift ideas for weddings

Inspiration & gift ideas for weddings

When wedding bells are ringing

The classics

Our most popular products for your wedding

A confession of love

The most beautiful wedding photos

Is there anything more beautiful than having the most moving moments of your wedding on the living room wall? Your wedding photos are shown off really wonderfully on high quality Gallery Print.

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The best memories

The wedding album

An album of the best day of your life with all the precious moments with your family and friends - so you can experience your wedding again years later as if it were just yesterday. A photo book Premium photo paper is also ideal as a gift.

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So that everyone knows

Wedding invitation cards

The right wedding invitation card is absolutely essential. The happy news comes in an elegant photo greeting card at the setting of your planned wedding and puts your guests in the mood for your big day.

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For eternity

Create a photo book with your favourite wedding photos

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Wedding album as a reversible book

Designing the perfect wedding album can be a wonderful challenge. In our article, Baerenhochzeit shows you how you can create two photo books in one, for example to get a civil ceremony and your wedding abroad in one book. You can experience two related wedding moments as a reversible book, which makes a great gift too.

Save the date, invitation & thank you cards

Photo greeting cards to your wedding guests

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Save the date cards for your wedding

Once the date for the wedding has been fixed, one thing is clear: there’s a big celebration to organise. Besides the marriage ceremony, reception, finding a wedding dress, it must not be forgotten that the guests have to be informed too. More importantly, the earlier the better. Suitable save the date cards are essential here. We provide you with inspiration for how you can design these.

Capturing the most wonderful moments

Creating wall decorations using your wedding photos

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A wedding guest book

A guest book in which the wedding guests can leave a message and their congratulations for the bridal couple is practically a tradition. The bridal couple also enjoys a guest book to see who was actually at their wedding. As they don’t always have the time to chat to every single guest. We show you a creative idea of how you can create a guest book here.

Unforgettable moments

The most beautiful wedding photos as a gift

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One photographer away from perfect wedding photos

A good wedding photographer should be hired for the big day to capture your most beautiful moments for you. As a result, you don’t need to worry about whether you look good as the photographer puts you in the right light and documents you wedding so that you can enjoy the photos time and time again. You can read here how to select the right photographer.

An experience every day

Photo calendar with the most beautiful photos of your wedding

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Perfect planning

Free wedding check list

Have you planned everything? With our wedding check list, you already have everything under control months before the wedding. You can find all the important wedding planning steps here to check off for a perfect wedding.

Wedding gallery in a shabby chic photo frame

Besides the wedding planning, you should also think about how are going to display your memories beforehand. Photos of your memories don’t just look good in photo books – we show you how to create a wedding gallery for the living room.

Something special

The most creative ideas for your wedding

Get Inspired by Our Wedding Articles

With our creative tips and ideas there will be nothing to stand in your way of having your dream wedding. Gather some original ideas for various wedding games, brilliant invitation cards, and tips for perfect wedding photo motifs as well as learn more about eccentric wedding styles and romantic wedding locations.

What you should know about weddings

How do the Swiss celebrate weddings?

Getting married has regained some popularity in Switzerland in recent years, especially amongst couples who want to start a family or already have children. In 2016, the most couples to marry in Switzerland did so in the largest Swiss canton of Zurich. Traditionally, women take on the surname of their spouse. On average, the Swiss spend about 20,000 CHF on a wedding. Most couples have a wedding ceremony in addition to the ceremony at the marriage registration office. Here, most newlyweds prefer an outdoor wedding instead of a traditional ceremony in a church.

What are some typical wedding traditions in Switzerland?

Typical traditions, either carried on through family or typical of a particular country, are a cornerstone of any wedding. Many wedding traditions reach beyond borders and are popular throughout the world. Traditions such as the cooperative sawing of a log and tossing the bridal bouquet are some of the most well known wedding rituals. An old custom in Switzerland is the giving of so-called “firestones” (sweet bonbons in colourful paper) to the guests by the bridal pair. Sometimes the bridal pair will throw the bonbons into the crowd, where they are usually quickly snatched up by eager children. Nowadays, this tradition is sometimes reversed and the guests will shower the bridal pair with the colourful “Zältlis.” To symbolise the concept of “what’s mine is yours” at Swiss weddings, the bride and groom share a piece of bread and water after getting married at the wedding venue. This is supposed to symbolically emphasise the couple’s wedding vows. At the end of a wedding celebration, it’s also customary in Switzerland for the bride and groom to be carried out by their closest friends. This ritual symbolically represents that good friendships will endure even after the wedding. There is also a lovely tradition carried out in Switzerland on the morning after the wedding: the Morgengabe. Here, the bride and groom exchange small gifts with personal value. Should the husband secretly hide his present under the bride’s pillow in the night, this should ensure that the newlyweds will have an especially happy and harmonious marriage.

Why are guests given wedding almonds?

Giving guests small presents for coming or for all their help with the preparations for the wedding is a common practice in many countries. The most important aspects here are the personal value and small attentions to detail. In some countries, including several parts of Switzerland, wedding almonds are a traditional gift for guests. For the classical variation of this tradition, each guest is given five sugar-coated almonds in attractive wrapping. Here, the almonds serve as a symbol for life and the number represents the five wishes for the wedding: health, a long life, happiness, fertility, and prosperity.