Some design ideas for a high-quality wedding photo book

Some design ideas for a high-quality wedding photo book

A selection of beautiful design ideas for your wedding album

A high-quality Wedding Photo Book is certainly THE memento of the most precious day of your life. We give you some great design ideas and tips for choosing your photos so that you can enjoy your wedding album for years to come.

Modern, elegant or classic: the right Photo Book format

Just like weddings, wedding photo books come in a variety of styles. You can choose from different sizes and designs, in addition to numerous layouts. Our Premium Photo Book will give your wedding photo book an extra high-quality feel and look. And thanks to the flat pages, it is perfect for displaying photos over two pages. We use real photo paper finished in either matte or gloss that will give your most beautiful memories a deep shine.

Select the best photo book format for your wedding. If you had a glamorous castle wedding, an A3 photo book in landscape format is a good choice. You can enjoy large, clear, and spectacular images. If, on the other hand, you had a more relaxed bohemian style wedding, choose a more modern format that fits more with the theme. A square format Premium Photo Book would be ideal. If you opted for a more classic style wedding then try the more traditional A4 format.

Wedding photo book: Select the best format.

Choosing the right photos for your wedding album

Before you start designing your wedding photo book, you should look through all the pictures from your wedding and decide which shots will end up in the final book. For example, do you want to exclusively use photos from the wedding photographer of the bridal party, ceremony, and reception, or do you want a mixture of shots taken by everyone in all styles and angles? Once you have selected all the photos, organised them into folders and subfolders. This will make it much easier to create your personal wedding photo book.


Collect your guests' mobile phone pictures after the ceremony. You may find real treasures hidden among them. This can be easily done using wedding photo apps. With their help, you can save the pictures all in one place online.
Designing a wedding album with the help of ifolor Designer

Unique design ideas for your Wedding Photo Book

The best way to design your wedding photo book is to use our ifolor Designer. The app makes it easy to save at any point and then continue editing at a later on. There are lots of layout templates for you to choose from. It’s easy to create your own designs in no time at all.

First impressions count – the cover design

You can really let your creative juices flow when it comes to designing the cover. You can choose a picture, a picture with text or a collage - the important thing is that the layout fits the style of your wedding. Use the wedding theme and the colour, design and style concept to help you decide. A picture with your names underneath is a popular classic design. You could go more minimalistic and just use text on the cover. If you prefer more colour, then a collage of your favourite photos works really well. There are many different layout options in the ifolor Designer.

You can title the wedding how you like. You can add a few classic lines from your speech next to your names. Or perhaps, simply add ‘Mr & Mrs’ or choose a short love quote.

Keep an eye on the central theme

Once you have gathered all the photos and decided on a photo book format, it's time to fill in the empty pages. It’s recommended keeping to a chronological order when designing the album. Start with the ‘wedding prep’ and then show photos of you all making your way to the venue, then through to the magic "I do" and finish with a group shot of all your guests at the wedding party.

Design ideas for the layout of a wedding photo book

Don't overfill the pages

Less is more! This is good to remember when designing the pages of your photo book. Arrange your images symmetrically and don’t use too many on each page. Use our stylish layout templates for one, two or more pictures. These are well balanced and create an elegant look. It looks just as nice if you spread a photo across two pages or place large-format photos in the wedding album. Add your favourite moments as large, clear images.

Elegant look: A Wedding Photo Book with large-format photos

Add quotes and sayings

To give your wedding photo book a personal touch, you can add titles, sayings and quotes. These can be snippets from your wedding speech, your wedding vows, a quote from a famous speech or a line from your wedding song. Make it even more personal by including little anecdotes of funny or emotional moments. You will look back on these moments in the years to come.

To add a bit of variety, try playing with different fonts and sizes. For example, use a different font and size for the titles than for quotes or running text. Make sure that there are no more than 3 font styles, otherwise the photo book will start to look messy.


Leave space for small mementoes in your Photo Book. In these spaces, you can include an invitation card, small tags or place cards, or even an individual flower from the bridal bouquet.

Design ideas for the wedding photo book

Play with graphics, coloured backgrounds, and clipart

Depending on the style of your wedding photos, you can add small design elements and clipart to your Photo Book: this will lighten the mood of the book. For an elegant wedding, for example, add some curved ornaments to decorate the pages. Coloured backgrounds and graphic such as rectangles or circles can also be used. You can fill the entire page or just cover part of a page. You can also add your own sections and backgrounds if you are using the ifolor Designer app.


Gift some unique memories to a loved one! Simply select the elegant gift box while ordering and give your loved ones, parents or grandparents a very special treat.

Select an elegant gift box for your wedding album and give it as a gift.

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