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Photo books Photo books

Photo books Photo books

Keep your most precious memories safe forever: Your personal photo album from ifolor. Keep your most precious memories safe forever: Your personal photo album from ifolor.

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Photo books

The best places for the most wonderful photo moments

Photo book Deluxe

Our bestseller presents your photos on gloss or high-gloss pages in a high-quality hardcover binding.

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Premium photo paper photo book

The flat-lying pages make it perfect for panoramic photos across two pages.

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Photo book Spiral

Perfect for a cookbook or for children thanks to a practical spiral binding.

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Photo book Soft

Read your story like a novel on the glossy inner pages of this softcover photo book.

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Quickly created from your phone and easily imported from your private photos or social media.

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Easily design photo books with your ifolor software:

Create a photo book now – using ifolor software for your device Create a photo book now – using ifolor software for your device

Create a photo book now – using ifolor software for your device Create a photo book now – using ifolor software for your device

• Lots of designs and templates
• Design your own products using photos and text
• Save photobooks for later
• Lots of designs and templates
• Design your own products using photos and text
• Save photobooks for later

With the photo books by ifolor you can tell the story of your wedding and immortalise your mot precious moments in the best way possible. Make your dreams come true and let your creativity roam free! Our photo books impress with outstanding, award-winning quality and set the scene for your wedding photos. Design your personal wedding photo book either with our easy-to-use photo book software or simply online with the help of numerous design templates. Create your wedding photo book today!

The most popular ifolor photo books

Your stories told through your photos in a Photo Book Deluxe

The superlative among photo books: Design your Photo Book Premium Photo Paper.

Photo book inspirations from ifolor

Tell the tales of your travels through a photo book

Your tool for the perfect photo book

Create a gift booklet directly from your smartphone

Creative photo book inspirations

As a gift or for yourself, photo books bring joy and keep your photos safe and let them shine in their splendour for longer. But not all photo books are the same. With creative ideas and a few simple steps you can create very special gifts in the form of photo books that overcome the traditional definition of a photo book. In our ifolor blog, you'll discover inspirations that will help you design your special photo book. Here you will find ideas, tips and tricks for your creations for every occasion and every story you want to tell.

For any occasion

Individual gift ideas and inspirations

Discover personalized gifts and design tips for occasions such as Wedding, Pet Day, Sport Events, Easter, Valentines Day, Christmas, den the year in review, Mothersday, Baby & Birth, Birthday, Travel, New Year and a simple thank you.

FAQ: Photo Books

How many pictures can I have in my photo book?

In both the Photo Book Soft and the Photo Book Deluxe you can design up to 132 pages for your book. The Photo Book Premium Photo Paper can contain up to 72 pages, while the Photo Book Spiral can be ordered with up to 84 pages. The Gift Booklet offers space for up to 100 photos.

The number of possible photos per page is nearly unlimited. The page templates can contain one to eight photos per page. As such, a single book can contain as many as 1188 photos. You can design your photo book pages just as you like. Drag and drop picture and text placeholders where you wish on individual pages.

When you want to show off particularly large sum of photos, choose the Photo Book Deluxe A3 with 132 pages.

Can I order a photo book as a gift?

When ordering either the Photo Book Deluxe or Photo Book Premium, you can add an optional, high-quality gift box to your order. In black or white, this elegant box transforms your photo book into the perfect gift for your loved ones. ifolor's Gift Booklet already includes a gorgeous gift box in pocket size.

How long will it take to receive my photo book?

You will receive your Photo Book Spiral within four business days of placing your order. Photo books with adhesive binding take longer to produce. The Photo Book Deluxe, Premium, Soft, and Gift Booklet will be sent to you within six business days after you’ve placed the order.

Which photo book is best suited for certain occasions?

For particularly significant memories or a rare gift, we recommend, for example, the Photo Book Deluxe or Photo Book Premium. The elegant hardcover and high-quality paper—great for crisp images—display your favourite memories in all their glory. Both books leave you with plenty of room for showing off your photos. The Photo Book Premium boasts real photo paper and a special binding that allows your book to lie flat, perfect for panorama photos printed over both pages. To bring a tiny bit of joy to someone’s day, design an ifolor Gift Booklet with real photo paper. The booklet can be easily and quickly designed through the app on your iPhone. Pocket-sized and containing up to 100 pages, it comes with a handy little box for gifting. The Photo Book Spiral, on the other hand, comes with a robust spiral binding. The pictures lie flat when the book is opened, permitting one to easily page through it, and making it particularly suitable for the tiny hands of children. Additionally, it’s great for creative ideas like a self-made colouring book, a songbook , or a favourite recipe collection.

With a light softcover binding, the Photo Book Soft is also an ideal companion with which to return to your favourite memories. With it’s soft binding, it evokes the feeling of a magazine or catalogue.

What happens to empty pages in the photo book?

Before you finish designing your book, you will be informed by the app of unused placeholders and empty pages. If you’d like to deliberately leave empty pages and placeholders in order to manually add to them later, no problem. As you can see in Preview Mode, empty placeholders aren’t visible in the printed copy of your book. Empty pages will appear in white or with the background you chose when designing. This enables you to fill your book with memorabilia like theatre tickets or similar such things.

Can multiple people work on the same photo book?

Technically, a photo book cannot be edited by multiple users at the same time. If you’d like to show your work to friends or family before ordering, you can publish it using the “Share photo book” function in ifolor Designer. A temporary website will be created for paging through your photo book. Simply copy and paste the link into an email and send it off to whom you wish.

If you want to allow someone else to add pictures or make other changes to a photo book, you can design and save the photo book file to an external storage device, like a hard drive or USB stick, and move it to another computer. However, it is important to note that the operating system of both computers must be the same—i.e., the file cannot be exchanged between Mac and Windows, only from Mac to Mac und vice versa.

Can I reorder a photo book that has already been created?

Once your photo book is ready to send and on the way, you will receive an email with an order confirmation. This email will also contain a reordering link, which you can use any time within 30 days. However, you cannot make any new alternations to your photo book.

Once you’ve designed your photo book with the free ifolor Designer app, this will be saved through the programme to your computer with offline access. This allows you to open the photo book through Designer at any time, make alterations, add it to your checkout basket, and order it again.

Keep memories alive with ifolor photo books

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