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    Gifts, inspiration and stories for Love Your Pet Day

    We love our pets too
    The cat Gizmo is visiting our office in Zurich.

    Inside ifolor

    We love our pets too

    There are in fact several holidays every year that are dedicated to our pets. These include a “Take Your Dog To Work Day” on 22 June. Who hasn’t thought about how great it would be to have your own pet with you in the office before? Which is why ifolor is inviting its staff to bring their pet to the office with them for one day on “Love Your Pet Day”.

    Our prize draw

    Enter now with a photo of your pet!

    How great would it be if you didn’t have to show the funny animal photos to your friends on your smartphone anymore? As there are so many original ideas! For example, a miniature version of your pet as a 3D TWINSIE or a great photo mug. Share your photo of your pet now and let us know what is so special about your pet. We’re giving the star of the day a 3D TWINSIE – with you or just your pet. There are also a photo book Premium photo paper and three photo mugs to win. So you can also take your pet to the office with you or dedicate a photo book to your sweetie!

    *Disclaimer: the pet must be at least as big as a cat.

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    3D TWINSIE - your pet and you

    The star of the day

    Photo book Premium photo paper

    2nd place

    Photo mug dedicated to your pet

    3rd to 5th place

    Make more of your animal photos

    Gift idea: a photo book of your pet

    Dedicate a whole photo book to your pet

    Do you like taking photos of your pet? Then why not create a photo book out of all the great pictures! You can then look back on your time together years later or even document them growing up. At the end of the day, our pets are like our best friends. 

    The booklet

    The best moments always to hand

    If you like taking snapshots with your smartphone and want to print lots of photos in a compact format then the booklet is a great idea – for yourself or to give to someone else. Small children can handle this booklet without any problems as the pages are a bit more robust.

    Incredible smartphone case

    Have your pet with you at all times

    An equally original idea is the personalised smartphone case, which you can dedicate to your pet. Design it totally individually and creatively! We show you how.

    Love Your Pet Day: useful informations

    What is Love Your Pet Day?

    Love Your Pet Day is on 20 February every year. On this day everything naturally revolves around pets who particularly deserve a lot of love on this day. The event is marked all over the world and is celebrated in the USA as Love Your Pet Day or even National Love Your Pet Day.

    Who started the Love Your Pet Day?

    It actually appears to be completely unclear who initiated the National Love Your Pet Day, since when it has been celebrated or why the date is specifically on 20 February. Besides Love Your Pet Day, there are also other annual holidays that are dedicated to our pets. For example, Hug Your Cat Day on 4 June, International Cat Day on 8 August or World Dog Day 10 October.

    How is Love Your Pet Day celebrated?

    You should definitely pay your pet a lot of attention on this special day. Give him a little treat, strokes or a new toy. But most importantly: capture the great moments at all costs. Grab your smartphone or camera and take photos of you playing together. You surely have quite a few other photos up your sleeve with which you can create a beautiful photo book and dedicate it to your pet. A personalised smartphone case is also great so you can always have your pet with you. And if you have always wanted to take your pet to work with you, then you have to unfortunately wait until 22 June, which is “Take Your Dog To Work Day”. Sadly, there’s not a “Take Your Cat to Work Day”. Nevertheless, you can take your pet to the office in the form of photos. And in fact every day. For example, with a desk calendar, photo mug or photo display.

    What gift ideas are there for Love Your Pet Day?

    Are you an animal lover yourself or do you know someone who is? Besides visiting a pet shop, there is of course also the option of creating or making something yourself. For example, a cardboard cat box, which you can put together really simply yourself. Alternatively, personalised photo gifts are a big hit and they can be designed in lots of different and individual ways. It doesn’t always have to be just an animal photo though – there are lots of other possibilities. For example, you can give an animal lover a personalised photo mug with a animal saying on it. If this special day has caught your attention but you don’t have a pet, then perhaps today would be the perfect day to take a four-legged furry, armoured or fishy friend home.