• Quick Valentine’s Day photo gifts for your partner or your best friend

    Quick Last-Minute Valentine’s Day Gifts

    Personalized Photo Gifts for Your Partner

    Valentine’s Day comes around every year on the 14th of February – yet sometimes this day has a way of creeping up on us so that there’s little time left to find the perfect gift for your sweetheart.

    Here we’ll show you four romantic last-minute gift ideas that can be created quickly and delivered to you in time for this special day.

    Idea 1: Booklet with Photos of the Two of You

    Over the years you end up accumulating countless snapshots on your smartphone of you and your sweetheart: selfies while on holiday, photos from your last theatre visit, a photo of a grandiose birthday cake…

    With the ifolor app you can transform your shared memories into a brilliant photo booklet in just a couple of minutes. Simply download the app and gather together up to 100 of your favourite photos. Your booklet will be especially attractive if all of your photos are in the same format – optimally in square format. Then you’ll be able to choose from various borders (such as a heart border) or apply stunning filters to your pictures and your booklet will already be finished and ready to order. The flat-lying photo paper makes the booklet a particularly first-class gift!

    Romantic photo booklet for Valentine’s Day

    In order to ensure your surprise gets to you in time for Valentine’s Day, you should order your booklet by February 6th at the latest.

    Idea 2: Romantic Photo Mug

    With an individually designed photo mug, your sweetheart will always be able to think of you while enjoying their morning coffee!

    The design possibilities are countless – you can design your mug with a favourite quote or with up to nine of your own photos. Start out by selecting the orientation of the mug: left-handed, right-handed, and panorama are available. Then choose a design template of your liking and upload your photos. In only 5 minutes your completed mug can be added to your cart and be delivered to your door in only 5 working days.

    If your loved one appreciates a warming tea or an aromatic coffee, the Magic Photo Mug is a fantastic alternative to the standard Photo Mug: at first it appears inconspicuous in a black robe, but when filled with a hot drink it slowly reveals the actual design - almost as if by magic. The Magic Photo Mug can be designed just like a normal Photo Mug. For Valentine's Day, surprise your sweetheart with your love message or a great photo of the both of you on the mug as you pour your morning coffee or favourite tea.

    Original Design Idea

    Use a free time calculator online to calculate exactly how many years, months, weeks, days, hours, and minutes have gone by since you first met your partner and turn these numbers into a sweet message of love.

    Create a photo mug with snapshots of your happiest moments as a couple

    Alternatively, you can use free online design tools such as Canva in order to design your text with various modern font styles and colours. In order to use such a design for your Valentine’s Day photo mug, it’s best to select the “panorama” orientation along with a simple design template with space for a large photo.

    If you want to speed up the design process a bit, you’ll find two romantic templates right here:

    Download “Famous Couples” template

    Download “Definition of Love” template

    Check out our post on the perfect love message on a Photo Mug for more text design ideas.

    Idea 3: Photo box with a sweet filling

    Chocolates are a classic every year and a must for Valentine's Day. Instead of giving a conventional box of chocolates as a gift, you can design your own chocolate box with ifolor and amaze your sweetheart! Of course, the heart-shaped Photo Tin is perfect for Valentine's Day, but you can also order a square or rectangular tin. Your photo will be printed on the lid in top quality, glossy and rich colours. You can order an empty Photo Tin and fill it yourself with your sweetheart's favourite chocolate, or - last minute - order it filled directly with fine chocolate hearts. The best thing about it: when the treats run out, the Photo Tin can be reused as a practical biscuit tin or for small storage!

    Self-designed heart-shaped Photo Tin filled with fine chocolate.

    Idea 4: Photo Poster with Words of Love

    The high-quality ifolor photo poster offers you a lot of space to showcase your creativity as well as countless design possibilities. The poster is available in various formats so you’ll be sure to find the right size for your own romantic poster.

    Gift your partner a photo poster with a romantic message for Valentine’s Day

    Maybe try a calligraphy font for your romantic message: On a white background, the stylish lettering will turn your photo poster into an elegant wall decoration. Here, also, you can use the free online tool Canva to design your message. If using the tool, enter in the size of your photo poster in “Use custom dimensions” and you can design your work of art using various font styles. You could also design a set of three love-themed posters to beautify your home and surprise them with a wonderful gift for Valentine’s Day.

    Order your photo poster by the 8th of February to have it delivered to you in time for Valentine’s Day. If you’re running low on time, here are two romantic templates for you:

    Download “Famous Couples” template

    Download “Definition of Love” template

    Idea 5: Valentine’s Day Cards

    Whether writing them compliments, words of love, or humorous anecdotes – an especially beautiful greeting card always fits the occasion for Valentine’s Day. Use the ifolor Card Designer to design a brilliant photo greeting card quickly and with ease. There, you’ll have a large selection of various design options.

    Send a photo greeting card to your darling for Valentine’s Day

    The ifolor maxicard offers you even more space to add your message of love. In A4 format, you can either write your message yourself on the reverse/inside of the card or print out your message on the card while designing it.

    Make your card especially attractive by adding a large-sized photo of both you and your sweetheart together complimented by a message. You can, of course, make use of our numerous design templates while creating your Valentine’s Day card. You’ll have about 150 different designs to choose from, some specially designed for Valentine’s Day. You can use the occasion-filter to find suitable designs.

    You’ll receive your individualised card(s) in the mail in just 4 working days after ordering. If you’d like to then send your card(s) per post after receiving them, allow for 2-3 more days to ensure your cards reach their recipients in time.

    When It’s Especially Last-Minute…

    If you completely forgot Valentine’s Day this year, there are a couple of super-last-minute gifts you can get your partner that will still be sure to bring a smile to their face.

    A lovely dinner – whether prepared yourself or in a restaurant – will be sure to be a romantic evening for the two of you.

    Give your partner a little break from daily life with a lovely prepared bath. With a lot of bubbles, candles, a glass of champagne, and a nice book or light music, they’re sure to enjoy themselves.

    In just five minutes you could also create small vouchers for your sweetheart by hand. Cleaning the house, a weekend getaway, a night at the movies… the possibilities are endless. Simply write your vouchers by hand on colourful paper, roll them up, and tie them together.

    After all, on Valentine’s Day it’s the small things and attentions to detail that are really important. We wish you a romantic Valentine’s Day!

    Do you need any more inspiration for your Valentine’s Days Gifts? Discover ideas for romantic, small or big Valentine’s Day gifts for your partner or your best friend:

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