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  • Gifts for Valentine's Day

    Romance is in the air as Valentine’s Day draws near. 14 February is a day for love and lovers, gifts, and declarations of love. You can find romantic gifts for your girlfriend or boyfriend here. Or how about buying a great gift for your best friend this Valentine’s Day? We’ve got lots of Valentine’s Day ideas for you.

    The most popular gifts for Valentine's Day

    Personal love story
    Revel in memories

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    Send love greetings
    Personal declaration of love

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    Signs of love
    Gifts for Valentine's Day

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    Photo greeting cards with love greetings

    Stylishly romantic

    A personalised card for Valentine’s Day

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    Your Valentine's Day card in just a few steps

    Create a unique Valentine’s Day card with just a few clicks. We have great templates that make designing your cards really easy.

    The perfectly decorated candlelit table

    Why not prepare a romantic meal for your loved one on Valentine’s Day? You can create an intimate mood with your table decor. As a finishing touch, set out our photo coasters and greenting cards.

    Photo books for your loved ones

    Creative and unusual

    Messages, memories and love stories in a book

    You’re bound to have already experienced a few special moments with your loved one. Whether they’re funny, embarrassing or extremely emotional - those experiences are sure to have been captured in some form as a photo, in a chat or even an email. You’re bound to have concert tickets, brochures from your holiday together and other treasures stored away somewhere. Why not create a personal book out of all of these things? 

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    Your personal photo love story

    Photo love stories could be found in many teenage magazines in the 1990s and brought short love stories alive in photos (with funny speech bubbles). Whether you add speech bubbles or not, your shared love story in photo book form is certain to cause a stir. Immortalise your first dates, getting to know each other, shared moments and your relationship’s special milestones in a book – funny or romantic, it’s up to you. Your best friend would definitely be thrilled with this gift too.

    You can find real treasures in your shared chat

    Your shared story as a gift with real sentimental value. This is bound to also include numerous chat messages that you’ve exchanged with your partner or best friend during your time together. Whether it’s WhatsApp, Facebook or SMS – your shared chat often contains real treasures. Immortalise the story of your relationship or friendship with select chat sequences and great photos of unforgettable moments in a photo book.

    Do you liking giving gift vouchers?

    Then this Valentine’s Day idea would be just right for you! A voucher book with personalised love vouchers is a really unique and personal gift – for both him and her. Do you need a bit of inspiration? You can find a variety of ideas for your love vouchers here.

    Photos for the best moments of love

    Affectionately flirty

    Show off your most beautiful photos perfectly

    As you know, pictures say more than a thousand words. Let your photos do the talking and create a special surprise for Valentine’s Day. Your most beautiful photos together shown off perfectly are an absolute highlight on this extremely romantic day. There’s not a lot more to say except: your loved one is bound to be really thrilled and their heart will melt with love.

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    Really easy and fantastically personal: the photo paper chain

    How about a gift that lasts longer than flowers but is just as easy to sort out? Your sweetheart’s eyes will light up with a romantic paper chain with the most beautiful photos of you together. Thus creating a perfect atmosphere for a dinner cooked by you or a declaration of love.

    Make unique mementoes yourself

    Make your loved one a really special gift and create a personalised wall decoration for Valentine’s Day yourself. With photos of you together, souvenirs from holiday, letters or chats you’ve written to each other – there’s room for everything.

    Your photo framed in a personalised passe-partout

    Do you have a perfect photo of the two of you together but don’t know whether a simple frame does the picture justice? You can refine your photo really elegantly with a personalised passe-partout. Whether it’s with letters or hearts - making your photo a suitable Valentine’s Day gift.

    Photo gifts for a special surprise effect

    By your side forever

    Fantastically creative ideas for your gift

    Give your partner (and you) something that brings a smile to your face every time you look at it. With our special Valentine’s Day ideas you show your loved one that you love them day in day out. At the same time, you prove yourself to be extremely creative on Valentine’s Day with these gift ideas.

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    For a special cup of coffee or tea

    Surprise your lover with a personalised photo mug. This is a popular gift with its own unique charm. It will remind you of a fun time, a special moment or a unique experience that you’ve had together. Use it for your morning coffee for a great start to the day. And if you’re looking for a really personal approach, combine the mug with matching photo coasters.

    A daily confession of love - your personal work of art

    It doesn’t always just have to be photos. Give your partner a loving message to start their day every day and design your personal personalised mug. One particularly funny idea is a to-do list or check list on the mug that contributes to put them in a good mood in the morning. Do you make the coffee for your partner? Tick a different option on the mug every day. It’s bound to make them smile.

    The personalised and shared smartphone case

    A very special idea for Valentine’s Day: with an individually designed partner smartphone case you are always with your loved one. And they’re with you. Whether it’s an experience together, a loving message or complementary smartphone cases, there are no limits to your creativity. We show you how you can design a special smartphone case.

    When it’s urgent

    Last Minute Valentine's Day Gifts

    It’s already February again and you haven’t got a Valentine’s Day gift yet? Then it’s high time now. We show you quick and yet romantic gift ideas here, which you can create yourself instantly and order.

    Photo puzzle

    You can't beat spending time together. A photo jigsaw with a picture of the two of you is not only a perfect Valentine’s Day gift but also an ideal way to share quality time.

    Delivery time: approx. 5 working days

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    Don’t forget your friends

    Don’t forget your single friends on Valentine’s Day too. Go for a meal with them or party with them on 15 February, the day after Valentine’s Day. Take this day as an occasion to remind your friends and yourself how much you actually mean to each other and how much you laugh with each other. You can also create many of our Valentine’s gifts for your best friend. For example, a personal photo book of your times together.

    Valentine’s Day: interesting facts

    Where does the Valentine’s Day tradition come from?

    The Valentine’s Day tradition is naturally not as old as love itself but it’s not far off! Valentinus was a Christian martyr in whose honour a feast day was set on 14 February in the fifth century. However, the tradition with gifts was first introduced in the Middle Ages to express courtly love.

    So anyone who still associates Valentine’s Day with a purely commercial holiday should see the day as a day of pure and idealistic romanticism now at the latest.

    Where is Valentine’s Day celebrated?

    Valentine was a saint in Christendom, which is why the 14 February is mainly celebrated in Europe as well as in North and South America. The day is also honoured in Japan, South Korea, China and Singapore though. 

    How is Valentine’s Day celebrated in Asia?

    Would you perhaps like to celebrate Valentine’s Day in Japanese or Korean style this year? Then the women should give their men chocolate or a small gift on 14 February and in return they receive sweets but not chocolate from their loved ones exactly a month later, on so-called White Day. Singles can also make Valentine’s Day into something special in parts of Asia though: anyone who hasn’t received any gifts in the months before, goes to a restaurant with their friends on 14 April, Black Day, and orders black noodles.

    Why Are There Gifts for Valentine’s Day?

    There are various theories on how the tradition of Valentine’s Day came about. One popular story tells of how St. Valentine wed couples as a priest in the 3rd century, even though this was forbidden by Emperor Claudius II. It was said that the marriages St. Valentine presided over were very auspicious, which quickly led to him becoming known as the patron saint of love. After the wedding, it’s said that he would give the newlyweds flowers from his garden. Maybe this is the reason there are gifts given on Valentine’s Day. It’s said that the tradition of giving flowers and greeting cards on Valentine’s Day was introduced and made popular by the English author Samuel Pepys and his wife. Pepys is said to have sent his wife a love letter and a bouquet of flowers on Valentine’s Day. Subsequently, florists and confectionary makers later promoted the popularity of Valentine’s Day as the day of love with substantial advertising and special offers. These days, besides flowers and sweets, small gifts with sentimental value continue to be popular gifts for Valentine’s Day.

    Was schenkt man sich in den USA am Valentinstag?

    Americans are known to avidly celebrate Valentine’s Day. In the US, the 14th of February is an especially important day for adolescents. Americans give each other greeting cards with short poems or words of love to people they especially hold dear. These short messages aren’t necessarily only given to romantic interests, but also to best friends. The number of Valentine’s Day cards received as well as the messages they contain reflect the popularity of the recipient. Thus, for young Americans, an empty letterbox on the 14th of February can be a real disappointment. Of course, in the US new couples and newlyweds also exchange gifts on Valentine’s Day. Just as everywhere else, flowers and chocolate are typical Valentine’s Day gifts. If a partner forgets this important day, it can quickly lead to some drama in the relationship.

    What Do the Swiss Like to Give as Gifts on Valentine’s Day?

    According to a survey carried out in 2016 by Statista, flowers are the most popular gift to give on Valentine’s Day in all regions of Switzerland. The German-speaking Swiss, especially, like to give their partner a beautiful bouquet of flowers and only about 20% give their partners sweets or a romantic candlelight dinner for Valentine’s Day. Completely different in the Italian-speaking region of Switzerland: here, about half of the people like to give someone a special treat for Valentine’s Day. The French-speaking Swiss also like to give their special someone flowers and treats and about 11% also like to surprise their sweetheart with lingerie. Whether flowers or tasty treats – for most couples, personal gifts make the best surprises for Valentine’s Day. This is a reason why many people like to compliment their bouquet of flowers or box of chocolates with memorable photos or lovely photo gifts to really express their feelings on this especially romantic day.