Create your own photo love story

A romantic gift tip: The Photo Love Story

Your own love story as a photo book

A gift idea that continues to be a very popular way to accomplish this is to give them a self-made photo gift filled with memories and experiences you’ve shared together. This idea was especially popular in the 90’s and is once again gaining popularity. Designing your photo love story with the perfect photos and adding humorous speech bubbles will especially bring the story to life. Here we’ll give you some tips for choosing the right photos to use for your very own love story.

Choosing the topics: travel through time

Start creating your photo love story by collecting as many pictures of your time together as possible. Of course, not everyone has a photo of the first time they met their significant other or from the first date. However, most couples can link this first meeting to a special place or perhaps to the situation that brought them both together. Take a picture of the café, bar, or park where you first met your significant other and add a loving message to the photo: you’ve already finished the beginning of your own personalised photo love story.

Your shared milestones: the first trip together, a special party or your first home together. All these milestones can be integrated into your photo love story with fitting snapshots. Even if you didn’t always have a camera around to capture the moment, there are still possibilities for you to integrate these moments into your photo story. You could, for instance, write humorous commentaries or use other photos to fill in the gaps.

Create a Photo Love Story with pictures of your time together

Celebrate your differences! Add to your story by using snapshots of the two of you doing your favourite hobby together and add some humorous speech bubbles or a touching romantic message.

Falling in love, getting engaged, and finally getting married - showcase your wedding throughout the planning, ceremony, and the celebration afterwards. There are usually enough wedding photos to fill an entire book, but moments like a funny mishap that the whole family still laughs about or photos of the wedding couple tying the knot also of course belong in a photo love story. Add some personalised messages to the photos, and you’ll be sure to bring a smile to the face of your significant other.

Additions to the Family: The exciting moments of the first pregnancy don’t only make your family complete, but also provide the perfect ending of your romantic photo love story. The first ultrasound image, smiling faces next to the mother’s stomach, and naturally the first family photo should all have a place in your special photo gift.

Once you have gathered all your favourite photos, it's time to fill the empty pages. A classic structure for your photo love story would be a sort of time travel, as a chronological structure is always best for reminiscing.

Create a photo love story: Dialogues with speech bubble

Our tips for designing your photo love story

The best way to create your personal love story is to use our ifolor Designer. With the help of our design software, you can easily save your design and continue editing at a later date. In the ifolor Designer you will find a wide range of stylish design templates that will make it easier for you to create your photo love story. Once you have downloaded the ifolor Designer, you will be taken to the product selection screen when you start a new project.

You can choose from our photo book Deluxe, Premium photo paper photo book, photo book Soft, photo book Spiral and our Booklet. Your photo love story will be particularly elegant if you choose the Premium Paper photo book. This photo book with a matt hardcover and matt pages made of real photo paper has pages that lie flat. This is the best way to show off your best memories. On the other hand, if you want to emphasise the magazine character of your photo love story, the Soft photo book is ideal. Go for the Deluxe photo book if you prefer a robust cover. Once you have decided on a photo book, you can start designing it.

Write a personal message

Are you creating a photo love story as a gift for your loved one? Then express your feelings with a few kind words right at the beginning of the photo book. This can be a little love letter, a nice poem or a few lines from a song that connects you both. Use two different fonts for the design. For the heading and signature, for example, fonts with curved elements are suitable because they resemble handwriting. For the rest of the message, a sans serif font is suitable because it is particularly easy to read. You can find free text fields in the ifolor Designer on the "Layout" tab.

A personal inscription to personalise your photo love story

Speech bubbles for a real photo love story

What would a real photo love story be without dialogue in speech bubbles? Under the tab "Design" you will find various design elements such as "Frames" and "Cliparts" as well as different "Speech bubbles" to add to the photo book. Use these to recreate little anecdotes from your time together. Think of a particularly funny event or a romantic situation that deserves to be highlighted in your photo love story. To insert it, simply click on the speech bubble and move it to the appropriate place in the photo book. Double-click to edit the speech bubble

Don't just use pictures

In addition to pictures of your time together, you can include small digital or analogue mementos in your photo book. These can be chat histories from your early days or emails and other messages you wrote to each other. Using screenshots, you can easily add these memories to your photo book. You can also scan love letters and use them to create your photo love story.

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