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    The Photo Love Story

    Your own love story as a photo book

    A gift idea that continues to be a very popular way to accomplish this is to give them a self-made photo gift filled with memories and experiences you’ve shared together. This idea was especially popular in the 90’s and is once again gaining popularity. Designing your photo love story with the perfect photos and adding humorous speech bubbles will especially bring the story to life. Here we’ll give you some tips for choosing the right photos to use for your very own love story.

    photo book love story

    The First Encounter

    Of course, not everyone has a photo of the first time they met their significant other or from the first date. However, most couples can link this first meeting to a special place or perhaps to the situation that brought them both together. Take a picture of the café, bar, or park where you first met your significant other and add a loving message to the photo: you’ve already finished the beginning of your own personalised photo love story.

    The First Milestones

    The first holiday together, attending a party, perhaps your first home together, or (if it actually happened to be a pleasurable experience) the first time meeting their family: all of these milestones can be integrated into your photo love story with fitting snapshots. Even if you didn’t always have a camera around to capture the moment, there are still possibilities for you to integrate these moments into your photo story. You could, for instance, write humorous commentaries or use other photos to fill in the gaps.

    Common Ground

    Celebrate your differences! Add to your story by using snapshots of the two of you doing your favourite hobby together and add some humorous speech bubbles or a touching romantic message.

    photo love story common ground

    The Wedding

    Falling in love, getting engaged, and finally getting married - showcase your wedding throughout the planning, ceremony, and the celebration afterwards. There are usually enough wedding photos to fill an entire book, but moments like a funny mishap that the whole family still laughs about or photos of the wedding couple tying the knot also of course belong in a photo love story. Add some personalised messages to the photos, and you’ll be sure to bring a smile to the face of your significant other.

    Additions to the Family

    The exciting moments of the first pregnancy don’t only make your family complete, but also provide the perfect ending of your romantic photo love story. The first ultrasound image, smiling faces next to the mother’s stomach, and naturally the first family photo should all have a place in your special photo gift.

    Too Many Choices…

    You love your partner so much right? Shouldn’t you make a photo book that reflects this? We have the following recommendations: the Photo Book Soft in A4 format and solid adhesive binding, the Photo Book Deluxe also in A4 format with high-gloss inside pages, or the Photo Book Premium Photo Paper with, you guessed it, premium photo paper.

    You can get a quick overview of all the photo books we have available here.

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