• Valentine's Day Gifts for Best Friends
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    Valentine's Day Gifts for Best Friends

    Galentine's Day Gift Ideas

    Why not give a gift to your best friend on Valentine's Day? After all, best friends are always there through all your ups and downs. Galentine's Day is all about appreciating friendships. A combination of Valentine's Day and the word "gal" (slang for a girl). It is celebrated on 13 February and focuses on friendship.

    We show you how you can give your favourite person a special treat for Valentine's Day with lovingly designed photo gifts. After all, pictures speak a thousand words.

    ‘Galentine's Day’: Gift ideas for good friends for Valentine's Day

    Photo Book: revive old memories

    Photos for life: shared school field trips, birthdays, parties, trips and a lot more all make up the foundation for your friendship photo book. You can simply digitalise your old analogue photos by either scanning or photographing them. This will help you to chronologically document the history of your friendship and you’ll be sure to bring yet another smile to your friend’s face. In our article ‘scan old photos’, we list some tips and tricks on how to digitalise old photos.


    To get a wider selection of images for your Photo Book, ask some friends and family for old photos from times spent together or from trips, holidays, and celebrations you've taken together.

    Design ideas for your friendship Photo Book

    There are no limits to your creativity when designing your Photo Book. Alternate between photos and text and express yourself with poems, quotes, and other personalized messages to convey how important her friendship is to you. You can find suitable poems and quotes in relevant Pinterest or poetry collections. In the process of affirming your friendship to your best friend, you’ll also be creating a modern poetry collection of your own.

    You can personalise and make your photo book more touching by adding anecdotes and shared stories to the pictures. Write a few passages about the stories behind the photos and create a kind of chronology of your friendship. To this end you can use special milestones in your friendship as well as small funny situations that come about in every relationship. To add a bit of variety to your photo book, you can also add old tickets to special concerts or other events you’ve attended and experienced together with your best friend.

    Plans for the Future:Lighten up the mood of your photo book and make plans to do things together in the future. To express that you are looking forward to many more years of friendship to come, suggest perhaps traveling somewhere or other activities and adventures the two of you can experience together.

    Make Use of Shared Interests to create your Photo Book: Perhaps the two of you like to cook together or like to go to the movies? Maybe you like to do sports or share another hobby together? Make use of these shared interests in your photo book with snapshots from times past and symbolic illustrations. You could, for instance, use a shared favourite recipe and place a photo of the two of you cooking it in your friendship photo book. Another idea is to take several images from your favourite movie with some of your favourite quotes. Let your creativity run wild!

    ‘Galentine's Day’: photo gifts for good friends for Valentine's Day
    The packaging design may differ from the design shown.

    Creative gift baskets with personalised photo gifts.

    Use a lovingly designed photo gift to show your best friends how important they are to you. How about a cosy pillow and cool Photo Coasters along with some popcorn and a DVD in a gift basket for the next movie night? This is a creative yet personal gift for anyone that loves movies. Just choose a nice shot from a trip together to design the Photo Pillow and Photo Coasters.

    Our SIGG Bottle also makes a great gift. Package it in a small basket along with a hiking map, a power bar, and a gift certificate for your next hiking trip. Outdoor enthusiasts will love this gift. It’s simple to design a high-quality SIGG Bottle online. Use our templates and upload one or more photos of yourself, white a nice message and you have a unique gift.

    ‘Galentine's Day’: Creative gift basket for hiking friends

    Do your friends enjoy a cosy night in? Then give them a cool Photo Puzzle and spend time together at home. You’ll have great fun together and create some great memories. Choose between 50-, 196-, 500-, and 1000-pieces and upload one or more pictures in the online editor to create the puzzle.


    To make the puzzle more exciting, add a little message or even a voucher for a cooking date, a trip together, or similar.

    You can also give some joy with a unique smartphone case. This gift is not only trendy but also super practical. The smartphone case offers protection against scratches, signs of use and dirt, thanks to the fully printed, robust, plastic cover with UV filter. With the online design editor, it’s simple to design the Phone Case. Use a single picture, a collage, or a favourite quote, this homemade case will make a great gift for your best friends!

    ‘Galentine's Day’: Personalised photo gifts for friends

    Looking for more inspiration for your Valentine's Day gift? Discover romantic, small or large gift ideas for your partner or best friend here.

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