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The ifolor photo book soft in a lovely Valentine’s Day layout with a photo of a wooden heart

A Valentine’s Day Gift Idea for Your Bestie - A Photo Book of Friendship

Why not also get your bestie something special this Valentine’s Day? After all, she’s always there for you, shares your ups and downs, and deserves some recognition. How about giving her the recognition she deserves with an original Valentine’s Day photo book of friendship? In the photo book you can prominently feature all your years of friendship, special moments, shared interests, or anything else that is important to both of you. Pictures simply express more than words.

Rekindle Old Memories

Photos for life: shared school field trips, birthdays, parties, trips and a lot more all make up the foundation for your friendship photo book. You can simply digitalise your old analogue photos by either scanning or photographing them. This will help you to chronologically document the history of your friendship and you’ll be sure to bring yet another smile to your friend’s face. In our other blog, “Fotos fürs Leben”, we list some tips and tricks on how to digitalise old photos (available in German only).

A photo of two best friends from behind near a declaration of friendship in a photo book soft

Affirm Your Friendship

Alternate between photos and text and express yourself with poems, quotes, and other personalized messages to convey how important her friendship is to you. You can find suitable poems and quotes in relevant Internet forums or poetry collections. In the process of affirming your friendship to your best friend, you’ll also be creating a modern poetry collection of your own.

You can personalise and make your photo book more touching by adding anecdotes and shared stories to the pictures. Write a few passages about the stories behind the photos and create a kind of chronology of your friendship. To this end you can use special milestones in your friendship as well as small funny situations that come about in every relationship. To add a bit of variety to your photo book, you can also add old tickets to special concerts or other events you’ve attended and experienced together with your best friend.

Plans for the Future

Lighten up the mood of your photo book and make plans to do things together in the future. To express that you are looking forward to many more years of friendship to come, suggest perhaps traveling somewhere or other activities and adventures the two of you can experience together.
Shared favourite recipes are a great creative idea for a photo book for your best friend

Make Use of Shared Interests

Perhaps the two of you like to cook together or like to go to the movies? Maybe you like to do sports or share another hobby together? Make use of these shared interests in your photo book with snapshots from times past and symbolic illustrations. You could, for instance, use a shared favourite recipe and place a photo of the two of you cooking it in your friendship photo book. Another idea is to take several images from your favourite movie with some of your favourite quotes. Let your creativity run wild!

Simple Photo Book Creation with the ifolor Designer

The photo book soft is especially well suited for creating your photo book of friendship. Its modern design in A4 format with a light softcover binding similar to that used by top-quality magazines will really accentuate your shared memories. Our ifolor Designer makes designing your photo book easy as pie. The possibilities are endless when designing your photo book with photos, text, stylistic elements, and a multitude of available background templates. Filters for special effects and photo-editing tools also come integrated in the software.

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