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  • Cups with handwritten notes

    A Handwritten Love Note

    on a Mug

    In the hectic bustle of day-to-day life, sometimes there’s little time left for love—or for each other—and you have about a thousand other things on your mind. But we have an idea of how you can give your partner a little message bursting with love every morning.

    From Paper to Cup

    Obviously it’s not so simple to write with a steady hand on the side of a mug, so we’ve provided a solution in the form of the ifolor photo mug.

    On a white sheet of paper, using a pencil, draw a rectangle 19.8 x 8.6 cm in size. This rectangle indicates the size of the printing area of your photo mug. Inside this area, design your future mug to your heart’s content. There are no limitations here: you can be as creative as you like. Feel free to use your favourite pens, brushes, and paints.


    It’s important to consider whether your partner is right- or left-handed so you can decide which part of the image should face them.
    Cup Design Templates on Paper

    Having finished your design, erase the pencil frame you created earlier.

    When digitalising your design, you have three techniques you can use. The first is to take a photo of the sheet of paper in bright, natural lighting. However, you may lose some colour intensity or quality with this method.

    The second technique is to scan and upload your photo using a commercial scanner. For the fastest and simplest method, you simply need a scanning app on your smart phone. We like to use the CamScanner app for iOS and Android. With either app or scanner, you can create PDFs or JPGs. In order to create your mug, the design file should be in JPG format.

    In the ifolor Photo Mug Designer, choose the Panorama cup. Upload your design image to the page, then drag the image to the cup. When you move your mouse over the mug, a pencil symbol should appear, allowing you to choose a suitable position for your image.

    In the last step, ifolor Designer will show you a 3D animation, allowing you to see every side of your mug again before ordering.

    A cup with a handwritten love letter.

    Your To-Do List on a Cup

    We alternatively propose a checklist, or a to-do list, for your cup. The list will be printed permanently on the cup, and you can check each box off with a whiteboard marker, which can easily be wiped off later. Choose tasks or activities that you and your partner have to do regularly in your everyday. Enjoy your morning with a cup of coffee, reminders for the coming day, and a romantic saying.

    A handwritten to-do list on a cup

    Your to-do list or checklist can be changed or expanded as you wish. For example, you can write the reasons why you particularly value your partner on some days.

    Whether you prefer watercolours, drawing, or lettering; wedding vows, pet names, or song lyrics: there are no limits. With pen and paper, design your cup exactly the way you want it.

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