Photo mugs with personalised love messages

A Handwritten Love Note on a Mug

Print your own artwork on a Valentine's Day Photo Mug

In the hectic bustle of day-to-day life, sometimes there’s little time left for love—or for each other—and you have about a thousand other things on your mind. But we have an idea of how you can give your partner a little message bursting with love every morning.

Wording: From Paper to Cup

Obviously it’s not so simple to write with a steady hand on the side of a mug, so we’ve provided a solution in the form of the ifolor photo mug.

On a white sheet of paper, using a pencil, draw a rectangle 19.8 x 8.6 cm in size. This rectangle indicates the size of the printing area of your photo mug. Inside this area, design your future mug to your heart’s content. There are no limitations here: you can be as creative as you like. Feel free to use your favourite pens, brushes, and paints.


Why not create something special for your loved one- a Magic Mug. It is perfect for coffee and tea lovers because your love message appears when you pour a hot drink into it. This makes the love message even more personal as it appears exclusively for your partner while they enjoy a cup of coffee or tea.

Your own love message wording artwork on a Photo Mug.

To create the Photo Mug, you need your design to be saves as a JPG image file. Here are 3 ways to digitise your artwork:

  1. Take a photo of your work in bright, natural light. However, this method can result in a loss of colour intensity and quality.
  2. Scan the sheet with a standard scanner and save it as a JPG file.
  3. For a quick and easy option try a scanning app on your smartphone. We used the app  CamScanner for iOS and Android.

In the ifolor Photo Mug Designer, choose the Panorama cup. Upload your design image to the page, then drag the image to the cup. When you move your mouse over the mug, a pencil symbol should appear, allowing you to choose a suitable position for your image.

Make sure the image is on the correct side depending on if your partner is left- or right-handed., The design should face them as they drink.

In the last step, ifolor Designer will show you a 3D animation, allowing you to see every side of your mug again before ordering.

Valentine's Day mug with quotes and creative puns

Funny or even cute puns, the pet-name, or short quotes are a popular way to playfully express affection for your favourite person. Express your feelings by creating a personalised Photo Mug for your sweetheart for Valentine's Day. If you want to be a little more romantic, you can add your vows or a quote from your favourite song.

Lovingly designed mug with cute play on words - perfect for your new Valentine's Day coffee mug.


In keeping with Valentine's Day, you can create matching partner mugs for you and your sweetheart or best friend, so the image is only complete when the mugs are next to each other.

Graphics and small works of art

In addition to text, you can also play with graphics. You can find some templates and cool designs on Canva. You can create unique graphics and combine them, for example, with your names, nicknames, or any other text you like. Simply save as a JPG file and use it for your Photo Mug just like a normal photo.

Customised Photo Mug with graphics and name.

If you like to draw or paint, there are no limits. Just like the wording, you can put your own artwork on paper and then digitise it and add it to a Valentine's Day Photo Mug. Some ideas for Valentine’s Day designs are, holding hands, heart shapes, flower tendrils, your favourite animal, or even a mini comic?

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