• Modern living ideas and decorating tips for a cosy home.

    Living room ideas:
    Stylish decoration with a personal touch

    Decoration ideas for living room, bedroom & office

    Having beautiful decorations is essential to feel comfortable at home. After all, our home is the place where we relax and enjoy great moments with close friends and family. It doesn't matter how big your flat, house, or rented room is. With a few well-placed decorations, you can make any room modern and cosy with a personal touch. We'll show you how!

    Personalised home textiles for extra cosiness

    Home textiles are a good way to add cosiness to a room. Curtains, carpets, cushions, and blankets create the feeling of a room. To give a room a cosy feeling, simply draped a blanket over the sofa, bed, or armchair. Set some chic colour accents with our high-quality OEKO-TEX certified Photo Pillow and Photo Blankets and enjoy a cosy atmosphere.

    A cosy bedroom: personalised Photo Pillows and blankets for that special flair


    For a modern interior design look, use different sized pillows and with different images or patterns. This gives an interesting and modern layered look. For example, combine a larger 40x40 cm Photo Pillow with a quote as the design along with a smaller 30x30 cm Photo Pillow design with some photos of your favourite moments.

    Unique Photo Pillows

    In addition to quotes or photos of your loved ones, you can also use landscape photos, animal pictures, images of buildings, artistic photos, or close-up photos of pretty patterns and structures. When choosing the design, pay attention to the colour scheme. Be sure that they match your interior colours and style and that they complement each other too. For example, detailed designs with warm tones go well with rustic or Scandinavian furniture, while cool colours with a simple design go well with a minimalist interior style. You can choose from a range of design templates in our online editor.

    A cosy living room: individually designed photo cushions and blankets.

    DIY cosy blankets

    Match your Photo Pillow with our 140x200 cm Photo Blanket to create a matching bedspread or a cosy 125x150 cm blanket to decorate your sofa. If the designs on the Photo Pillow are high in detail, then match this with a simple pattern design on your Photo Blanket. If you want to snuggle up with a collection of your favourite memories, you can even create a cool collage with the help of the dynamic image arrangement tool in the online editor. For a modern designer living, you should keep to a matching colour scheme that includes your furnishings and other home textiles.


    Choose a filter and use it to edit all your photos. Editing all your images in the same style gives your photos the same basic feel and allows them to complement each other in harmony rather than looking misplaced.

    Your favourite moments on a flexible gallery wall

    With a beautifully designed wall decoration, you can create a fantastic atmosphere in any room. Whether it's landscape photos, your favourite quotes or, some great memories - a stylish collage adds a personal touch and will bring a smile to your face. Our mini wall decoration makes it easy to change your photos thanks to the practical magnetic attachments. Just attach the magnet to the wall with a sticker and then swap the pictures, combine them in a new way, or remove them without leaving any residue.

    Tips for creating a personalised gallery wall.

    Our Mini Wall Decorations come in a choice of formats: 10x10, 10x15, 15x15, 15x20 or 20x20 cm. Get creative and create a cool gallery wall using different formats and sizes or arrange them symmetrically in a square.


    In our ‘arrange your pictures’ tips, you will find some good ideas on how to make your pictures look great on your walls.

    Once again, the choice of design is crucial for the overall effect of your gallery wall: large-scale images such as landscapes, for example, can be combined with detailed family shots. Quotes, animals, pictures of buildings, and artistic shots are great for breaking up the collage. In addition to choosing your images, you should also pay attention to the colour scheme. Choose images that match the colours and style of the room. If you have a light interior, try creating a nice contrast with the mini wall decoration by using darker and stronger colours. You can, of course, stay true to your colour scheme and complement your interior style with lighter designs. There are no limits to your creativity.

    A gallery wall full of your favourite moments.

    Tips on design

    Creating an interesting living space is about cleverly combining different picture designs with your home textiles. The right mix skilfully complements your interior design style. Various apps and tools are available to help you create your own artwork and designs. The app "VSCO", for example, helps you add your favourite sayings to your own pictures. The app also provides you with a variety of filters for image editing. Apps like "PicsArt" also offer a variety of options for creating cool patterns and collages. The same goes for the websites Canva.com and Fotor.com. Give it a try and don’t worry if you have previous graphics knowledge.

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