Living room décor ideas for a cosy atmosphere.

Tips on Decorating Your Living Room

Decoration ideas for your living room

Having beautiful decorations is essential to feel comfortable at home. After all, our home is the place where we relax and enjoy spending time with close friends and family. It doesn't matter how big your flat, house or rented room is. A few well-placed decorations can make any room look modern and cosy. In this article we will show you how to do this! The living room is usually the main room in a home where most people spend most of their time. We'll show you some decoration ideas to give your living room a personal touch no matter how big or small it is. We will also show you how you can make your favourite photos really stand out.

Create a Cosy Atmosphere with Individually Designed Living Room Decorations

Decorative elements for your home can help to create a cosy atmosphere. Your living room will look more inviting if you add curtains, rugs, cushions and blankets. To make your living room feel more cosy simply drape a blanket over the sofa, bed or an armchair. Add some individually designed decorations such as one of our high-quality OEKO-TEX certified photo pillows and photo blankets.

Add a personal touch to your living room with some individually designed photo cushions and blankets.

Individually Designed Photo Pillows

When choosing the design make sure to pay attention to the colour scheme in your living room. It is important to make sure that they match the room’s colour scheme and style so that they complement each other. For example, detailed designs with warm tones go well with rustic or Scandinavian furniture, while cool colours with a simple design go well with a minimalist interior design. You can choose from a range of design templates in our Online Editor.


By using different sized pillows with different images or patterns you can create a modern interior design. This gives an interesting and modern layered look. Add a quote or your favourite saying to a large 40x40 cm photo pillow and then put it next to a small 30x30 cm photo pillow with an individual photo design for a great look.

Individually Designed Blankets

Get a photo blanket that will match your photo cushions to add the finishing touches to your sofa. The photo blanket is available in two different sizes either 140x200 cm or 125x155 cm. If your photo pillows have a very busy design, then it is recommended to choose a simpler design for your photo blanket. If you want to snuggle up with a collection of your favourite memories, you can even create a collage with the help of the Dynamic Image Arrangement Tool on the Online Editor. For a modern interior design make sure that all your furnishings and decorations match your chosen colour scheme.


Whilst editing your photos it is recommended to use the same filter for your photo blankets, photo cushions and also wall decorations. Editing all your images in the same style will give your photos a fantastic look that will not appear too busy.

Living Room Wall Décor Ideas

Add a personal touch to your living room by decorating it with murals or by designing a photo wall made out of several wall decorations. It is important to choose the right motif in order to get a great overall effect. Large-scale motifs such as landscapes, for example, can be combined with detailed shots of your loved ones. You can brighten up your collages with sayings, animal and architectural motifs, shadow plays or floral patterns. In addition to choosing the right motif, the colour scheme also plays an important role. Brighten up your living room with our living room wall décor ideas. Make sure that the decorations highlight your colour scheme and interior design by using colours and shapes that match your furnishings and decorations.

By decorating your living room with some mini wall decorations you can design a chic gallery wall.

Designing a Photo Collage Out of Mini Wall Decorations

A photo collage full of your favourite landscape photos, sayings or your best memories is the perfect decorative item for your living room. You can hang it up, replace or remove it at any time thanks to the practical magnetic attachment, which makes it a great mini wall decoration. Get creative and create a gallery wall by using different size photos or you could get photos all in the same size and put them in symmetrical order to create a square.


Choosing decorations and having the right mix of motifs will skillfully highlight your interior design. To create your own designs, you can use apps and online tools that are easy to use even without having any art design know-how. Using and for example, you can edit your photos or easily combine your favourite sayings with your own pictures or templates.

Below You Will Find Further Helpful Tips for Decorating Your Living Room and Kitchen

Tips on How to Arrange Your Pictures

In the following article you will find helpful tips on how to arrange pictures so that you can get a fantastic look.

Tips On How to Get a Cosy Home

Add the finishing decorative touches to your home with some individually designed photo coasters or a personalised mug.

Using a Photo Mug as a Stylish Plant Pot

Plants are great decorations for your home as they help to create a modern and welcoming atmosphere. Individually design some photo mugs and use them as plant pots for your plants and herbs.
Decoration ideas for your living room: a photo poster in a stylish wooden frame.

Photo Poster in a Stylish Wooden Frame

The Photo Poster form ifolor is not only a stunning decorative item for your living room, but it is also a great way to keep all your best memories in one place. It is available in various sizes and you can choose between a matt or glossy surface. You can also order it with a high-quality frame made out of real wood in either black, white or natural oak. You can design it as a collage or as a full size poster with your favourite photos, which you can also optionally add text to. A larger layout will make your photos really stand out, whereas smaller layouts are suitable for creating small open spaces on your wall or for a photo wall full of several posters.

A photo clock with your own picture for your living room.

An Individually Designed Photo Clock Is Ideal for Your Living Room

If you would like to combine the features of an individually designed wall decoration with something useful, then the Photo Clock from ifolor is the perfect choice for your living room. The clock face is made out of wood and the glossy surface will really make your chosen photo stand out. It has a diameter of 29 cm, which will offer you plenty of space for your chosen design. Choose from the design templates, upload your pictures and even add some text and voilà your individually designed photo clock is ready to go. If you are using it as a decorative element in your living room make sure that the clock matches the colour scheme and the other decorative elements in the room. Instead of a photo, you can also combine a neutral background or a landscape photo with your favourite quote or saying.

Below You Will Find More Inspiration on How to Stylishly Decorate Your Living Room

Below You Will Find More Inspiration on How to Stylishly Decorate Your Living Room

Give your living room a gallery look and create an elegant collage with 3 or up to 52 pictures, which will be framed in a chic wooden frame and it also includes a passe-partout. The photo collage is available in 50x70 cm and 40x110 cm with a gallery frame, which will make your favourite photos really stand out.

Handy Poster Hanger

The Poster Hanger from ifolor is not only great for hanging up your photo posters on the wall in a trendy way, but you can also use it for your photo prints or your own artwork and lettering. Thanks to the magnetic wooden strips you can easily change your photos at any time. This gives you the freedom to get creative so that you can change your wall decorations to match the current season or current trends.


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