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  • A photo mug as a DIY cactus pot on top of a dresser

    A Stylish DIY Decorating Idea

    A Photo Mug as a Cactus Pot

    Using plants to decorate your home has always been a popular trend in the world of interior decorating. Especially cacti and succulents have been gaining in popularity over the years and are a must-have for any home. Whether they’re sitting on the windowsill, used as a table decoration, or displayed on a shelf or dresser - these low-maintenance plants, combined with the right pot, will be sure to catch people’s attention.

    In this DIY article we’ll reveal how you can display cacti and succulents in stylish photo mugs used as flowerpots as well as how to correctly plant them.

    You’ll need these resources for your DIY flowerpots

    DIY Cactus Pot: What You’ll Need

    For this simple and stylish DIY decorating idea you’ll need, besides the photo mug, some sand or cactus soil as well as some small stones. When purchasing your cacti and succulents, you should make sure that the plants have a diameter of about 7 - 8.5 cm.

    To ensure the small plants don’t disappear into the bottom of the mug, it’s recommended to start out by filling up the mugs with a bit of sand or cactus soil. Then carefully place the cacti and succulents in the mugs and adorn the rims with small stones.

    Before placing the cacti and succulents in the photo mugs, first fill the mugs with sand and stones.
    Before placing the cacti and succulents in the photo mugs, first fill the mugs with sand and stones.
    Decorating the rims of your DIY flowerpots with small stones
    Decorating the rims of your DIY flowerpots with small stones.

    One Photo Mug, Many Design Possibilities

    The panorama photo mug is most suitable for creating your cactus pots since the design stretches across the entire side of the mug. This will make the motif clearly visible from any angle.

    You can really let your creativity run wild when designing your cactus pots. Whether you want to add some text, a pattern, or pictures - use our numerous design templates when creating your photo mugs or get creative and come up with something new.

    Our design tip:

    Before beginning, think about where you want to put your small cacti and succulents and then design your photo mugs in such a way that you’ll later end up with harmonious décor.

    Playful Pots: Patterns and Ornaments

    If you want to go with more of a playful look, subtle patterns would work really well for the design, e.g. dots, black and white ornaments, or floral designs in pastel tones.

    Screenshot - designing a photo mug with a pattern

    Adding a Personal Touch with Photos

    You can give your photo mug a personal touch by adding your own photos. For the cactus pot, for instance, you could use photos of the beach, other plants, landscapes, or (as in our example) perhaps close-up photos of natural materials.

    A photo mug with a stone design - DIY flowerpot

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