Wall decorations hanging on a wall.

Wall decorations hanging on a wall

Tips on how to arrange your wall decorations

Give each room an individual touch by hanging up your favourite pictures, which will look great as wall decorations on linen, acrylic glass and aluminium. Deciding on what order the pictures should be hung up in is important for how well the arrangement will work. Below we’ll show you a few of the best ways to hang up your photos harmoniously and stylishly.

Align the pictures along a single axis

Align the pictures along a single axis

A popular and great idea is to align the lower edges of the pictures on an imaginary line. It’s simple and easy to do and you don't necessarily need a narrow picture rail to lean the pictures against the wall. Instead of using the lower edge of your picture, you can also use the upper edge to help align your wall decorations. Aligning along an imaginary line is great for a small number of wall decorations or for larger pictures. If you choose aluminium DibondHD metal printgallery print or acrylic glass plate, your favourite photos will look fantastic thanks to the rich colours and deep contrasts.

Arrangement along a middle line

Arrangement along a middle line

As commonly seen in museum exhibitions you can arrange your pictures along a line in the middle of the wall. This works very well for larger format pictures. To do this, imagine a horizontal line in the middle of the wall along which the centre of each picture is vertically aligned.


Every wall decoration needs to be hung securely so that it safe and looks good. Heavier decorations will need extra care when hanging them up and some wall surfaces may pose extra challenges when hanging your decorations up. Read out article to find out more about what you may need to consider.

Arranging your pictures to make a collage

Arranging your pictures to make a collage

A picture collage is generally arranged around an invisible cross. The images are aligned along the two vertical and horizontal lines, their edges as close as possible to the intersection of the axes. This arrangement works well with a larger number of pictures, as you can expand it in all directions. You can add a bit more variety by mixing some wall decorations: e.g. canvases, wooden wall displays and a few aluminium mini wall decorations.

Pro tips: do's and don'ts for hanging up wall decorations


  • Hang up wall decorations so that the centre of the picture is at a height of about 1.50 metres
  • Use a spirit level to align your picture
  • Measure the space on the wall, but keep in mind the distances to the door and window frames etc.
  • Choose a picture size that fits the available space and the size of the room
  • Use the hanging system that is supplied or a mounting system that is recommended for the surface (stone wall, plasterboard, wood, etc.)


  • Hang up wall decorations too high or too low
  • Place XXL size pictures in a small room
  • Hang a few small pictures on a very large wall surface (can look lost)
  • Fix wall decorations that are not properly aligned
  • Fit wall decorations that are too big/too heavy for the surface
Wall decoration aligned on the wall using a spirit level.
Hang up pictures from the outside in

Hang up pictures from the outside in

Imagine a box around a large wall space. The pictures follow the outer edge of the box and fill the inner space. This arrangement is particularly suitable for many pictures varying in formats and sizes. The illustrated example shows a large variety of templates for photo canvases.


Some photos deserve a special place on the wall. Discover the perfect wall decoration in XXL format for your very best pictures and showcase them on your wall. On a large wall, you can let your favourite photo speak for itself as an XXL wall decoration.

Hang up pictures with the same format

Hang up pictures with the same format

An impressive gallery can be assembled quite quickly from a few photos, which have the same size, for example, using photo canvases or wooden wall displays. Square formats will look particularly good. If you symmetrically arrange small pictures with the same formats, you can create a stylish and compact picture layout that will give your room nice even lines. Discover the mini wall decorations in various mini sizes with super simple magnetic fasteners. Choose from colour-coordinated photos and make sure that the pictures hang parallel and on the same line for each row, as small misalignments will be more noticeable if the formats are the same.


If you like to vary the arrangement of your pictures or want to move your wall decoration to another wall at any time, the self-adhesive photo poster is perfect. The self-adhesive back of the photo poster sticks to many different surfaces and is reusable.

Having your favourite photos framed

If you want to create a classic photo wall with a picture frame, you can easily order your photos as prints and frame them. For larger formats, you can order a photo poster with a full-size picture or a colourful collage. The adhesive photo poster is perfect if you would like to change your decorations from time to time as they are easy to put up and take down. Choose a photo poster in matt or glossy format and order an optional matching black, white or light oak frame. Choose between 24 or 52 pictures in two different formats for your trendy photo collage frame. The square photos are arranged symmetrically and form a colourful gallery of your best memories.

Photo collage with a gallery frame

Create a ready made photo gallery of square photos. Choose a matching chic gallery frame available in black or white. It will be delivered to your home ready to use and all you will need to do is hang it up on your wall.

Photo poster with an optional frame

Order a matt or glossy photo poster with your favourite photos and choose a matching frame as an option! Choose from the different formats and your pictures will arrive at your home as photo posters, ready to hang up.

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Matching picture frames with your prints

Order the matching picture frames to go with your prints. Choose the format and the colour of the frame. You can choose a black, white or an oak frame.

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Five piece wall decoration arranged perfectly on a wall.

As an alternative to the classic picture frame, you can have your pictures printed on canvas and order some matching frames. The wooden frame with a shadow gap is specially designed for the photo canvas. It is available in either black or white and it enhances your canvases to give them the perfect look for your wall.

Browse through the large selection of formats and high-quality materials for your wall decorations and create your own photo exhibition for your home!



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