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Hanging up wall decorations: walk-through

Hang Your Wall Decoration Correctly

Beautify your home in just a few steps

ifolors's wall decorations are quick and easy to create - and just as easily hung on your own wall at home. Here we show you how to simply and quickly hang the gallery print, aluminium dibond, photo canvas, acrylic glass, wall display and the new HD Metal Print - with everything you need delivered in the package with your product.

Hanging up wall decorations: walk-through

Measuring the Picture and Wall

Measure the picture and the wall. For this you will need a pencil, measuring stick or tape and a water level.


Regardless of the height of the wall, the centre of your picture should lie at around 155 cm or two-thirds of the picture should be lower than your line of sight, with one-third over it.

Whether you should use nails, screws or hooks depends on the structure and size of the wall decoration. Screws hold particularly large and heavy objects more securely than nails, which are generally more suited for smaller lighter pictures.

Hanging up wall decorations: walk-through

Measure – Mount Screws/Nails – Hang the Picture

Tool tip:

You can catch drill dust with a folded and taped-together piece of paper affixed to the wall beneath.

Affix the Wall Décor: Gallery Print and Aluminium Dibond

The wall mounts for the gallery print and the aluminium dibond are already attached when you receive them. You only need to put suitable nails or screws in the wall and hang your picture up.

The back of a gallery print with wall hanging

Hang a Photo Canvas

The mounts and detailed instructions will be delivered in a bag with your photo canvas. Use a hammer to beat the wedges into the stretch frame. Afterwards affix the mounts directly to the wood frame of the canvas.


Nails are best for hanging the canvas (so long as your wall permits it). Even in larger sizes, the canvas is relatively light. Special nails for concrete can be used for even the most robust of walls.

Photo canvas stretched on wood from behind with suspension

Hanging the Wall Display

The wall display is delivered with already-mounted grooves in the back for hanging and only needs to be hung on nails or screws directly on your wall, just where it belongs.

It’s even more fun to combine multiple photos - the possibilities here are endless. What do you think, for example, about a salon-style hang in your own sitting room?

Back of the wall display with milled out furrow to hang

Hanging the HD Metal Print

Thanks to an aluminium border running all the way around, the new HD metal print truly floats on the wall. The border creates a space to the wall and subsequently a light shadow emphasizing this effect. The mounts are already fixed to the print and ensure a secure and uncomplicated hanging process.

Back of the HD metal print with rounded corners

Whichever wall decoration you select, there will always be a safe and secure mount for it. Have fun decorating!

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