XXL wall decoration with impressive nature image.

Impressive display: XXL wall decoration

Set an exclusive scene for your special photos in XXL format

If you have a large wall available, this is the perfect place for an extraordinary picture in XXL format! Show off that breath-taking view, real beach feeling, or other impressive images in 50x150 cm, 90x120 cm or 100x150 cm in your home. In this article, we have collected a few ideas for your XXL wall decorations.

Pure nature in your home: nature photos on a stylish XXL canvas.

Nature photos and panoramic pictures

Photos of breath-taking landscapes or skylines only really come to life in large formats. Give your favourite skyline, Alpine panorama, or idyllic beach picture from your last holiday a special place on your wall with the XXL wall decoration. Your photos will shine in their full glory on the matt, reflection-free aluminium Dibond. The image will fill the entire room with its presence - as if you were reliving the moment.

The ifolor Photo Canvas give your images a soft and warm effect. The canvas material makes your picture look natural - almost like a painting. As an XXL wall decoration, the Photo Canvas is great for nature photos and beautiful views and fits perfectly with an interior with lots of wooden features. The Photo Canvas is mounted on a real wood frame, which comes with a kit that makes it easy to hang on your wall.


Correctly hanging your picture is crucial for a great look- especially with large pictures. You should have enough space for your XXL wall decoration and keep a few things in mind when hanging it. Read our tips on how to correctly hang pictures.

XXL wall decoration with an animal picture

Managed to catch a great shot of a majestic deer, a rare bird, a fox on the lookout, or your pet? Make this photo a centrepiece and keep it in view for many years to come with an XXL wall decoration. Perhaps you had a pet shoot, a visit to the zoo, an unforgettable safari, or an encounter with a cute animal while hiking. These action shots would make a great portrait displayed in XXL on your wall.

Your most valued experiences in XXL format

In the design editor it’s easy to create your extra-large wall decoration as a cool collage: simply, upload your chosen pictures and they will automatically be arranged as a collage on the template. With just a few clicks you can swap pictures and adjust the sizes. To create a matching effect, it is advisable to process the pictures for the XXL wall decoration all with the same filter or to convert them all into black and white photos.

Your favourite images on an XXL Photo Canvas

XXL world map using your own photos

Have you made an unforgettable world trip or backpacking adventure? Capture the highlights of this unique experience on an XXL wall decoration - as a cool world map that shows all your stops with your own photos. First, download a world map. You can find different versions in original colours or more abstract colours available for free online. The image file must have a high resolution so that it displays well on the wall later - in our online editor, a warning message is displayed if the resolution is too low.

XXL wall decoration using a world map with travel photos.

With the help of an image editing programme, you can place the pictures of your travel stops at the locations on the world map. Save the file as a JPG and upload it into the design editor as normal, then place it on your chosen XXL wall decoration.


You can also combine your XXL wall decoration with photo prints to create an expandable world map with all your travel destinations. First, create an XXL wall decoration with a world map. Then, order your travel photos as Square or Retro Prints, attach them to the map and connect the photos with the places on the world map using yarn and glue dots or Washi Tape.

What resolution is required for an XXL wall decoration?

Our wall decorations in XXL format require high-resolution images, as the printed area is very large. It is best to check on your computer during the selection process whether your desired image meets the minimum requirements for printing. The easiest way to find image information such as pixels is to right-click on the image and select Properties/Details. The appearance of an exclamation mark in the ordering process means that the resolution is not sufficient for the desired product. Please choose a smaller product format.

For optimal printing results, we recommend a resolution between approx. 5929x1992 px (6000x2000 px) and 5929x3960 px (6000x4000 px), depending on the size equivalent to 12 to 24 megapixels.

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