Cosy home: Find the best tips and decor ideas.

Tips for a cosy home

Find unique inspiration ideas for decor

In your own home, you can really make yourself comfortable and decorate to your own taste. Get inspired by our tips and decorating ideas for a cosy atmosphere. We'll show you what you need for a relaxing day at home.

Create a cosy atmosphere with warm lighting

Did you know that the right lighting has a direct impact on your mood? Soft and warm light in particular creates a feeling of comfort. Several small light sources, such as fairy lights and candles, are ideal for a cosy atmosphere. For example, make yourself comfortable on your couch and place small tealights on the table. Arrange the tealights using our Photo Coasters. This will protect your table and provide an extra dose of cosiness. To design the coasters, you can use floral designs, great snapshots from your last holiday with your loved ones or decorate them with nice sayings. The coasters are particularly decorative if you match them in colour to your style of furnishing.

Create a cosy home using warm lighting and decorative photo coasters.


Since we perceive our surroundings with all our senses, open your windows regularly to let fresh air in. Regular ventilation ensures a healthy indoor climate and improves your well-being because stale air also affects your mood!

Drink a warm beverage from your favourite mug

Whether it’s a hot chocolate after a long walk, a cup of coffee in the afternoon, or a relaxing cup of tea in the evening - a warm drink is a great way to get cosy, warms you up from the inside, and creates a comfortable atmosphere. Create a cool Magic Photo Mug for real moments of relaxation and enjoyment. Its simple black design might look plain at first, but when you fill it with a hot beverage such as coffee or tea, the actual motif will slowly appear on the mug thanks to its special thermal coating. You can use inspiring sayings or photos of your loved ones for the design. The Magic Photo Mug is perfect for showing those little magical moments in everyday life.

Cosy home: the Magic Photo Mug will make a great new favourite mug.


To create a cosy atmosphere at home, nice decoration is essential. Let yourself be inspired by our stylish decor ideas. We show you some stylish decorating ideas for your living room, bedroom and office.

Photo games for a relaxing afternoon

Exciting puzzles and card games are not only fun for children. More and more adults also want to relax and leave everyday life behind by making puzzles or playing matching pairs. Did you know that concentrating on these small images helps block out disturbing stimuli? As a result, these photo games are particularly relaxing. Whether you play alone or with your loved ones – our Photo Puzzles and Photo Memos are the ideal companions for a cosy and relaxing afternoon at home. You can use landscapes, pictures of your pet, snapshots from the last family celebration or holiday memories to design your personal photo game.

Photo Puzzle and Photo Memo on a cosy and relaxing afternoon.


For even more fun with puzzles, create an individual 1500-piece photo puzzle as a chic wall decoration for your home. Afterwards, simply slide the finished puzzle onto the glass pane of a picture frame, fix it with the back of the frame and hang it on the wall.

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