Individual Photo Mugs for Valentine's Day

The Partner Mug as a Lovely Surprise

Give Your Sweetheart a Personalised Photo Mug This Valentine’s Day

Our personalised photo mug with its own individual charm continues to be a popular gift idea to surprise recipients. The mug will help you recall good times, a special moment, or perhaps a one-of-a-kind experience. This will be sure to give you a great start to the day with your morning coffee. Why not surprise your sweetheart with their own self-designed mug this Valentine’s Day? We’ll give you some great tips on how you can transform a photo mug into a lovely Valentine’s Day gift.

Portrait Photos on the Mug

Whether used as a personal coffee mug or a practical penholder for the office - the partner photo mug will ensure you’re always near each other. You’ll only need a photo of yourself and your sweetheart. We also have ifolor design templates perfect for Valentine’s Day. You could, for instance, add a heart-shaped border to your photo or perhaps add their name to the mug.

Partner mug with couple photo and love message

Split Motif

Alternatively, you could look for a nice photo of the two of you and split it between two partner mugs. The complete photo would then be visible when the two mugs are next to each other. What about using a nice selfie? Or how about a romantic kiss? Your sweetheart is bound to have loving thoughts of you every time they use their partner mug.


For an extra dose of magic for your Valentine's Day gift, why not order a Magic Photo Mug! At first glance, the ifolor Magic Photo Mug looks like a plain black cup. But as soon as a hot liquid, such as coffee or tea, is poured into it, it slowly reveals its true face: your lovingly created design for your sweetheart.

Collage of Your Best Photos

By using the various design templates available, you can create your partner mug using up to seven different photos. Create a collage of some of the best moments, important milestones, and unforgettable shared experiences of your relationship to make it a special Valentine’s Day for your sweetheart.

Partner mug with photo collage of the most beautiful moments together

Personal Message

Besides showing your love with a few photos, you can also add some words of love or a lovely saying to your mug. You can add a touch of personal charm to your mug with a handwritten message or perhaps a drawing. You can also use our previous suggestion here to create two partner mugs with a split motif. Just take a blank white sheet of paper and let your creativity run wild. Afterwards, scan or photograph the paper and you can place it on the mug just like any other photo.

Partner mug with individual inscription.


Find out how to create an entire love message on your Valentine's Day photo mug in our blog post.

Designing Your Partner Mug

It’s very easy to configure your own photo mug on our website. When starting out with the designing of your mug, you can first select your desired orientation with the photo either left or right of the handle or in panorama format. Then you can choose a fitting layout from among our 60 available design templates spanning a range of themes. Some templates also feature a text field where you can add things like a short message or the name of the recipient. After you’ve chosen a suitable layout for your partner mug, you can select one or several photos from your computer or even from Facebook. To optimally position the photo(s) on your mug, you can adjust the image section as well as make small edits such as red eye adjustments. As soon as you’ve made all the necessary adjustments and your photo(s) are optimally positioned on the mug, you can complete your order.

A personalised Photo Tin filled with sweets for Valentine's Day.

Surprise Your Partner with an individually Designed Photo Mug and Photo Tin

Create the perfect indulgent Valentine's Day gift and surprise your partner with an individually designed photo tin filled with delicious Lindt truffles and an individually desinged photo mug. The ifolor Photo Tin comes in different shapes and sizes and you can personalise it using your own photos. Fill it with your partner’s favourite chocolates or homemade biscuits. 

Personalized photo coasters to give as a gift for Valentine's Day.

Give your Valentine a personalised coaster set

Use ifolor to design personalised photo coasters to match your partner's mug. The square cork coasters are available in sets of 4 or 8, and you can add a different photo on each coaster. Your pictures will shine in high-contrast from the glossy hardboard surface. Personalise your own Photo Coasters with your favourite photos, sayings or wording your sweetheart this Valentine's Day

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