Create a romantic booklet of love vouchers with the ifolor Designer

Romantic Love Vouchers for Valentine’s Day

When the day of love is right around the corner, many couples try to come up with the perfect Valentine’s Day gift that is not too cutesy and not too impersonal. What could be more personal than a booklet full of personalized love coupons?

Creating the Perfect Coupon Book

The photo book spiral is the most suitable choice for creating your own “book of love vouchers” for Valentine’s Day. The robust spiral binding lets you easily remove each individual page as you redeem them.

It’s recommended to use landscape format when creating your book of vouchers. Depending on how big you want your book to be, choose A4, A5, or A6 landscape format when designing. Once you’ve selected the format and the number of pages, you’re ready to design your book of coupons. Should you come up with more ideas for romantic vouchers while designing your book, it’s easy to subsequently add more pages. You can really make use of your romantic side when designing your book of vouchers. This is easily accomplished by utilising the ifolor Designer for Windows and Mac. The ifolor Designer offers you a large selection of templates that can be adapted to your own personal tastes in just a few clicks. It’s recommended to use one double-sided page for each coupon. This way, you can design one side of the page with one or several suitable photos and the other side can describe what the voucher is redeemable for. In addition, the ifolor Designer comes with scores of background designs in various colours, forms, and themes.

Coupon for a romantic getaway in a playful design

A Valentine’s Book of Coupons for Her

Feel free to design your book of vouchers in a playful manner. Using soft pastel tones for the background is an excellent way to do this. You can also select a beautiful serif font while making sure the text is still readable. The “Monotype Corsiva” font fits this kind of motif very well and is already installed on most computers.


In order to ensure the text is decipherable on its background, it’s a good idea to use a different background colour for the text. You can set a single colour or colour gradient background for the text in just a few clicks. You can also adjust the transparency of your backgrounds individually.

Click on Background in the design options of a certain element to adjust the transparency of an objekt

Valentine’s Day Coupon Ideas for Her

Deciding what kind of vouchers to use for your Valentine’s Day book is ultimately a matter of taste and is determined by the interests of your significant other. Here are a few suggestions:

How about a coupon…

  • for a romantic getaway as a couple.
  • for a relaxing bubble bath.
  • for a day of pampering at the spa.
  • for a big colourful bouquet of flowers.
  • for a cosy movie night. No bickering about the movie choice and popcorn included.
  • for a foot massage.

Coupon ideas like these don’t have to be limited to your significant other. Women can also use these ideas to give their best friend a special and personalised book of vouchers to sweeten Valentine’s Day with something else besides candy. Such a booklet could contain gift certificates for going shopping, eating ice cream, manicures, or similar activities.

A Valentine’s Book of Coupons for Him

For those of you looking to surprise the man in your life with individualised coupons for Valentine’s Day, feel free to design your book in a more clean, modern, and less playful manner. Suitable single-colour and textured backgrounds are available to this end. You can also keep the font a bit simpler. Fonts like “John Handy LET” or “Kalinga” would fit well here./p>

A voucher for a round of Playstation together created out of a photo book spiral

Valentine’s Day Coupon Ideas for Him

In order to find suitable coupon ideas just ask yourself: How can you make your significant other happy and bring a smile to his face? We’ve collected a few ideas:

How about a voucher…

  • for a night of football on TV. With beer and snacks, no grumbling.
  • for a cosy Sunday breakfast in bed.
  • for a round of ice skating on the lake.
  • for a round of gaming. Together.
  • for taking out the dog. In bad weather.
Voucher for a universal veto created with a photo book spiral

Universal Coupon Ideas for Both Him and Her

The wonderful thing about a personalised book of coupons is that you’re giving them something very special that you can’t just buy with money: shared experiences and time together. Here are a couple of Valentine’s Day voucher ideas that both partners would be sure to enjoy:

  • Coupon “to be right.” No further discussion.
  • Coupon for a universal veto. No ifs and buts.
  • A “get out of a family get-together” coupon. Excuse included.

Have fun with the design and giving them your creative gift!

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