Thank you

Unique presents to say thanks

Very special people require very special thanks. Give a little gift to all the wonderful people who are always there when you need them. Immortalise a wonderful memory or a shared experience in a photo gift created by you.

The most popular gifts for saying thanks

Simply playful
For young and old

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The big thank-you
Unique moments

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For greetings
Personal greeting cards

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For the most wonderful moments

Give an ifolor photo book to say thanks

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A unique family yearbook

Family life is full of unforgettable moments that are well worth capturing. Turn all the wonderful photos you’ve taken over the year into a great family yearbook.  

Simply say thank you

Send photo greeting cards to say thanks

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Thank-you cards for every occasion

There are plenty of events and occasions for sending thank-you cards to your loved ones. And if you’ve never thought about sending one – you may just have been underestimating the effect of a thank-you card.

Always good for a surprise

Send wall decorations to say thanks

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Say thanks with compliments

Don’t just say it with a single word – say thanks with a loving and personal compliment. Compliments don’t have to be incredibly creative – they just have to come from the heart!  

Thanks for the invitation

Personal guest gifts

For every occasion

Say thanks with photo gifts from ifolor

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Thanks for work colleagues

Every day, they make us laugh or give us a hand – and we all too rarely say thank you. Our work colleagues are true heroes, and we ought to thank them more often for everything they do. For example, with a little gift for their desk. 

Thanks for the good times

Design a photo calendar with your best holiday moments

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Planning and organising

Keeping track of everything isn’t easy. Why not put all the key dates in a monthly planner? That way, you’ll never forget a birthday or anniversary again.

Something special

Creative DIY ideas for your thank-you cards

Browse through our ideas to say thanks

Our tips and ideas will help you create truly personal gifts. Set your creative side free and show off your favourite photos to say thank you to your loved ones. Get inspired.