A monthly planner from ifolor created with personal photos and individualised designs

Organise your days with the ifolor Monthly Planner

Create a Personalised Calendar with Photos, Appointments, Clipart, and much More

Discover our numerous design possibilities for your own personalised monthly planner - now you’ll always be able to keep birthdays, holidays, appointments, and other important events in view. With a large and practical monthly planner in A4 or A3 format, you’ll have plenty of room for adding on-going or spontaneous appointments for the whole family.

Take advantage of the many design options in ifolor Designer. Simply download the free Designer app, select ‘monthly planner’, then pick a starting month and you're ready to go. We'll show you some examples here.

Select and Arrange Photos

The upper portion of the monthly planner offers plenty of space for large-formatted photos, collages, or pictures with borders. Family, friends, holiday photos, house pets, landscapes - here you can prominently display your most brilliant photos.

Displaying Single Photos

In ifolor Designer app, open the folder that contains your photos and drag your image into the image placeholder on the top calendar page. Your photo will be displayed in full page on the top of the page.


Alternatively, you can display your photo over two pages. To do this, click on the image placeholder on the top page and delete it. Now drag your photo to the edge of the calendar to place it over both pages. Make sure that the lower part of the image is covered by the calendar and that only the edge of the image is visible. It is best to choose a picture with the subject in the upper half of the frame.

A monthly planner from ifolor with personal photos and individualised designs

Creating a Collage with more Photos

You can either remove the large placeholder on the top of the calendar and replace it with several new image placeholders, or place a few small placeholders on the large one. The second option simply adds some images in the foreground to the full-page image. Be careful not to overload the calendar page.

Your photos can be highlighted with a frame or white border. You can choose between numerous clipart images, speech bubbles and text boxes to decorate your calendar page. It’s good to keep in mind that ‘less is more’ when it comes to creating collages.

Enter in Recurring Appointments

Keep track of birthdays, anniversaries, celebrations, holidays, and all other recurring or ongoing planned appointments.

Insert Public Holidays

You can add public holidays directly to your calendar with ease in the ifolor Designer. You can find all corresponding options for this under “Edit public holidays.”

Simply choose your country from the menu and show/hide each public holiday as you see fit.

A monthly planner from ifolor with personal appointments and public holidays

Insert Personal Holidays

You can also add your own personal holidays with just three clicks: select “Create personal holiday”, enter in the date and description, and add your anniversaries and celebrations to the calendar.

Insert personal holidays and celebrations to your ifolor monthly planner with ease

Printing and Marking Your Calendar

The calendar area below offers a lot more space for appointments and special occasions. You can manually add your own appointments next to holidays and also design your calendar with photos, clipart, and text.

Add Birthdays, Reminders, and Appointments

In order to highlight appointments and design them individually, you can manually insert them into the calendar. To do this, simply insert a text field or speech bubble in your calendar and type in your text. You can manually adjust the font colour and style as well as the background colour.

Use clipart and photos to customise your calendar in the ifolor Monthly Planner

Add Images, Photos, and Clipart to the Calendar Section

Spruce up your calendar entries with clipart or accentuate them with photos: your creativity will know no bounds. You can add images to the calendar section via drag and drop and then adjust their size accordingly; this way you can do things like add photos of the birthday boy/girl to the corresponding date or add a brilliant photo of where your next ski holiday will be to your holiday week.

Combine photos with clipart for different occasions and texts. Add borders to your photos or maybe even speech bubbles. Whether creating a simple or colourful design, there’s something here for everyone.


Use the ifolor photo stickers to personalise the appointments of your family members. For example, you can label your child’s next dentist appointment with a photo of him/her on the day of the appointment

Selecting and Altering Backgrounds

First you can choose between two calendar designs: “black” and “white.” You can also customise your monthly planner with a colourful design. You have the ability to individually design your calendar pages in the ifolor Designer with various backgrounds (colours, patterns, and photos) and also use your own photos as backgrounds.

Drag one of your own photos or one of our numerous design-backgrounds to the border of your calendar until the background is highlighted - release it in the upper portion of the calendar page to change the background for the upper portion of the calendar or release it in the lower portion of the calendar to change the background for both pages (the upper and lower portions).

You can create a nice effect by selecting a photo in portrait format, removing or minimising the upper image placeholder, and then adding the photo as a background spread over both pages.

A monthly planner from ifolor designed with personalised backgrounds

Get started now designing your own personalised monthly planner. We wish you a well-organised year!

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