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  • Pay a compliment with a Photo Poster

    I just wanted to tell you…

    that you’re simply the best to me.

    The best ideas for compliments & sayings

    A small token, a spontaneous gesture or a smile – often people are so caught up in their own little worlds, walking past each other without even seeing them. And yet a little gesture could make the world just that bit better. We tell you how to do this on “National Compliment Day”.

    It’s the challenge of our times: the world is moving faster and faster, we often have hundreds of things on our mind that need to be done. What’s often neglected are the small tokens in everyday life, like a simple compliment.

    Why should I pay compliments?

    Some believe that attractive people constantly receive compliments and think it is inappropriate to express obvious compliments. We are very reserved in our culture and find it hard to imagine what’s totally normal in the USA, for example. They use compliments there even as a greeting – a “Hey, I like your glasses!” or “I love your smile!” is nothing unusual and not smarmy in any way. Afterall, it’s about making someone else happy and not gaining an advantage.

    Compliments don’t have to be incredibly creative but must come from the heart above all! Simply give it a try. You meet a woman on the street and she’s wearing a really great jacket? Simply tell her! The Americans show us how it’s done and have a far more cheery approach to life. It’s therefore worth paying another person a compliment every day.

    Little compliments on a daily basis

    They don’t need to always refer to appearance, a compliment that praises someone’s personality or relationships is even more beautiful. So tell your loved ones now and again how much you like spending time with them!

    These kinds of compliments always go down well:

    • I’m proud of you.
    • You make me happy!
    • Everything is only half as much fun without you.
    • I can totally be myself with you.
    • You always make me laugh!
    • If I didn’t have you…
    • I’m sure that you’ve got good taste and I trust your suggestion.
    Give compliments and appreciation with photo greeting cards

    If you’re really brave, you can give this a try: take heart and pay a compliment every day for one week. The only rule is that you must honestly mean every compliment. Take note of the responses to your compliments and take stock at the end of the week: Were you able to make the world a little bit better? You’re bound to be able to answer this question with yes.

    You can also express them in writing…

    Spontaneous compliments are not really your thing? That’s perfectly OK, send your compliments in writing, so they can be appreciated time and time again.

    For example, write a compliment on a wall decoration or a photo card and give it to someone special. They can read your appreciative words again and again to uplift their day.

    It’s the timeless classic and something really special, especially today where so much is digital. Which is why we call on you to: send us your unique compliment for your favourite person and we will send it to you as a wall decoration!

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