Send personal compliments in greeting cards or on photo products.

Not just on Valentine's Day: Time for compliments

The best ideas for compliments & how to deliver them

"I just wanted to say that you mean the world to me."

A little attention, a spontaneous gesture, or a simple smile - just say thank you and give an extra bit of appreciation! You don't really need a special occasion to do this, because the little gestures and appreciations are often neglected in everyday life. In our culture, we are often rather reserved when it comes to compliments, while in other countries and cultures small compliments are part of small talk. In the USA, for example, compliments are often integrated into the greeting, such as "Hey, I like your glasses!”

In this article, we show you how to give a little love and appreciation to the people who are important to you. Get inspired and give your loved ones a little surprise with compliments that come from the heart!

Small compliments in everyday life – little and often

Compliments about what you appreciate about a person or what you are grateful for are always well received. Tell your loved ones from time to time how much you enjoy spending time with them! As is often the case, little and often makes you a good at complementing. Keep it simple, rather than pompous, as this is the most authentic.

Compliments like that are always well received:

  • I'm proud of you.
  • You make me happy!
  • Without you, everything is only half as much fun.
  • I can be myself with you.
  • You always make me laugh!
  • If I didn't have you...
  • Thank you for always being there for me.
Printed on a fancy greeting card, you can send your compliments from afar.

Compliments to send

You can also send compliments and messages from far away. For example, print your words on a smart greeting card and surprise someone you may not have seen for a long time with a personal message. Discover the many card sizes and get inspired by the many great design templates! When written down, your compliments will stay with the recipient for a long time to come, and they can keep them at home to look at again and again.

From simple to detailed: Get creative when designing your compliments on Photo Greeting Cards. For your inspiration, we've conjured up some great designs for you to download as templates that you can easily use for your greeting cards.

Download Templates


The unfolded cards are also great for giving in a matching picture frame. This way, your compliment will also become a decorative element for the recipient's home.

Creatively preserve compliments on photo products

Creatively record your kind words and compliments so that your favourite people can look at them and enjoy them for many years. With customised photo products, you can add a special touch to your messages and make them more memorable and presentable for your family and friends.

Design a Photo Mug with a compliment or a motivational saying.

For morning motivation: write your compliment on a Photo Mug

Put your message on a Photo Mug and give is as an unusual gift for that special person. Some simple lettering, DIY lettering, or combined with a photo: your favourite person will always have your words in view every time they have tea or coffee on their new favourite mug.


Find out how you can put entire love messages on a Photo Mug using your own lettering or artwork in our blog post.

Add a special compliment on a Photo Pillow for your favourite person.

Your compliment will look great as a decorative eye-catcher on a Photo Pillow

A beautiful accent on the sofa and make you feel good every time you see them: Print thoughtful words on a Photo Pillow and surprise a special person with it. Choose from three different sizes and modern designs and preserve your compliment on an ifolor Photo Pillow. You can even print a compliment on each side of the double-sided cushion, place your message on one side and a lovely photo on the other, or combine your words with pictures.

Design the twelve month cards from the desk calendar with a wooden stand with compliments and kind words.

Motivation for the whole year with the desk calendar

The wooden base desk calendar is perfect for giving your loved ones a year full of compliments and positive energy! Use each of the twelve month cards for a different compliment or a few kind words so that the recipient can see and enjoy your words of appreciation throughout the year. With its chic wooden base, the desk calendar can be placed anywhere and works great as a nice motivation and personal touch for the workplace.

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