Photo book as a family yearbook

The Family Yearbook

Your Best Moments with Your Loved Ones in a Photo Book

Family life is full of unforgettable moments and exciting experiences that people always look back fondly upon. Gather together your best snapshots from the previous year and make a one-of-a-kind family yearbook to always have your most cherished memories shared with your family at hand. With our design tips, your photo yearbook will be sure to become a cherished keepsake for your family for years to come.


Arrange According to Seasons

Spring, summer, autumn, and winter all offer you the perfect model for you to structure your family yearbook. Arrange photos of your most cherished memories according to the season during which they were taken and start off every season in the yearbook with a typical photo: sledding during the winter break, a beach holiday during the summer, or even the first time going out in the fall to look for mushrooms. Every season is sure to be filled with special moments spent with the family. Combine impressive nature photos with humorous snapshots of the kids and other members of the family to really bring your yearbook to life.


Our free design software, the ifolor Designer, has many different design templates for various themes. These will enable you to choose a fitting design template for every time of the year; you can also adjust and alter these design templates to fit your individual needs. Besides the templates, you can also use your own photos as backgrounds. Simply drag and drop the photo you’d like to use as a background to the upper or side portion of the page.

Photo book pages with family photos

Bring Your Yearbook to Life

Design the pages of your family yearbook with creative design elements like speech bubbles or clip art to make the overall presentation of the pictures a bit more light-hearted. In the ifolor Designer you can find various design elements for themes such as vacation, Easter, and babies. Simply click on the element you’d like to use and drag it to the portion of the page where you’d like it to appear. Then you can make your own adjustments by rotating, enlarging, or scaling it down.

You can also really make your photos stand out by using the right border. You can alter between colourful collages and full-page photos of especially good pictures to make your photo book a bit more diversified and creative. When designing the individual pages of your photo book, you should make sure that you don’t put too many photos or design elements on them and cause them to appear cluttered. 


When using the ifolor Designer, you can change the view to view all of your photo book’s pages at once. It will help you keeping a clear view of things and get a better general idea of what your photo book will look like. It’s also possible to change the layout of each individual page at any time.

family yearbook pages

Add Humorous Anecdotes and Sayings

Rekindle your most cherished family memories and everyday moments with humorous anecdotes. Small poems and funny sayings placed next to your photos will really bring your family yearbook to life. Start out by choosing a fitting design template with a text field or add a text field where you’d like it to appear on the page. There are various fonts available for you to use to give your quotes a more personal touch. You can also add colour gradients behind the text to make it a bit easier to read.

Something like off-hand comments made by the littlest family members will be sure to bring a smile to anyone’s face. 


You can add a speech bubble to place these quotes directly on the photos and keep these words alive for years to come. You can choose the type, form, and colour of your speech bubble and drag and drop it to the place you’d like it on the page.

Start creating your own Family-Yearbook!

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