A photo book as a family yearbook.

Family Photo Book

Your Best Memories with Your Loved Ones in a Photo Book

Family life is full of unforgettable moments and exciting experiences that people always enjoy looking back on. Put your best snapshots together from the whole year and make a one-of-a-kind family photo book that is full of fond memories, which you can their share with your family. By following our design tips, your photo yearbook will be sure to become a cherished keepsake for your family for years to come.

Design your own individual family yearbook with ifolor Designer

The ifolor Designer is a free design software that allows you to easily create your own individual photo book. It offers a wide range of design templates and different themes so that you can choose a suitable design template for each season, which you can also customise. Instead of using the templates, you can also use your own photos as backgrounds. Simply drag and drop the selected image to the top or to one of the edges of page on the book.

You can also clearly display every page in the book whilst using the ifolor Designer, which will help to give you a helpful overview. You can also adjust the layout of the individual pages at any time.


As an alternative to ifolor Designer, you can also design your own individual photo book in no time at all using the ifolor app on your smartphone or tablet. You can use the online editor, which easily allows you to create your own individual family yearbook on the ifolor website.

Organising Your Photos to Match the Seasons of the Year

You can organise your photos for your family yearbook by the four seasons of the year. Arrange photos of your most cherished memories in the order of the seasons they were taken. Start off each season in the yearbook with a typical seasonal photo such as sledging during the Christmas holidays, a beach holiday during in the summer or the first-time collecting conkers in autumn. Each season is full of great family memories that you can look back on together as a family. Combine breathtaking landscape photos with humorous snapshots of the children and other members of the family to really bring your individual yearbook to life.

Design a family photo book.

Bring Your Yearbook to Life

Taking photos helps to tell a story. If you are taking photos at a birthday party then before all the guests arrive, you can start some ‘behind the scenes’ shots, for example, making the cake or photos of the children who are helping to decorate. Putting these photos together will help to tell story. It is also a good idea to take some photos after the party to help finish telling your story.

You can also really make your photos stand out by using the right border. You can switch between colourful collages and full-page photos, which will make your photos look creative and unique. When designing the individual pages of your photo book make sure that you don’t put too many photos or design elements on them as this can make them look quite busy.

ifolor Soundwave

Adding Music to Your Photo Book: Spotify Soundwave

As an alternative to a QR code, you can use songs or playlists which will remind you of all the good times you’ve had with your family over the past year. This can be added to your photo book by using Spotify Soundwave:

The context menu (the three dots next to a song or playlist) shows you the corresponding soundwave, which is a code for a specific song or playlist. You can have the code printed as a screenshot in your photo book and then you scan it later on the Spotify app on your smartphone to listen to the song or playlist whilst you are looking at your photos.

You can scan these types of soundwaves on Spotify by opening the search option, which has a magnifying glass symbol. Next by tapping on the line you can enter a search term and then tap on your camera symbol which is located on the top right-hand side. Now the Soundwave scanner will open via the camera on your smartphone: simply hold your camera over the printed Soundwave in the photo book and the song will then open in the app.

You can access the ifolor playlists via this soundwave

A photo book with 2 full-page pictures with a modern frame.

Putting Your Best Memories from Everyday Life in Your Individual Yearbook

In addition to special occasions such as celebrations, days out or family holidays quite often moments in everyday family life are the things your children will look back on with a smile. Keep track of all the good memories from the past year in your own individual family yearbook. Make sure to add photos of reading a bedtime story before going to bed, first time visiting the playpark around the corner, painting Easter eggs or baking Christmas biscuits together in the run-up to Christmas. These activities in everyday family life create fond memories, which your children can look back on when they are older. They can reminisce together time and time again whilst looking through their Family Yearbook.

Add Humorous Anecdotes and Sayings

To add further details to your photo book, you could also add some text along with images. You can add a comment for example on when and where the photos were taken or you can even add a funny story to it.

Reminisce about your most cherished family memories and everyday moments with humorous anecdotes. Small poems and funny sayings placed next to your photos will really bring your family yearbook to life. Start by selecting a design template with a textbox or add a textbox where you’d like it to appear on the page. There are various fonts available for you to use to give your quotes a more personal touch. You can also add colour gradients behind the text to make it a bit easier to read. Children can also add a personal message to the photobook with a handwritten message, which will bring a smile to anyone’s face.


You can add a speech bubble to place these quotes directly on the photos and keep these words alive for years to come. You can choose the shape, size, and colour of your speech bubble and drag and drop it to the place you’d like it on the page.

Travel yearbook

Create a breathtaking travel yearbook with the best photos from your unforgettable travel experiences and fond memories.

Birthday yearbook

Look back on the most cherished memories from your child’s early years and youth in an individually designed photo book for their 18th birthday.

Party yearbook

Preserve your biggest party highlights of the previous year in an exciting photo yearbook. Find out more by taking a look at our creative tips to create a unique design.



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