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A photo book to look at – and listen to!

Music is not the most beautiful thing in the world for nothing, especially during the holidays! Wild festivals, romantic weddings, distant lands – would be nothing without the sounds that only reinforce our memories of these great moments. And just as we collect photos of unique moments, we actually collect different songs in the same way, which suddenly take us back to revisit our most beautiful moments. So, why not combine both in a photo book? We'’ll show you how today!

music book

Music, the most beautiful thing in the world 

Music is a language that everyone understands. Music connects people and strengthens the sense of community. Depending on the type of music, different hormones are also released, which results in different reactions. So we feel energised and full of adrenaline after a concert, or we become quite calm from soft sounds, such as at a wedding.  

That’s why we should also make our holidays a musical journey! It is not uncommon for us to fire ourselves up for a festival with the right music or to create a playlist after a holiday in Greece with the songs that take us back to its idyllic beaches. And that’s precisely what we now want to immortalise in a great photo book. Whether for a festival, wedding, or trip to Italy – your most beautiful photos will come to life even more effectively with the right sounds in the background.

Step 1 

Find the right music 

Create a playlist with the songs that will accentuate the moments that you want to immortalise in your photo book. It could consist of songs that you have heard here and there, or even songs that you associate with a very special experience. You are free to choose what you want! However, it is said that the perfect playlist should include around 3 to 4 hours of music.  


Step 2 

Create a QR Code 

Creating your own QR code is very easy. Meanwhile, there are many pages and apps that offer this function for free. Insert the playlist link, generate the code and download. It’s so easy!


If this is less important to you or you don’t have the time to create a playlist, we have a little help for you! Under this QR code, we have already put together some cool playlists for you, which cover all your holiday moments. Whether festival songs, fiery Spanish sounds or relaxing road trip music – listen in, enjoy and include them as suitable entertainment with your photo book!

Step 3 

Create the photo book 

Now comes the most beautiful part: Looking at souvenir photos and sorting through them! As suitable entertainment, we recommend listening to your playlist. This is the best way to find out which photos fit the mood and which not so much – and as a bonus, you’ll immediately feel transported back! 

Then you can easily create your photo book using the ifolor Designer. And don’t forget to integrate the QR code! One or even multiple codes if you’re covering multiple destinations in your photo book, or if you’re using one of our cool playlists.

Music Book

Step 4 

Listen in, flip through the pages and enjoy! 

Once the photo book has arrived, it’s time to listen in, flip through the pages and enjoy! This will certainly appeal to your friends, family and guests if you want to show them your best experiences at home – and with suitable sounds included!

5 reasons why music is good for us 

1. We learn more effectively with music since it generally allows to better focus on tasks. 

2. Singing is like yoga. Just 15 minutes of singing a day gets our cardiovascular system going. 

3. Music can relieve physical pain and also depression. 

4. Making music keeps the brain fit in old age! 

5. Music makes you happy because when you listen to it, dopamine is released.

Or you can snuggle up in a matching photo blanket with a matching photo pillow! With these cool travel memories, you can relive your journey with all your senses.

Still unsure which photo book is the right one for you? Our tip: The Deluxe Photo Book is an all-rounder! The specially lacquered pages brighten up your images and bring out a unique contrast, and the hard cover provides the best protection so that you’ll be able to enjoy your memories for a long time to come.

Or you can print your photo book as a small booklet and order several of them. So, your festival or road trip buddies can also enjoy your funniest and most beautiful memories together with your most loved songs! Your friends are sure to be thrilled!

Of course, it doesn’t always have to be a whole photo book. A photo strip also makes for a great little gift. There is space for up to 4 photos on our photo strips! So, three pictures of your favourite moments and one with your very own QR code to provide the right sound. What’s more, the strips come in a practical set of 5 – so you can give one to each of your friends. Whether hung on the wall or used as a funny bookmark, your friends will not soon forget your memories and the matching songs!

I hope that today we were able to inspire you to capture your summer not only in pictures, but also in songs – because music connects!

Your photo book as a very personal look back at the year

It’s no longer a secret that a photo book with your favourite photos and memories will keep your year alive for a long time to come. The same goes for your most listened-to songs of the year. So, don’t you think it would be a cool idea to include your Spotify of the Year in your personal photo book year in review? Capturing the songs of your year in a photo book perfectly combines the worlds of photography and music, so you will be transported right back to your very best moments!

And here’s how it works:

In the context menu (the three dots next to your sound-of-the-year-playlist), the corresponding soundwave is displayed, which can be used as a code for the playlist. You can easily have the code printed as a screenshot in your photo book and later scan it using the Spotify app on your smartphone to listen to your best songs from the past year. This way, not only will the most beautiful photos, the funniest moments and the greatest experiences be preserved in your year in review, but also the songs that have accompanied you throughout the year!

Samira Hammami

Samira Hammami

Samira is actually an art history student, but she has always had a passion for writing. It all started with small blog articles about her biggest hobby: traveling.
Now she writes about all sorts of creative aspects of life, and for some time she has also been supporting ifolor with her articles. Because she is most drawn towards reporting she is especially happy to be starting a master degree course in Cultural Journalism in September.

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