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A travel yearbook as a photo book

The Travel Yearbook

Your Most Impressive Travel Experiences of the Year

Vacation time is the highlight of the year for many people. Whether they’re longer journeys, relaxing trips, or weekend getaways - everything experienced during these holidays should be preserved. We’ll show you how you can create a breath-taking travel yearbook to look back fondly on your travels from the previous year and how you can preserve your most cherished travel memories for years to come.

A world map printed on a photo book page of a travel yearbook

Maps with Your Travel Route

When traveling around to multiple destinations or when going on longer journeys, you can showcase the route taken in your photo yearbook in the form of a map. In your travel yearbook, you could use a map to introduce every new travel destination or draw in the travel route yourself to give the viewer an overview of your journey. You can find maps either online or alternatively you could scan in one of your own maps or photograph the map with your smartphone.


If designing your photo book using the ifolor Designer, you can add messages to your map by adding a text field and placing it on or next to the picture. You could also use arrows available in the clip art section of the designer to mark the most important stops of your journey on the map. You can find text fields and other design elements in the ifolor Designer.

A screenshot of a social media post in a photo yearbook

A screenshot of a social media post in a photo yearbook

People love to post highlights from their travels on Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, and other sites. You can change things up a bit with your own travel yearbook by adding screenshots of your own social media posts and placing them next to your best vacation photos. The posts themselves as well as your friends’ reactions to them are perfect for giving impressions of how your journey is going and will really compliment the photos featured in your photo book.

Simply add one or a couple of posts in a suitable place in your photo yearbook and accentuate them, for instance, with a nice border. Under the tab “design” and the under category “decorations” in the ifolor Designer, there are various borders and passe-partouts for you to choose from.

A baby wrapped up in a blanket

Events at Home

Especially when going on a longer journey, you might have missed an important event or two at home. You could also add photos in your travel yearbook from important events that happened at home while you were away in order to create a multifaceted and complete picture of what happened in the previous year. This way you can document a family member’s birthday, a wedding you missed while away, or a new addition to the family of one of your friends and you’ll always know where you were in the course of your travels when these important events took place.

Add some extra info to the important events of your loved ones you missed while away and add, for instance, the date, how you got the news about the big event, or even an anecdote about something you experienced during your travels at the time. Simply add text fields or speech bubbles to the place you’d like them to appear on a page in your photo book. Add photos from events and occasions of family and friends at home and add suitable backgrounds or perhaps add several design elements to them. In the ifolor Designer you can find numerous templates and clip art that are sorted into categories such as wedding or baby.

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