• Capture your travel highlights and put them into a travel yearbook.

    Travel yearbook

    All your best travel highlights in one photo book

    For most people going on holiday is one of the most exciting times of the year. Whether it's for a long holiday, a relaxing couple of weeks or a long weekend somewhere – taking photos of your holiday highlights and the good times should be kept somewhere safe. This way, you will have some unforgettable memories to look back on. We will show you how to create a breathtaking travel yearbook. You will be able to look back on the past year and reminisce about any fantastic holidays you’ve had.

    Plan and map out your itinerary or places you want to visit on a map inside a photo book.

    Itinerary maps

    An itinerary can be helpful for round trips with different stops or for long stopovers as it can be illustrated using maps in a photo yearbook. In your travel yearbook, the map can serve as an introduction to each new place or give an overview of your tour with the marked places on the map. You can buy maps on the internet or scan or take a picture of the map on your smartphone.


    When using the ifolor Designer, you can label the map by inserting text boxes and placing them next to or on the image. You can use the arrows from Clip Art to mark important places on the map. You will find text placeholders and other design elements under "Design".

    Relive your best holiday memories by including any scanned tickets or screenshots in the design.

    Relive the good times

    Funny moments, funny coincidences or something special that meant a lot to you – certain experiences on your travels will seem unforgettable. Capture the funny, good and sentimental highlights of your travels not only in pictures, but also in text form. With the help of freely placeable text boxes, you can integrate small and large texts into your travel yearbook. For example, design one page of the book with some photos from one part of your travels and write down the details of the experience on the other page. This way, you can keep the memory particularly vivid and reminisce about it time and time again. If you prefer to take handwritten notes or you have a diary, you can simply photograph or scan your written text and insert it as an image

    How to organise your photos from your travels

    Whether it is just a holiday or if you spent a whole year travelling there will be a lot of photos to look through. Find out more about how you can organise and sort through the mountains of photos you have taken whilst being away. By following our simple tips on organising your travel photos you will be able to use the best photos for your photo book.

    Your holiday highlights in a mini photo book

    In just a few simple clicks you can put your best holiday highlights and travel experiences together in the ifolor booklet. You can design the mini photo book directly on the go in the ifolor app, via the ifolor Designer or on the website.


    There is a certain genre of music or a certain song, which will remind you of a past holiday. Whilst creating your travel yearbook, reminisce by listening to music, which will give you those holiday vibes! Discover your nostalgic playlist on our ifolor channel on Spotify.

    Photo mishaps

    Most people take a lot of photos whilst on holiday or on their travels, however the best photos will be the ones that end being put into a travel yearbook. Not every photo will be perfect, but its these types of photos that will make your travel yearbook perfect! Brighten up your photo book by adding a separate chapter for your outtakes in between or at the end of the book. Funny random photos of things that are going on in the background, photobombs by animals, mishaps - situations in which you happened to take a photo at exactly the right time. After returning home it is always these types of photos that will make you laugh time and time again. They will also give your travel yearbook a particularly personal touch.

    Keep your best holiday photos in a travel yearbook.

    Divide your travel photo book into categories

    You can divide your photo book into categories, instead of putting your photos in the photo book in chronological order such as from the start to the end of your holiday or from the first holiday to the last holiday of the year. Before putting your photo book together think about how you would like to organise your photos. For example, what about the most beautiful beaches, the most impressive viewpoints, the most bizarre means of transport or the most interesting encounters with people or animals? Use the provided text boxes to briefly add a small comment about the photo or to reminisce about the funny memories when it was taken.

    Photo book premium photo paper

    Keep your favourite holiday memories in a high-quality photo book with real premium photo paper. Thanks to the flat pages, you can view large photos on both pages without having to fold them over.

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    Photo towel with your favourite holiday photo

    Another way to reminisce about a fantastic holiday is to put your favourite photo from a particular holiday onto a towel. This way, you'll always be able to carry this special memory with you whether you are on holiday or you are going swimming.

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    Screenshots of social media posts

    Nowadays people like to share their best holiday memories on Facebook, Twitter, Instagram etc. Screenshots of your social media posts in combination with great travel photos are a great addition to any travel yearbook. Add your holiday photo posts to your own individual photo book, which friends have liked and commented on. This is a nice way to look back on past holidays with fond memories.

    Add a couple of posts to a certain part of your photo yearbook and finish it of by adding a pretty frame. You can choose from a variety of frames and mounts in ifolor Designer by clicking on the "Design" tab or using "Patterns" on the toolbar.

    Award winning: ifolor high-quality photo products

    Your most cherished memories deserve only the best. This is why we are very proud that our photo products have already won several awards. Satisfied customers are our number one priority, which is why we always test our products and get them evaluated. Find out more about our awards and our great customer satisfaction guarantee.



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