Easily design a gift booklet from ifolor with our iPhone app

Give the Gift of Joy with the ifolor Gift Booklet App

Easily Design a Gift Booklet in Mini Format on Your iPhone

With this free app you can design and order your very own brilliant gift booklet directly from your smartphone in just a few minutes.

This app enables you to create a square photo book (13 x 13 cm) with flat-lying pages (leporello binding). Your photos are printed on real photo paper and look especially elegant thanks to the matte printing. The booklet comes delivered in a practical pocket format along with a high-quality gift box.

To create your own gift booklet, you’ll need 20-100 photos and just a few minutes time.

You can download the app for free in the App Store. You can also find further information on the app here.

How the App Works

After opening the app, tap on the red “+” to create a new photo book. The app will automatically access your photos. You can either choose photos from your Photo Stream or from a specific photo album. Alternatively, you can also connect the app to your Dropbox or Facebook account and conveniently use photos from there.

Tip: Create a new album If you’re designing your photo book with photos spread out over a longer period of time, it can be a good idea to first put these photos in a new album. This will give you a better overview of your photos and help you avoid leaving out precious memories.

After choosing your image source, all the available photos in that folder will be displayed and you can select which pictures you’d like to use by tapping on them. Photos already selected are labelled with a checkmark and shaded grey to help you keep an overview while designing your photo book.

View of the picture selection screen in the ifolor Gift Booklet app

Note: the order in which you select your photos has no influence on the sequence of the photos in the booklet - the app automatically sorts the photos according to the date they were taken. The sequence can be changed later if desired.

Designing Possibilities of the Booklet

Once you’ve selected which photos you’d like to use, the app will create a page overview of the gift booklet that you can either further edit or immediately order.

Editing Photos

Your selected photos will automatically be placed in the middle portion of the format in which they were taken. You can tap on a photo once and select “Edit” to further enhance, rotate, or crop your photos. You can also rescale the image by adjusting it with two fingers. You can also set a different filter for each individual photo. Besides displaying the original version of the picture, you can add a black-and-white, sepia, or other filter to the photo.

You can also use the Gift Booklet app from ifolor to edit your photos

Tip: Square photos Uniform square photos appear particularly chic in the small booklet. Since you’re unable to change the image format directly in the app, it’s easiest to just edit the photo directly from its source. Just tap on the photo in your photo gallery, select “edit,” and crop the photo to your desired (square) format.


From the page overview you can see a larger view of the front cover of the booklet by double tapping on it. Then, just tap on the text field under the cover image to name your booklet. The name you type in will also automatically appear on the book’s spine. While in the text editing mode, you can tap on “Styles” to change the font size, font style, alignment, colour, as well as make the text bold or italic.

Style settings for text in the booklet


A thick white frame is the default setting for the photos. If you’d like to change the frames for the entire photo book, tap on the three dots in the upper right portion of the menu and tap on “Frames.” Then just choose which frame you’d like to use and this will automatically change the frame for every picture in the photo book.

It’s also possible to change the frame for each individual photo. To do this, tap on a single photo and then on “Frames.” You can select from over 20 different frames: from simple and plain to shapes and effects.

frames ifolor Booklet App


A blurred version of the same image is automatically set as the background for each photo. Of course, it’s also possible to change the background the for entire photo booklet. To do this, just tap on the three dots in the upper right portion of the menu and select “Backgrounds.” Then you can choose your favourite colour, tap on “Apply,” and this will automatically be used as the background for all of your photos.

Background selection in the ifolor Gift Booklet app

Photo Sequence

In the page overview you can easily change the order of the pages by dragging them to your desired location. If you’d like to swap around individual photos, tap on the image you’d like to move and select “Replace.” This will lead you to the overview of photos and you can choose a different image to take its place. Be careful, though, not to duplicate any photos already in the booklet. If you’d like to swap two photos on a page, tap and hold the photo and move it to the opposite placeholder. The app will then automatically switch the order of the two photos.

You can change your country of delivery in the app settings

Image Information

The app automatically displays the date the picture was taken and (if available) where it was taken under each photo. This is especially useful when creating a booklet full of vacation photos. If, however, you’d like to turn off this function, go to the app overview screen and tap on “Menu” in the upper left corner. You can deactivate this function by tapping on “Settings.” You can also change your country of delivery here. The default country set is the same one you have set for your App Store account.

A gift booklet full of cat photos

In the navigation menu you can also find further information about the app, product prices, as well as FAQs.

Have fun with designing and giving away your gift booklet!

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