A party yearbook in the form of a photo book

The Party Yearbook

A Photo Book for Your Most Exciting Party Highlights

There are many causes for celebration with both friends and family alike. Preserve your most unforgettable highlights from the previous year in a fresh photo yearbook. This way you’ll always be able to relive the party atmosphere from birthdays, exciting festivals, or spontaneous summer parties. With our creative tips, your party yearbook will be sure to become a special photo book with sentimental value and also makes a cool gift idea for friends or your partner.

A festive group photo

Festive Group Photos

For any successful celebration, there of course need to be good-humoured guests to keep the party mood going. Definitely make sure to keep memories of these festive events in the form of a group photo. Something like a selfie stick for your smartphone or a camera with a wide-angle lens really comes in handy to be able to fit all of you in the photo. If at a house party, you can really spruce up your group picture by using a couple of humorous props like hats, moustaches, or paper signs with different things written on them. You can also lighten up the mood in the group picture and have a bit of fun with it by simply making funny faces while photographing.

If creating your party yearbook by using the free ifolor Designer, you can add humorous clip art or speech bubbles directly to your group photos. Use templates with text fields and you could also add the names of your party guests to the group picture. Under the tab “design” and the under menu “design elements” in the ifolor Designer, you can add text and image fields wherever you’d like in the template you’ve chosen.

A photo mosaic of a summer party

Capture the Atmosphere in a Photo Mosaic

Capture a special feeling or party atmosphere with a colourful mix of various motifs. An art mosaic made from humorous snapshots, portraits of the guests, photos of the party decorations, the bar, and the buffet are sure to sum up the atmosphere of the party. Similarly sized square photos in a symmetrical arrangement placed on a white or single-coloured background make the perfect design for creating a photo mosaic.

In the ifolor Designer you can choose an empty template on which you can place square image fields in a quantity and arrangement of your choice. You can also use the designer’s image editing options to crop, rotate, or change the image section of your photos.

Choose a suitable background colour from the “design” tab and the under menu “backgrounds” and simply apply your choice by dragging and dropping the background to the desired photo book page. If you’d like to use something other than a single-coloured background for your photo mosaic, you could alternatively use one of your own photos from the party or use one of our many other backgrounds available.

Confetti after the party

A Successful Party: Before and After

In order to make your yearbook perfect for featuring your party highlights, you can also pack your photo book full of pictures from making preparations for the party as well as the chaos after the fun’s over. Try to remember to take some photos while you’re setting things up for the party, of the lovely decorations, as well as the snacks and finger foods. Also be sure to take photos of your guests’ snazzy outfits. There’s also usually quite a bit of chaos and mess left behind after the party’s over. Snapshots of scattered confetti and other traces of the festive mood make great reminders of the party and should definitely be included in your party yearbook.

With the ifolor Designer you could, for instance, add the theme or guest list of your party to the pictures of the party preparations. Simply add text fields or use a suitable template, which you can find under the “design” tab. You can use your photos featuring the chaos after the party and add funny anecdotes or commentaries to keep the memories of these exciting celebrations alive for years to come.

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