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  • ifolor photo book as a party yearbook

    The Party Yearbook

    A Photo Book with Your Party Highlights of the Year

    Photo books are a popular way of recapping everything that happened over the course of the year. Put a special twist on your photo book and use it to gather together all of your party highlights of the year. There are sure to have been quite a few occasions to celebrate together with friends and family. Whether a decadal birthday, amusing festivals, or a spontaneous summer party – you’re sure to have ended up with a few nice photos of the festivities. With our creative tips, your party yearbook will be turned into a brilliant keepsake and something great to have along for your upcoming New Year’s Eve party with friends and family.

    Photo Arrangement: Telling the Whole Story

    Try to capture and share special moments and the overall party atmosphere with a colourful mix of various motifs. Arrange your photos into a kind of mosaic of humorous snapshots of the guests, pictures of the party decorations, the party location itself as well as the food and drink to really capture the festive atmosphere of the party. For house parties in particular, you should also add photos of the party prep as well as the resulting chaos after the festivities are over to tell the whole story.

    Photo book pages displaying a photo mosaic

    Similarly sized square photos in a symmetrical arrangement on a white or single-coloured background are best suited for an appealing photo mosaic. In the ifolor Designer you can select an empty template that you can use to add square image placeholders in a quantity and arrangement of your choosing. You can use the editing options to crop the photos down to size, rotate them, or to alter the image section.

    Guessing Game: Which Party Was That?

    You experience a lot of fantastic moments with friends and loved ones and it can sometimes be difficult to remember all of the details. You can use this to create a small party game: “Which party was that again?” For this idea, place a photo from a previous party on a photo book page and leave enough space to add the name of the party as well as the date. Your friends can then gather together and use a permanent marker or pen and see who remembers which party the picture is from. You could also, of course, add several pages of this style to your photo book.
    Photo book page with a photo of confetti after the party

    Humorous Book Design with Clipart and Confetti

    When designing your party yearbook with the free-to-use ifolor Designer, you can add humorous clipart to your group photos or place speech bubbles directly on your pictures. This will enable you to later put funny party hats on your guests or perhaps add balloons and streamers to the scene. You can also use text fields to add the names of your party guests to group photos.

    You can also physically add your own keepsakes to your party book. While designing your photo book, leave a little space next to the photos so you can later glue in some leftover confetti from the party. You could also later add things like festival bracelets, tickets, or menu cards to your book to round off the design. Should you prefer a more elegant and uniform look for your photo book, you could also scan these keepsakes and then directly add them in the form of photos to a suitable spot.
    Pictures from New Year's Eve

    Making New Memories

    In order to usher in the New Year and get ready for all the parties to come, you could also prepare the last page of your party yearbook for new snapshots that have yet to be taken. If designing your album for an upcoming New Year’s Eve party with friends, you can design the last page(s) according to the party theme and label them with a title and date ahead of time. Leave enough space for adding handwritten good wishes for the New Year or perhaps humorous New Year’s resolutions. For this idea, be sure to put a pen or marker next to your album on the night of the party. If designing your book as a gift for a friend or your partner, the last page is the perfect place to go ahead and add an invitation to your next party.

    Design your year in review now with colourful moments from the previous year and share memories of these wild and unforgettable moments with others.

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