Cool ideas for great party photos

Brilliant Ideas for Your Party Photos

Capture unforgettable parties on great pictures

Whether it’s a birthday, New Year’s party, a housewarming party, or just for the fun of it – there are many occasions worth celebrating with your closest friends and family. Just as brilliant as the celebration itself are the pictures taken at the party, which really capture all the fun. Here we’ll show you various ideas for your party photos that will be sure to make the atmosphere more festive and are easy to implement yourself. We’ll also show you how you can keep hold of these wonderful moments forever.

Photo Booth Fun

A real party classic! Use a few funny props to put everyone in a festive mood while doing their photo shoot. The so-called photo booth is a popular party trend that is sure to produce humorous results. This idea gets its name from the small, mobile photo studios which you can enter to take photos. For your own party, a section of a room or your home should offer you enough space to take photos. You can make sure your amused guests look their best in the limelight by having an empty wall or a large sheet available to use as a neutral background as well as provide good lighting, e.g. with a floor lamp. You can also craft your own silly props quickly and easily with just a few thin wooden sticks and some crafting cardboard. Moustaches, snazzy hats, and crazy spectacles – anything goes! Such original party photos will help keep the memory of your fantastic party alive for years to come.


Bring yourself and your guests a bit of joy after the celebration’s over and give them square prints of the 24 best pictures taken. These will be sure to keep your guests smiling long after the party’s finished and to keep these memories alive.

Square Prints from ifolor: your digital party photos as trendy prints in square format

A New Spin on Group Photos

The cheerful guests all line up next to each other and look at the camera with wide smiles on their faces while someone takes the photo – this is what a group photo looks like at most parties. You can put a new spin on this classic motif by doing some kind of flashmob. Spice up a normal group photo by having everyone make the same silly face, look in the same direction, or perform the same movement. You can also make taking a normal group photo a little less drab by taking a selfie. You can prominently feature the man/woman of the hour and have them take the smartphone or camera while everyone else gathers around to the left and right of them with a humorous look on their faces. Props, such as sunglasses or hats, also make great additions here.


Use your best photos to design a guestbook for the host. You can do this with ease by using our app. This original guestbook idea will be sure to make the party that much more fun and will surely put a smile on your guests’ faces when they look back on the party in remembrance.

An original guestbook idea with the ifolor app

Photo frames for your prints

A great gift for party guests or if you want your favourite photo to really stand out at home. At ifolor you can order your favourite party photos with a chic wooden frame.

from from per-item

Poster hanger

Turn your best snapshots into a photo poster or a large-format photo print, which will give your room a great look. Easy to hang up thanks to the magnetic poster strip.

from from per-item

Photo collage with a gallery wall frame

Conjure up an impressive collage out of your best 24 or 52 snapshots from your party. Your pictures will have a real art gallery look and they will look particularly chic thanks to the wooden frame.

A Change of Perspective for More Exciting Motifs

You can breathe new life into your pictures by just changing up the perspective. Stand together with your friends in a circle and look down at the ground into the camera lens while taking a photo. This will give you a brilliant group photo from a worm’s-eye view. You could also utilise the useful selfie stick with a smartphone to take photos from a distance. You can also use this gadget to capture your festive party from above.


After the party, thank your guests with a homemade thank you card. Create your card with your best photos from your birthday, wedding or theme and remind them of all the fun they had.

Cool ideas for party photos: a change of perspective
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Print the best 24 photos of your party in ifolor Square Print format. You can order the square prints with or without a white border. To create a stylish photo wall, select the white border and then you have some space to write the names of your guests at the bottom. Your Square Prints also come in a trendy box that you can write the theme and date of your party, so you can always keep your favourite party photos on hand.



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