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Cover photo of the guest booklet: an original idea for your wedding guestbook with the ifolor Booklet app.

The Original Wedding Guestbook

Created quickly and easily with the ifolor Booklet

No wedding is complete without a beautiful guestbook. When all is said and done, it’s a standing memento of one of the best days of a couple’s lives together. Apart from the classic guestbook there’s a more unusual alternative you can use to surprise the happy pair: the Guestbook-Booklet.

We can show you how to easily design such a Booklet with the help of our ifolor app, as well as demonstrate the various design options available to you.

The Guestbook-Booklet

One thing is for sure: this original guestbook idea will make for great fun for anyone at the wedding and a couple tears of joy afterwards for the bride and groom. Our idea gives guests an opportunity to do more than write “Best wishes!”—it actively involves them in the design process. This involvement comes in the form of photos, which are taken at the wedding and uploaded directly to our ifolor app.

Download the ifolor app

Easily designed: Before the wedding, download the ifolor app. At the wedding, have guests write a personal message for the newlyweds on paper speech bubbles. Afterwards, with your smartphone, take a picture of the guest(s) with the message and upload the picture to the app. The app will then create the photo book directly from your photo selection.

Did you know? Our Booklets are delivered in a high-quality gift box. It’s never been so easy to give the gift of joy.

Your very best of wishes—in speech bubbles

You Will Need These Materials

When you’re designing the guestbook in a pocket-size format of 13x13 cm, don’t just take a picture of the guests; be creative. Add the trappings of a photo booth, like sunglasses, hats, or moustaches and photograph the guests in them. This adds fun to the picture-taking process and when the booklet arrives in their post box, it will certainly bring a smile to the lips of the wedded pair.

  • ifolor app
  • Large paper speech bubbles or a whiteboard and dry-erase markers
  • A thick-tipped marker to ensure the messages are legible on camera
  • Funny photo booth accessories
  • A smartphone with a fully-charged battery 
Best wishes for marital bliss on signs

Design Options for Your Guestbook-Booklet

While the ifolor app can automatically and quickly design your photo book, it also offers a wide range of features for a more unique design. Enhance your photos with filters or edit the picture order and background colours.


Change the Order of the Photos

You’d like to arrange your photos chronologically or thematically? Easy: you can arrange the photos in any order you’d like in the app. Press and hold the page to slide it to the desired position. If you only want to place one photo differently, tap once on the photo and hit the “Replace” button.


Filters for Expressive Pictures

To lend your photos a certain something, our app offers a whole range of filters. This design option is great for your cover photo because the chic retro effect enhances the shot and places it in centre stage.

Various design options in the ifolor Booklet app
Various design options in the ifolor Booklet app

Add a Frame

In addition to filters, you can also add frames to your photos. Whether round, in heart form, or in a specific colour, you can be creative with your choice. Our tip: try to maintain a unified style and use no more than two different kinds of frames for your photos.


Record the Date and Time

This design feature is not only practical, but also an elegant way to remember the date of the wedding. In the options, you can choose to have the picture data, such as time and place, printed directly under the photo in the Booklet.

Change Backgrounds

The options for background design in the app allow you to add a personal note to your Guestbook-Booklet. For a simple and elegant design, select a white background. This allows your photos to shine alone. If you like a more modern style, you can choose a “Blur Effect” background. To choose a background, on the page overview simply click the top three points and select “Backgrounds.”

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