The perfect wedding invitation

The invitation card to a wedding is much more than “just” a card—it announces the happy news of a wedding, it is the bringer of important information and a meaningful memento. It’s therefore important to design wedding invitations thoughtfully and lovingly. 

We provide you with the most important information to create the perfect wedding invitations.

The content—what information does an invitation have to provide?

It might sound mundane but it’s most important to clarify the W questions. Even if the bridal couple are so preoccupied with the wedding planning that they could talk about all the details in their sleep, the guests have to be informed about the Who? What? When? and Where? Besides the information about the venue, date and time of the wedding and reception, the wedding invitation should also include much more:


The request to RSVP is very important. The wedding invitation should contain a very specific date by when the guests should reply at the latest. An email address should also be provided along with the phone number to make it easier for wedding guests to reply.

Information regarding the dress code

Any uncertainty about the expected dress code is very unpleasant for the guests. Even though it is common knowledge that you go to a wedding smartly dressed, there is a world of difference between a tuxedo, a suit and a blazer and shirt. Information about the dress code you want is of course particularly important if you are having a themed wedding. If the wedding is being planned with a specific theme, the guests should be informed in more detail about the possible interpretations of the theme with regard to clothes.

Information regarding wedding presents

In the days when a bridal couple only moved in together after the wedding, the choice of wedding presents was really easy. Household items, kitchen utensils and linen are still very popular wedding presents today. However, many bridal couples have already been living together for some time or combine two complete households after the wedding. They correspondingly have little need to furnish their home. To spare guests any uncertainty and unnecessary presents for yourself, it is sensible to have a small but clear note about the wedding presents you’d like on the invitation. Many couples, for example prefer money. Even though it may go against your own upbringing to directly ask for money, this can be beautifully packaged in your wedding invitation. For example, asking for a contribution for your planned honeymoon or a donation to finance the reception is legitimate and most guests are happy to do this. Anyone who doesn’t want to restrict themselves to money, would be well advised to name a person of trust in the wedding invitation, who can provide useful and personal tips on presents. This person, for example the best man or bride’s mother, coordinates the wedding presents. This avoids any duplicates and takes the pressure off the bridal couple.

The style—tips on wedding invitation designs and formats

A wedding invitation’s design is just as important as its content. Generally, it’s recommended that the invitation text should be kept simple. A clearly legible font in dark grey or black should be chosen. Any formatting should also be rather modest. On the whole, it’s advisable to not use more than three variations in the text section as otherwise the invitation quickly becomes cluttered and unclear. A wild mix of different font sizes, italics and bold text and different fonts should be avoided. The text section of the invitation should impress rather due to its content. To create an overall harmonious impression it’s important that the size of the wedding invitation goes proportionally well with the amount of text. Anyone who wants to provide their guests with lots of information in the invitation should choose a maxicard for the invitation.

However, there are no limits to your creativity on the front of the invitation. We show you some popular templates for your wedding invitation design using personal photos:

Die romantische Hochzeitseinladung

The romantic wedding invitation

Soft shades of light pink and pretty hearts and flower patterns make these two templates ideal wedding invitations. Black and white or sepia photos of the bridal couple look particularly beautiful here. If colour photos are to be used though, you should make sure that they match the shade of the invitation as otherwise the overall appearance can easily look too busy.

Die schlichte elegante Einladung

The simple, elegant invitation

These subtly designed invitations stand out due to their sheer elegance. We recommend writing the personal text in italics as this is a wonderful contrast to the linear design of these invitations. There are no limits when it comes to choosing the photos. Really elegant invitations can be created by selecting a black and white photo with a large proportion of light colours. However, colour photos also look brilliant on these templates as the vibrant colours really come into their own surrounded by the subtle elements.

Die unkonventionelle Hochzeitseinladung

The unconventional wedding invitation

These two templates are not typical wedding templates but offer a variety of possibilities to design a really personal and romantic wedding invitation. Thanks to the two photo strips, the couple can present wonderful memories of their time together with photos and use the engagement rings as the last photo. As a result, important stages in the relationship are displayed, culminating in the wedding. Bright colour photos really come into their own with these templates kept in muted colours.

Der berühmte rote Faden…

The famous common thread…

Besides the wedding invitations, there are other printed materials that are also part and parcel of a successful wedding, like menus, table cards and programmes. It’s important to design these different printed products in the same style to create a beautiful overall impression. And that is exactly why there are several templates available from ifolor in many different formats and sizes. As a result, you can find the right personalised photo card in the template you want for any table card and menu.

When should you send a wedding invitation?

A wedding is often called the best day of your life—it therefore goes without saying that you want to have all the people you love with you on this important day. It’s therefore important to invite guests as early as possible so that they can keep the date free. The general rule of thumb is that you should send a wedding invitation two to three months before the wedding. As the summer months that are particularly popular for weddings are quickly booked up though, many couples decide to send “save the date” cards before the official invitation. They merely inform guests about the date of the wedding and can therefore be sent even though not all the details for the wedding planning are clarified yet.

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