Design your own wedding invitation

The Perfect Wedding Invitation

Ideas for Individual Designs

A wedding invitation is more than just a simple card – it announces the exciting news of an upcoming wedding, delivers all necessary information and acts as a meaningful memento. Therefore, it’s important to design the invitation cards thoughtfully and with love.

Here we’ll provide you with some inspiration for the creation of the perfect wedding invitation.

Content – What Information Should a Wedding Invitation Include?

It might sound mundane, but it’s most important to clarify the four W’s; Inform your guests about the Who? What? When? and Where? In addition to the organisational information about the venue, date and time of the wedding and reception, the wedding invitation should also include the following:


The request to RSVP is very important. A wedding invitation should always contain a specific “reply-by” date, which marks the last possible opportunity for them to confirm their attendance. Provide your email address along with your phone number to make it easier for the wedding guests to reply.

Information on the Dress Code

Uncertainty regarding the expected dress code can be rather unpleasant for the guests. Even though it is common knowledge that you dress up formally for a wedding, there is a world of difference between a tuxedo, suit or blazer, and shirt. Information regarding the requested dress code is especially important if you are planning a theme wedding. In that case, the wedding invitation should provide more details about the theme’s possible interpretations regarding clothing.

Style – Tips for Wedding Invitation Designs and Formats

You can enjoy lots of creative freedom when designing your own wedding invitations – depending on individual taste and the style of your wedding, your options range from simple to opulent.

In general, it’s recommended to keep the text on the invitation plain and simple. Choose a clear and legible font in dark grey or black. Any kind of formatting should be used sparingly. You shouldn’t use more than three variations (font sizes, italics/bold, or different font styles) within the text. Otherwise, the invitation will very quickly appear cluttered and confusing.

The size of the wedding invitation should be in proportion to the amount of text. If you want to provide your guests with lots of information, you should choose a Maxicard for the invitation.

However, when it comes to designing the front page of your invitation, there are no limits to your creativity. We’ll show you several popular templates for your wedding invitation design using personal photos.

1. The Classic with a Twist

A simple folded greeting card is seen as the classic among invitation cards. Different formats leave enough room for creative design. Choose a design and a layout that suits both you and your wedding, from playful to elegant. Quotes, printed symbols or a collage of photos allow further individualisation.


Use ifolor Designer to create your wedding invitations and discover all of the available design options! Download the software for free and save your invitation designs, so you can continue editing at any time.

Afterwards, you can embellish your wedding invitations with DIY-elements, for example, by using copper paint. You can use different methods to do this. With a fine brush you can add well-placed lines or dots, which will enhance the appearance of your wedding invitations. Here you’ll find ideas for designs with paint or spray paint.

Folded greeting card with an elegant DIY copper design on the front

2. A Vintage Look

If you are looking for more playful design possibilities, you can pep up your greeting cards with decorative tape and lace ribbons. This will give the invitation a particularly romantic touch. In combination with additional interwoven tags with short texts such as “We’re getting married!” printed on them or delicate eucalyptus branches in between the ribbons, the cards will be that much more stylish.

Wedding invitation with a vintage look

3. A Postcard-Style Invitation

If folded greeting cards are too old-fashioned for you, you can use simple photo postcards as a template. The front page can either be designed with a collage of the couple’s most beautiful pictures or with a single picture. On the back you’ll find enough space for some personal words that can either be handwritten or printed.

Photo postcards can also be used as “Save-the-Date Cards”, which are sent before the actual invitations.

Wedding invitation as a postcard with a collage layout

Save-the-Date Cards

Save-the-Date Cards are stylish announcement cards for certain events, such as weddings. They are sent out much earlier than the actual invitation cards so that the guests are notified early on about the date of the upcoming event and have a chance to make time for the celebration. Here you’ll find more ideas on the topic.

4. An Unconventional Alternative

If you’d like your wedding invitation to be a bit more eccentric, you can create invitation cards out of Polaroid pictures for a modern wedding invitation with a retro style. An invitation should be made up of three pictures. A picture of the bridal couple-to-be is best suited for the main Polaroid. A second photo could show the engagement rings, for instance. Besides an actual picture, the third Polaroid should then include all the necessary information about the upcoming wedding and reception – either handwritten or created with an app such as Wordswag. With the help of such apps you can create pictures with neatly printed and individualised messages. For the final step, you can gather together all three photos with a small clip and send them out in an envelope.

Wedding invitations in the style of Polaroid pictures

5. Stickers as an Envelope Seal

You can add a final touch to your wedding invitation with the help of rectangular or round photo stickers, which can act as a stylish seal for the envelopes. For the design you can use a picture of the bridal pair, a short quote, the date of the wedding or a combination of all three.

Using photo stickers as a seal for your wedding invitation

6. Choosing a Central Theme

Aside from the wedding invitations, other printables such as menus, place cards and programmes are also part of a successful wedding celebration. In order to achieve a beautiful overall impression, you should design all these printables in the same style. For that reason, numerous templates by ifolor are available in many different formats and sizes. This way, you’ll be able to find the right customisable photo card in a template of your choosing for every place card and menu.

Printables for your wedding by ifolor

When Should You Send a Wedding Invitation?

A wedding is often called the best day in one’s life, so, obviously, you’ll want to be surrounded by your loved ones on this special day. Therefore, you should invite your guests as early as possible so that they can save the date. As a rule of thumb, you should send out wedding invitations at least two to three months before the wedding. Since the summer months, which are especially popular for weddings, are quickly booked up with other plans, many couples decide to send “save-the-date” cards before the official invitation. Those cards merely inform the guests about the date of the wedding and can therefore already be sent out even if not all the details for the wedding planning have been resolved yet.

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