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Create pretty save the date cards for your wedding

You've said yes, the date has been set. Which means there's going to be a big celebration soon! But besides organising the wedding ceremony, reception, wedding dress and much more, one thing must not be forgotten: the earlier your guests are informed the better.

It's high time at least 6 months before the wedding: friends and relatives should be told the good news. As what is more wonderful than announcing a wedding! Wedding announcements and invitations are of paramount importance in wedding planning. In today's digital world, we hardly receive any more pretty cards by post - making it all the nicer to fish an envelope with good news out of the letterbox instead of a bill for once. It there's a colourful envelope in the letterbox it's obvious: the contents must be something pretty special.

How can I create a save the date card?

Just the date of the wedding and perhaps the venue (which is particular important if you're getting married abroad and the guests have to plan a trip) has to be clarified in the save the date card for starters. The engaged couple still have a bit of time for all the other information, at the end of the day a great party also takes good planning.

There is no limit to your creativity. Photos of the engaged couple can be used for the cards or they can be combined with other suitable subjects. If you prefer to use your own design, you can upload this conveniently in JPG format.

Spoilt for choice…

It's not always easy to imagine what the cards will actually look like in the end when you only have them on the screen beforehand. With ifolor you can simply create a few cards and then order them as single cards - then you can decide which version you prefer in comfort at home.

That's exactly what it was like for Anne and Elias. They quickly established that lots of decisions have to be made when planning a wedding: which venue are we going to choose for our reception? In what style should our print design end up? When the wedding invitations also lead to lots of discussions, this is just unnecessary stress. Which is why they opted for simply ordering a few examples to start with and only choosing one version afterwards. You can see the selection of cards they both designed here.

The save the date cards went down very well with the younger guests in particular - they understood the concept straight away. Older relatives were a bit confused as a save the date card is still quite a new trend and they thought the detailed information was missing on the invitation.

Our tips for you:

  1. Send the save the date card as early as possible - digital versions can be created quickly and ordered in just a few clicks (LINK).
  2. Opt for a style and stick to it - whether it's for the wedding invitation or table cards afterwards etc. It looks pretty when everything is matching.
  3. Not much information is required on the save the date card. The date, venue and reason for the celebration is often enough for the guests to be able to save the date.
  4. Tell your guests when you expect a reply by - or provide the link to a wedding website where they can register.
  5. Think about what other printing will be required beforehand? How do you want to design the name cards or menu?
  6. When the time comes: enjoy the day to the full!

We have put together some modern ideas for save the date cards for you which you can create yourself with just a few clicks in the ifolor Designer.

Input for greeting card, folded, square:

this greeting card is printed on special slightly shimmery paper giving it an elegant look perfect for an occasion like your own wedding.

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