DIY: Personalised photo cards for every occasion.

Adding the Finishing Touches to Individually Designed Greetings Cards

Give your photo cards some great finishing touches with paint pens, handmade bands and more

Greetings cards for special occasions should stand out so that the recipient will keep the special date in mind. This is a good idea if you are going to be sending out wedding invitations, save-the-date cards for a party, thank-you cards or greetings cards for a special occasion. We'll show you four creative ideas that you can use to stylishly enhance your individually designed photo greetings cards to give them that certain je ne sais quoi for any occasion.

Add the finishing touches to your photo greetings cards with paint pens.

Idea 1: Making Your Card Stand Out with Paint Pens

Use shiny paint pens in gold, silver, bronze or any other colour to add some glamour to your photo greetings cards. You can repaint, accentuate or add a little message. This finishing technique is ideal for thank you cards, for example, to emphasise the word "thank you" or for greetings cards for occasions such as birthdays, Easter and Christmas.

If you have mastered the lettering techniques, you can leave some space whilst designing your individual photo greetings card to add a few words such as best wishes or you could even add your signature.


Instead of leaving some parts of the card blank for a handwritten message, you can also have them printed onto the card with your chosen font and then hand paint it on later. Make important parts of your personal message stand out by choosing a font that resembles artistic handwriting.

Design Tip for Square Folded Greetings Cards

We recommend using the square folded cards from ifolor if you would like to create some particularly elegant greetings cards. These greetings cards have a special coating that gives the paper on the cards and envelopes a shiny mother-of-pearl effect. This makes your individual design stand out in a really classy way.

Decorate your individually designed invitations with a handmade band.

Idea 2: Adding a Handmade Band to Your Individually Designed Cards

Decorative items such as ribbon and natural materials are often popular for wedding invitations and other special occasions. Depending on the theme and style of the celebration, you can already incorporate the colour scheme of the decoration and this creative idea works well with all card layouts. For example, use lace ribbon and jute ribbon to create a band for your vintage-style wedding invitations and then finish off by adding some dried flowers or a small twig.

You can use this creative idea to create elegant, personalised or natural bands for your photo greetings cards. For a party with a sophisticated ambience you can also use wax seals to make your invitations look particularly classy. Start off by tying a matching coloured paper band around your card and then a piece of ribbon and fix the ribbon in the middle with a wax seal. Alternatively, you can use the wax seal to seal the envelope with the invitation inside.

Decorate your individually designed photo greetings cards with photo stickers.

Idea 3: Adding Photo Stickers to Your Photo Greetings Cards

You can design photo stickers to match your photo greetings cards and stick them onto your card to decorate it. You can use them on the front or inside of your cards or use them as seals for envelopes. You can choose between a set of 12 round or 16 rectangular stickers and you can also design each ifolor photo sticker individually or you can simply order a set of photo stickers with the same design. Personalise your photo greetings cards for each recipient or decorate your cards individually with photo stickers.

Individually Designed Card Pendants Using Photo Stickers

Get inspired by our creative idea and create your own individual card pendants using individually designed photo stickers.

Adding photo strips to your greetings cards.

Idea 4: Multipiece Greetings Cards with Photo Strips

Add some finishing touches to your save-the-date cards, invitations, announcements of engagement or pregnancy or even thank you cards by adding some photo strips! Multipiece greetings cards are great as they give you plenty of space to include pictures, information and your best wishes. The best layout for this is a classic ifolor greetings card in portrait format as it allows you enough space to add your photo strips. You can combine the two by punching holes in the top of the card and the photo strips and then put them together with a piece of matching ribbon. The photo strips can then be easily separated from the greetings card and used as a personal bookmark or they can be hung up on the fridge or noticeboard with a pin or a magnet.

Design Your Own Individual Greetings Cards

The ifolor Greetings Card are 20x10 cm and they have a portrait format, which is perfect for your multipiece cards. You can customise the front and have your text printed on the back of the card. They come in a practical set of 10 with matching envelopes and they will be delivered to your door within just a few working days.

Photo Strips for Your Multipiece Cards

You can print up to four photos on the ifolor Photo Strips and optionally add text. They are ideal for invitations, save-the-date cards etc. The photo strips come in a set of 5 and you can design them individually or choose a set design for all of them. There is space on the back of the card to add a personal message, a dedication or your best wishes.



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