• A variety of wedding invitations decorated with copper paint.

    DIY: Embellish Photo Cards for Every Occasion

    Design Individual Greeting Cards with Copper Paint, Seals, and Accessories

    When planning birthday parties and weddings, it’s easy to get lost in a mire of details, causing costs to go through the roof and losing that personal touch along the way. For this reason, the DIY trend has stuck around for years, its motto being, “Made with individuality and love.”

    Today we’ll give you a few ideas for pepping up plain photo cards with simple tricks you can do yourself.

    Satin Elegance with Copper Spray

    The simplest way to spruce up your ifolor photo card is with the help of gold, copper, or silver spray paint. This will give off a silky sheen. You can buy spray paint either online or in your local hardware store.

    Lay your cards on newspaper or cardboard, and spray from a distance of at least 25 cm. Remember to shake the can well before using and test your paint on cardboard or newspaper first.

    Wedding invitations with a metallic shimmer

    Spray paint goes on thinly and evenly, and can be used very easily with patterns or stencils. Here a piece of lace was laid on top of the card as a stencil before spraying, using the negative spaces to create a copper shimmer.

    People, script, and other parts of the card you don’t want painted on should be temporarily covered with a piece of paper before spraying.

    Middle step—Card painted with copper spray and lace design


    If you design the envelope with the same pattern as the cards, this will give a more professional impression.

    Wedding card and envelope with lace pattern

    Elegant Confetti with Copper Paint

    Online or in your local craft store, you can also find gold, silver, and copper paints in fluid form. Using this paint, a toothbrush, and an old trick from childhood, you can create a wild confetti effect on your cards.

    Make sure to wear disposable gloves for this project, and cover the table under your cards well. Dip the bristles of your toothbrush carefully in paint. Then, with the bristles facing the card, move your thumb down the bristles, spraying the card with paint from the brush.

    It would also be a good idea here to cover whatever parts of the card you don’t want to be painted.

    Wedding card with splatters of copper paint

    If this seems too bold for the look you want, you can try a more deliberate version by painting dots on your card using a fine-tipped paintbrush. This will look lovely, although it does demand more time, especially if you have a lot of cards to design.

    Wedding card with copper-painted dot pattern

    Trace Your Lettering with Copper Paint

    Everywhere you look these days, you see hand-lettering. These painstakingly-painted letters are art in and of themselves and render virtually anything more elegant. Using a fine brush and a metallic paint, you can beautify your card’s message.

    If you haven’t yet mastered the art of hand-lettering, just cheat a little. When ordering your cards, use a font that imitates handwriting, and later paint over the letters with paint.

    Wedding card with copper writing

    Create a Matching Envelope

    Imagine the anticipation you can create with a beautiful envelope. Design your envelopes exactly like their accompanying cards in order to bring your missive together in one unified, artistic concept.

    You can alternatively embrace tradition with a wax seal. Seals for any occasion can be found online and in craft stores. Some companies like SiegelGravur permit you to order a personalized seal.

    Close and address your letter conventionally. Melt your sealing wax on a spoon by holding it over a candle. Trickle the hot wax over the close of the envelope, wait ten seconds, and press your seal into the wax. Release the seal three to five seconds later. If you’re not sure how to do this well, watch here.


    Practice a couple times beforehand on a piece of paper in order to get a feeling for how much wax you will need and how the timing works.

    Envelope sealed with wax

    It is so easy to spice up your photo cards by hand. You can order high-quality photo cards with outstanding graphics from ifolor, and design them to look exactly as you wish with the ifolor Designer or the online graphic editor fotor.

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