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Unvergessliche Hochzeitsbilder

Unforgettable Wedding Photos

Ideas and Tips for Exceptional Wedding Photos

Her classic white dress creates a wonderful contrast to his perfectly-fitted, black suit. Their eyes meet and a slight smile plays on her lips while she admires her new husband...

The traditional full-length wedding photos, featuring the couple and a bridal bouquet, have hardly changed in the last few decades. However, more and more couples do not only want the traditional wedding pictures; they want something particularly special to ensure those precious memories last a lifetime. In order to help you create something a little different, we have put together 5 individual yet funny ideas for your wedding photos!

Hochzeitsfoto-Idee 1: Indirekte Aufnahmen

Indirect Shots

Instead of a typical frontal photograph, allow yourself to be more creative by using an object as a focal point. (Tip: mirrors are excellent in this scenario). An example of this would be to place the bride with her back to the camera, place a mirror in front of her and allow the reflection to create a very unique and beautiful wedding photograph. By using these interesting wedding photo techniques, the happy-couple can make an intimate and long-lasting impression. Imagine a photo where all the bridesmaids are positioned beside a mirror, facing the camera and the bride is placed at the other side. This way, the bridesmaids are all facing the bride that can only be seen from the reflection in the mirror. A technique like this gives an entirely new photographic perspective. Those without access to a mirror, who still want to take modern and unique photos, can now use the display on their smartphone or their digital camera as an indirect focal point.

Hochzeitsfoto-Idee 2 - Bridal-Selfie

Newlywed Selfie

In recent years, selfies have become an unstoppable trend. So why not add your own personal touch to your memories with a wedding selfie? Whether it’s just the happy couple or with the bridal party too– perhaps even the entire wedding crowd – these amusing, yet original wedding photographs will make you smile for many years to come. A quick tip for successful group wedding-shots: the camera lens should align with eyes of the people on the front row for a professional look.

Hochzeitsfoto-Idee 3 - Mehr-Generationen-Bilder

Multiple-Generation Photos

Weddings can often bring about feelings of nostalgia in the older generations and many people are very touched when they see old wedding images being integrated into new wedding photos. A photo of the ‘mother-of-the-bride’ or the ‘bride-grandmother’ with a photo of their own wedding in their hands makes a beautiful memory and allows those old photos to be brought back to life in an entirely new way. An alternative wedding tip: how about a picture of the newlyweds with photos from the parent’s wedding in their hands? This tribute to the marriage of the parents can also be used to integrate, for example, already deceased relatives into the wedding reception.

Hochzeitsfoto-Idee 4 - Zeichen setzen

Send A Message

Many couples choose to use signs or send a message in their wedding photos by shaping themselves into various poses. The classic way to do this is to organise the wedding party into the form of a heart and take pictures from above, while the bride and groom kiss in the middle. However, you could even add a new touch and send a message in a more literal sense, for example; the couple in the photo have shaped the word “Love” with their hands. Why not try some different words like “Me” to “We” - creativity knows no limits!

Hochzeitsfoto-Idee 5 - Unerwartete Hingucker

Unexpected Eye-Catcher

Naturally, group photos provide the opportunity to do something a little different and be creative! There are so many funny ideas and you definitely won’t regret adding a new twist to your less intimate pics with some unusual poses and fun accessories. This idea helps to create eye-catching wedding photos with a personal touch. Absolutely anything goes - from coloured socks to false mustaches or funny hats to hand-made signs.

These 5 unique photos ideas will have you regularly leafing through your wedding albums for years to come. When it comes to your wedding photography, there are no limits.

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