Design your own individual thank you cards for any occasion.

Simply Saying Thank You

Design Your Own Individual Thank You Cards

Everyone is happy about a heartfelt "thank you". Thank you cards are also a nice surprise especially when it has been lovingly designed. Send your family and friends a thank you card to say thank you for the wedding gifts, a great party or simply because they are always there for you. We'll show you how to create your own individual thank you cards for any occasion.

Below you will find some helpful tips on how to design your own individual thank you cards:

  • We recommend getting greetings cards if you would like to send several thank you cards, as they come in a set of 10.
  • Use templates and designs to match the occasion.
  • Personalise your thank you cards by adding a personal handwritten message.
  • Creatively decorate your individual thank you cards with ribbons or tags.
  • Include an individual photo with each card, for example, photos from a great party.
  • If you're going to give your thank you card in person, why not get a bouquet of flowers, some chocolates or sweets to go with your individually designed thank you card.
  • Make sure to send your thank you cards either few weeks after the event or as soon as you have received the photos from the photographer, which you can then use for the design.

Sending Thank You Cards After Your Wedding

Thank your wedding guests for the gifts, best wishes and for being a part of your special day. Thank your wedding guests with some individually designed thank you cards. You can also use photos from your bridal shoot or from your wedding day for the design. You can find some creative tips and ideas in our article about thank you cards for weddings.

Design Your Own Individual Wedding Thank You Cards

Get inspired by our tips and ideas for personal messages, colourful motifs and creative design.

Individually designed thank you cards for newborns.

Thank You Cards for Newborns

When a member of the family is expecting a baby family and friends usually help in advance with decorating, building furniture and other preparations. Once the baby has been born and the new parents have received lots of gifts and best wishes, you can send your family and friends an individually designed thank you card. You can use a photo of your baby or the baby’s first family photo for the design. In addition to the baby's name and date of birth, you can also include information such as size, weight and time of birth in the design or in your personal message.

Individually Design Your Own New Baby Card

We have put some creative ideas together on how you can personalise baby cards to share the joy with all your loved ones.

Thank You Cards for a Baptism, First Holy Communion or Confirmation

You can also choose from numerous design templates for thank you cards for a christening or a First Holy Communion. Upload a photo of your child at their christening or First Holy Communion and your relatives and godparents will receive a beautiful reminder of that special day. Depending on the template and card type, you can also create a small collage on the front of your thank you card or add more pictures on the inside of the card. You can choose a simpler design, if you would like to send a general thank you card. On the inside or on the back of the card you will find space to add your best wishes, a saying or a personal message.

Individually Design thank you cards for your everyday heroes.

Individually Designed Thank You Cards for Your Everyday Heroes

Would you like to thank someone who has been a big help such as a helpful neighbour, a helpful team of removals or even your partner or parents who have always been there for you when you needed them most. These people help and support us in our everyday lives and we could find ourselves stuck without them. Show your gratitude and appreciation for these special people in your life by designing an individual thank you card. For family and friends its good idea to add photos of family members or friends onto the front of your individually designed thank you card. It’s a good idea to design a thank you card with a simple design and a suitable quote or a personal message for neighbours or other helpful everyday heroes. If you are giving your thank you card in person, you can also add a small bouquet of flowers, homemade jam or a box of chocolates to express your gratitude.

Single Folded Greetings Card

We recommend getting the folded single greetings card if you would like to thank someone for their help or for always being there for you. Design it in portrait or landscape format and choose from a variety of templates. They include envelopes and they will be delivered to your home in just a few working days.

Individually designed thank you cards for your party guests.

Sending Thank You Cards After Your Birthday

There are diverse design templates available for birthdays that can be used not only for invitations, but also for thank you cards. From colourful designs to simple templates, there is something suitable for every birthday. Here you will also find great templates for thank you cards that you can send after your children's birthday party. On the front of the card you can add some pictures from the birthday party or a picture of the birthday boy or girl. In addition to saying thank you for the gifts and birthday wishes, your party guests will be delighted to receive their individual thank you card with photos from the birthday party on it.


If you're designing your individual thank you cards after a children’s birthday party the birthday boy or girl can write their name and sign each card individually. This will add the finishing touches to your individually designed thank you cards and it will also bring a smile to your party guests’ faces.

Sending thank you cards to family and friends to thank them for their love and support after losing someone special.

Thanking Loved Ones for Their Support Through a Difficult Time

Show your family and friends your appreciation with an individual thank you card for their love and support through a difficult time after losing someone special. Design your own individual thank you cards with a personal message expressing your gratitude and with a photo of the family member or friend who has passed away. We have put some ideas together for sympathy cards via the link below.

Individually Design Your Own Thank You Cards

There are various ways to design your individual thank you cards at ifolor. You can design them online via the website, on the ifolor app on your smartphone or tablet or download the free ifolor Designer for Windows and Mac.

You will first need to choose the type of card and a suitable design before getting creative. You can select templates and designs and the number of photos on the cover to match the occasion. This is a great way to find the perfect template for your individual thank you cards.


Make sure to choose the right type of card depending on the occasion and also depending on whether you would like to thank one or several people at once. There is a choice of individual greetings cards or a practical set of 10.

On the different design programs you can upload your pictures and add them to your chosen design template. You can also make small changes to your chosen pictures. In the textboxes you can add a personal message and choose your favourite font, colour and text size. To add a personal touch to your individually designed thank you card, you can add a handwritten message in addition to the printed text. You can preview your individual thank you card once you have finished designing it. Afterwards you can complete your order and your greetings cards will be delivered to your home in around 4 working days.

Adding The Finishing Touches to Your Individual Greetings Cards

Invitations and thank you cards can be spiced up with some finishing touches to give them the perfect look.

Sending Compliments and Saying Thank You

Surprise your loved ones with an individually designed thank you card and a lovely compliment.

Thanking Your Mum on Mother’s Day

Thank your mum with an individually designed Mother's Day card. You can design your Mother’s Day card with your favourite photos and you can also add a personal message.



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