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    Personalized Thank You Notes

    Everyone loves a “thank you” that comes from the heart — even more so when it comes in the form of a personalized note hidden between the bills in your letterbox. Send your friends and family members a thank you note for wedding gifts, that fabulous party, or simply because they’re always there for you. Today we’ll show you some great ways for doing so.

    For Every Occasion

    In order to ensure the simplest and most professional design for your notes, we offer suitable design templates for every occasion. Simply upload your photos online and personalize your template. Each photo can be trimmed, moved, or modified with filters, e.g. sepia. You can add and modify individual messages by colour and font by having the inside of the cards printed or filling them in later by hand.

    After Your Wedding

    Thank your guests after the wedding for celebrating with you and the wonderful gifts: we recommend the “Folded greeting cards, classic” design, which come in a practical set of 10, envelopes included.

    We offer eight distinct design templates for weddings. Choose your format first, then filter for the “Wedding” templates. In the Designer you can try out various templates and fonts. If you had a particularly large wedding, you can save yourself a little time by choosing a general text thanking all your guests. A personal “thanks” for a particular gift or a special inscription for an individual guest can be added later by hand.

    Personally-Designed Thank You Note with Wedding Photo

    After the Arrival of Baby

    When expecting a new member of the family, it’s friends and family who usually help to build the nest, so to speak, as well as in other preparations; gifts and best wishes are showered on the expectant parents. Thank your loved ones and helpers with a card. On this occasion we offer you more than 40 different templates in the “Birth” and “Baby” categories. Once you’ve chosen one, fill it up with first photos and the birthdate of your baby, as well as a personalized “thanks.”

    Self-Designed Thank You Note After Birth with a Family Photo

    Baptism, First Communion, or Confirmation

    You can also choose from countless templates for baptism or the first communion. We offer a template with a golden cross on the front and back side of the card, which would work particularly well for this occasion. Upload a particularly nice photo of the child, family, and godparents as a lovely remembrance of a special day for all.

    Self-Designed Thank You Note for a Baptism with a Family Photo

    If you want to keep your thank you notes more neutral, you can also choose a plainer design. To choose the below design, select “Single Panorama Greeting Card, Folded” and the design, “Plain with text.” Inside we offer a template with a place for additional photos.

    Self-Designed Thank You Note for First Communion

    After a Child’s Birthday

    Our 26 additional templates in the category “Children’s Birthday Party” are also great for thank you notes. Whether a pirate- or princess-themed party, there’s something for every age. A couple of days after the party, why not design with the birthday-boy or –girl a matching thank you card? Use a cute photo of your child at the party, or his or her favourite animal, football team, or stuffed animal. If your child can already write, he or she can write a message, or you can have one printed on the inside of the card.

    Self-Designed Thank You Note for a Children’s Birthday Part with a Photo of the Party

    A card is the best way to say “thank you,” so be sure to surprise your loved ones with an entirely unique “thanks” directly in their letterbox. With a photo greeting card, you’re presenting them with a lovely memory of the shared time, as well.

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