Send a Mother’s Day message with a creative photo card

Mother’s Day: design your own creative photo greetings cards

Great Templates for Personalised Mother's Day cards

Mother’s Day is fast approaching: This is the perfect time to show how much you care about your mum with a message of love and thoughts. You can make your message even more personal with a custom-designed photo Mother’s Day card from ifolor. You can capture your words and shared moments perfectly and simply by choosing one of the templates in our online editor. We’ll show you how to easily and quickly use these templates to bring a smile to your mum’s face.

Our Mother's Day Greeting Card Design Templates

Use our design templates to create a unique Mother's Day card in just a few clicks. Start by choosing the size and shape. Choose between the classic single greeting card, folded or unfolded, and the 40x10 cm panorama single greeting card. Our Maxicards are spacious in both portrait and landscape format. Your photos will display beautifully on these cards. Also, the photo cards offer enough space for all your kind words and wishes. Once you've decided on a format, the next step is to choose one of our stylish Mother's Day design templates. We offer floral patterns, a cool superhero design or collages, and even a template designed for you to declare your love for your mom.


Use the filter function in the online editor to view all Mother's Day design templates.

Once you have selected the format and design template, simply upload your favourite image to the online editor and place it in the template. Your unique Mother's Day greeting card is ready to order.

Floral greetings for your beloved mum

Spring-fresh - almost like a colorful bouquet - the floral card with flower tendrils for Mother’s Day. Use this template to decorate your colorful words with a few colorful flowers. Add a matching pho-to of you with your mum to make an eye-catching photo Mother’s Day card.

Make your own floral greeting card this Mother's Day


Use the single card design, folded with the dimensions 20x10 cm. For the best results, use the silk-matt front, back, and inside pages in the panoramic format.

Mother’s Day photo collage card

A modern feel with plenty of space for the most beautiful moments: Use this design template to create a unique and original Mother’s Day card. You can use the collage to tell a picture story or simply add a collection of your favorite images of you and your mum, there are no limits to what you can create when designing this type of Mother’s Day card.

Personalised collage Mother’s Day card.


When selecting images for a collage, make sure they match each other visually. You can do this with a uniform filter in an image editor. This makes the greeting card look more harmonious.

Mother’s Day celebrations: an expression of love to all mothers

Use this design template to send a heartwarming message to your mum. The cute heart in the middle of the card and plenty of space for your best photos makes this Mother’s Day card very special.

Say ‘I Love You’ with a Mother’s Day card


Give your Mother's Day greetings the perfect finishing touch and seal your envelope with our Photo Stickers. Our round stickers look especially nice with a small thank-you message or a beautiful picture of you and your mum.

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