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Baby Birth Notice as greeting card with photo collage

The birth of a baby changes our life

An event we want to share with the whole world

Finally the time is here. The moment that expectant Mums and Dads look forward to for a long 9 months and sometimes much longer. The long awaited and loved tiniest member of the family is born. An indescribable experience that everyone wants to share in. We want to share the most wonderful news there is with grandparents, siblings, the whole family, friends, acquaintances and work colleagues.

Give your baby a successful first appearance

What is certain is that such an important event deserves more than just a WhatsApp message. Saying that, we’re pretty certain to have lots of other things on our mind that have to be done straight after the birth or we simply can’t think about anything else at all and would much rather just gaze at our little treasure constantly. So why not have some thoughts on how you want to design the birth announcement before the birth. These include:

  • What message do you want on the front?
  • Are we going to take photos ourselves or book a baby photo shoot a few days after the birth?
  • How can I coordinate the text with the photo and instruct the photographer for the baby’s first photo shoot?
  • What props does the photographer need at the photo shoot?
  • Are siblings also going to play a role in the baby card by introducing their new baby brother or sister?
  • What information do I want to write in the birth announcement?
  • Which card format is the little darling going to fill to inform everyone about their arrival on Earth?
Baby Diego Welcome Card

Baby birth announcements created with lots of love

Simple photos taken using a mobile phone are enough to create great photo greeting cards and elicit a “Yeah” from everyone who opens their letter box. The many design templates make it really easy for us to put our darling in the limelight with suitable designs for either a boy or girl.

Anyone who likes things to be a bit more unusual, can stage the happy news a bit more elaborately. There are no limits to your creativity:

  • Show a calendar open at the month of birth with the birthday circled next to the baby
  • An alarm clock reveals the time of birth
  • And the tape measure next to the baby its size
  • A belt can also be used as a tape measure
  • Illustrate the baby’s name with wooden letters
Baby Welcome Card with Birth Information


Formats: You can find photo greeting cards in a whole range of formats from classic card format to maxicard and a stylish square card.

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