Baby Birth Notice as greeting card with photo collage

The birth of a baby changes our life

A piece of news we want to share with the whole world

Finally, the time has come. The moment that expectant mums and dads have been eagerly anticipating for 9 months, and sometimes much longer, has arrived.
The long-awaited, long-cherished, youngest member of the family comes into the world. It is a wonderful event that everyone wants to be a part of. We want to share this amazing news with everyone, preferablyin the form of a personalised photo greeting card.

A successful debut for your baby

One thing is for sure, such a momentous experience merits more than a WhatsApp message. Now, we’re pretty certain that, right after baby's birth, we’ll have lots of other things on our minds that need to be done, or we’ll be inclined to not do anything at all but gaze at our little miracle all the time.
So, it is worth thinking about the design of your birth announcement evenbefore baby's arrival.

We’ll show you what’s involved:

  • What message would I like to go on the front of the card?
  • Should we take the photos ourselves or book a baby photo shoot a few days after the birth?
  • How can I match the text to the photo?
  • What props does the photographer need for the photo shoot, or what do I need?
  • Should siblings be included in the baby announcement to introduce their new baby sister or brother?
  • What information would I like to include in the birth announcement?
  • What card format would be right to welcome our new little addition?
Baby Diego Welcome Card

Baby birth announcements, designed with love

If you choose not to use a photographer, simple mobile phone photos are perfectly suitable to create beautiful photo greeting cards and put a smile on all those finding them in their letterboxes.
There are also lots of design templates to make it easy to put your little darling in the spotlight.

Here are our best ideas for you:

  • A picture of a calendar open to the birth month with the date of birth circled next to the baby
  • An alarm clock showing the time of birth
  • There is a tape measure to show how big the baby was
  • A belt can also be used instead of a measuring tape
  • Display the baby’s name in wooden letters
  • Use the cute little baby feet as a motif or a stamp on the card
  • A before picture of the pregnant mum and an after picture with the baby
Baby Welcome Card with Birth Information

We have lots of different formats for photo greeting cards, from traditional card formats to supersized cards or stylish square cards. So, there are perfect options for every design, and enough space to be really creative and make your cards as individual and personalised as possible!


A little tip for those who find creating their own photo greeting cards after the birth a bit too stressful: we also have a wide range of pre-designed baby card layouts. Simply upload your photo, insert the baby’s name, and you’re done!
This saves extra stress and still produces a lovely result. Above all, many of them can be ordered in packs of 10 – for grandparents, work colleagues, neighbours and everyone else.
But remember to save a card for you! So, you can give it to your little darling on their 21st birthday, together with all the best photo memories of their life.

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