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Design individual wedding thank you cards

Design ideas and tips for your thank you cards

A wedding is an unforgettable day for a wedded couple. The wedding guests really make the day special. It’s worth taking your time after the wedding to thank your parents, best man, friends, relatives and everyone else that contributed to the unforgettable day. A great way to do this is with an individually designed wedding thank you card.

We'll show you what you should bear in mind when writing them, give you some tips on how to design them, and show you two great alternatives to the classic folded card.

Tips for writing personalised wedding thank you cards

Whether short and sweet or personalised, a thank you card is the simplest and nicest way to thank all your guests. It is common for thank you cards to be sent 1-3 months after the wedding day. This gives you plenty of time after the wedding to think about who to send a wedding card to. For example, are there any close relatives, guests, or helpers that did a great job who should receive a separate thank-you note? It's best to make a list so you know exactly who you want to thank and for what.

There are no fixed rules for what to write in the cards. It’s a great opportunity to remember some of the highlights of your wedding and express your feelings from the fantastic day. At the end of this article, we give you a few examples of text to help you write your thank-you note.

Tips for writing wedding thank you cards

Lovely design ideas for wedding thank you cards

There are no limits to your creativity when designing your thank you notes for weddings. You can decide what style of card suits you best, either a cool postcard or an elegant card with a pearlescent. Our practical sets of 10 with matching envelopes are ideal:


Sending a wedding thank you note is an ideal way to say thanks to people who didn’t come to your wedding. It’s a nice gesture to include your neighbours, friends from your clubs, or workmates. They would appreciate a thank you card for their messages and gifts.

As soon as you have decided on a card type, it's time to start designing. Our online editor has many design templates. You can design your thank you cards easily and quickly by using ifolor’s free Designer app. There are lots of design options and templates too.

Using a selection of your wedding photos gives is a great look for the thank you cards. These can be one or more photos of yourselves as a couple, a nice group photo, or perhaps some funny pictures. Share all the small and big moments with your loved.

Different card formats for wedding thank you cards


Give your thank you cards an extra special touch and create your own personal envelope seals using our photo stickers. Use a little photo of yourselves or just your initials, it will give a real professional and loving touch.

DIY idea: stickers for your thank you cards

Make your thank you cards for weddings even more individual with our DIY tip. To make the ‘thank you stickers’ you will need a matching ribbon, kraft paper and our photo stickers. First, cut out a 5cm circle from the kraft paper, then stick some Photo Stickers with the words “Thank You” printed on them and loosen the tag. Next, use the ribbon to tie it around the card and you will have a great looking thank you card.


Use our ifolor Designer to design the thank you stickers. There are lots of fonts and small clipart that will help you design your cards.

DIY: Decorate unusual wedding thank you cards with tags

Creative alternatives to the classic thank you card

A creative way to thank someone for their wedding is to design a small Booklet with your favourite photos from the wedding. It’s simple and fast using our ifolor Designer app. Simply download the app, place 20 or more photos in the booklet and it’s ready to give to your loved ones. It’s a great gift and it can equally be used as a desk calendar. Your loved closest friends and family will love this little gift and they will be able to relive the fantastic moments of your part all year round.

Creative alternatives to the classic wedding thank you cards

The perfect text for your thank you cards

Wedding thank you card test should always be as personal and individual as possible. A good way to start is with a quote from the ceremony and perhaps add a personal message at the bottom. But how do you show how grateful you are? Here are some ideas for the wording that you can use:

"Dear [insert name], our wedding was such a wonderful day, we wish we could relive it every day. You showered us with beautiful gifts and kind words that truly made our celebration special. That's why we would like to say THANK YOU!"

"From the bottom of our hearts, we would like to thank you for helping us make our dream wedding. We often think back to this unforgettable day with great joy!"

"You helped us make our wedding an unforgettable day. For your help and support, the surprises, the congratulations, and the loving gifts, we thank you from the bottom of our hearts."

"Dear [insert name], we laughed, we danced, we celebrated, and we cried together. We will remember that wonderful day for a life-time. For that, we would like to thank you from the bottom of our hearts!"


Handwrite some extra words on the free space. A signature will also add an extra personal touch to your thank you cards for wedding.

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