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When a new life comes into the world

When a new life comes into the world

Inspiration & gift ideas to do with babies and toddlers

Inspiration & gift ideas to do with babies and toddlers

When a new life comes into the world

The classics

Our most popular products for babies and toddlers

Alternatives to photo frames

The most beautiful baby photos

A beautiful gift idea and great alternative to photo frames: the photo display. Its special look makes your little ones shine on book shelves or desks.

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The best memories

Their first photo book

A photo album for a child is something really special. Collect everything from their birth, first steps, first outing to their 18th birthday. Your child is bound to love it.

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Their first hello

Birth & baby cards

You’re sure to want to share the happy arrival of your baby with everyone. Don’t just look for any old card for this but create a personalised photo greeting card that does the wonderful news justice.

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Capture memories forever

A photo book with the most beautiful baby photos as a great memento

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How children learn their ABC through play

Learning the alphabet can be so easy when well-known faces, animals and objects appear in a little book. You can learn the first letters in a playful way with your child using the photo book Spiral, which is foldable. Guaranteed to be fun!

Welcome to the world!

Send photo greeting cards with the most beautiful baby photos

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Greeting cards for baby showers, the birth and as a thank you

The birth of a baby is an event you want to preferably share with the whole world. You don’t need much at all to design a really great birth announcement. Create a successful first appearance for your baby and amaze your friends and family. We show you some lovely tips for your baby card.

A smile on the wall

Create wall decorations using your favourite baby photos

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Creative wall decorations for baby and children’s rooms

Wall decorations don’t always have to be decorated with just beautiful photos. Children in particular enjoy their favourite comic figures on walls. You can also design the baby’s room beautifully and personally with lovely designs on wall decorations. There are no limits to your creativity. We show you how to hang up your wall decorations correctly.

Babies and toddlers

DIY interior design ideas for children’s rooms

Every childhood is unique

Create photo gifts with the most beautiful baby photos

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Baby and children’s footprints and fingerprints

The baby’s little footprints and fingerprints are not just great in a photo book dedicated to your child. Sweet fingerprints also look really chic on a smartphone case, which is the perfect gift idea. A creative arts and crafts afternoon with your child is sure to produce some real masterpieces. 

A precious memory

Create a photo calendar with your favourite baby photos

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Design ideas for your original baby photo calendar

A child’s first year is something really special. Babies change extremely quickly in the first 12 months of their life in particular. So why not capture this great development phase in photos and surprise your friends and relatives with a suitable calendar? You can conjure up great pictures with a little baby shoot at home that you repeat every month.

This is how you keep track of your baby's development

In our guidebook pregnancy photography, we would like to inspire you to capture the unique and emotional moments of this wonderful experience in photos.

Babies, births and lots of love

Unique greeting cards for happy announcements and kind regards

All the inspirational ideas for babies, births and children

You can find a perfect gift idea for any occasion with our creative tips. Be inspired by our design and DIY ideas. You can make more out of your photo products together with your children.

Baby – Small Miracle and Bundle of Joy

What is a birth announcement?

In Switzerland and many other European countries, it’s common to send birth announcements to friends and family after the birth of a child. Such announcements are usually sent in the form of a postcard with pictures of the newborn along with the most important info like name, date and time of birth, as well as the baby’s size and weight. Customarily, the recipients then show their appreciation with small baby gifts for the new parents.

Many hospitals offer the use of selected photographers for birth announcements, who can photograph the newborn with its parents in an ambient atmosphere. Thus, shortly after the birth of your new addition to the family, you’ll already have professional photos of your baby, which you can use to design and create your birth announcements. Alternatively, baby photos you’ve taken yourself are also perfectly suitable. You’ll have all you need to get creative and individually design your own birth announcements in the form of a photo greeting card online.

What’s a baby shower?

In honour of the expectant mother, throwing a baby shower has also become popular in Europe. The tradition originates from the US and England. A baby shower is a small party where the happy expectant mother and her unborn child are the centre of attention. There are plenty of gifts given to both of them, humorous games are played, and all kinds of tasty treats are served. Often, the baby shower is organised by the expectant mother for her best friends or, alternatively, the friends of the mother-to-be surprise her with a shower. Sometimes the baby shower is celebrated with both parents-to-be along with friends and family.

The party decorations are often designed with the baby in mind: typically blue for a boy or pink for a girl. You can make the decorations especially individualised by using a few personal photos of the parents-to-be and grandparents or, for instance, the gradual enlargement of the mother’s tummy. Add an extra touch of charm to your baby shower decorations by designing a photo garland to feature your pictures.

What are some nice baby gifts?

As a small thank you for receiving a birth announcement or simply to congratulate the new parents, friends and family typically give the parents small baby gifts. Besides typical baby supplies like diapers and pacifiers, things like toys and baby clothes are also very popular gifts.

In Switzerland, there is also another tradition where friends and family plant a “birth tree” in the garden of the parents and then decorate the tree with baby gifts and affix a sign featuring the name of the newborn child. Most often, the tip of a felled fir tree is used and then removed after several months. If the parents don’t have their own garden, it’s common to use the garden of the grandparents or to utilise a balcony-friendly variant and plant the birth tree in a pot.