• For very special Mother's Day gifts For very special Mother's Day gifts

    For very special Mother's Day gifts For very special Mother's Day gifts

    In 2022, Mother's Day falls on 8 May. It's a special day for very special people. We would like to say thank you to our stars and everyday heroines for the big things and the little things in life. Thank you for the time, the effort, the self-sacrifice and the dedication: Thanks Mum!

    Whether you are looking for a quick, easy and attractive gift for your mum or can devote a little more time to creating or organising your Mother’s Day present – we have a fantastic selection of personalised gift ideas that are simple to create online.

    Mother's Day with ifolor

    Looking for inspiration for individual Mother's Day gifts? Then you've found the right place. We show you five suitable photo products for this year's Mother's Day.

    Mother’s Day inspiration

    The second Sunday in May should always be a very special day for your mum. And adding a personal touch makes the surprise that much more memorable. Take a look through our inspiration blog, which is packed with creative ideas for you.

    Photo book for Mother's Day

    A love story with a difference: A photo book for Mum

    A personalised photo book is always a great way of reminiscing about shared trips, events or milestones. Find your best family snapshots and give your mother a photo book full of memories. And the best thing: you can order a photo book for grandma at the same time.

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    Gifts for the best mums in the world

    Send the gift of love: Mother's Day gifts

    Mother's Day is a wonderful opportunity to give your mum a little something special. And with our gifts, your mum will not only enjoy unwrapping them, she'll carry on enjoying them for a long time afterwards. Photo gifts bring a smile to your face every day, even when life is stressful.

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    Mother’s Day cards

    Say thank you to your mum: With a personalised Mother’s Day card

    You can send your mum an extra special personal greeting with a personalised Mother's Day card. They are quick to make and convert into works of art.

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    Thank you Mum picture!

    Capture a special memory with your Mum

    Every proud mother is bound to have one or two framed photos of her children or unforgettable family events on her walls at home. Mother's Day is a great opportunity to update the walls of your mother's living room with stylish new photos.

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    Mother's Day Inspirations

    A personalised photo book for Mother's Day

    We'll show you how you and your mother can take a trip down memory lane with a personalised photo book. The perfect gift for Mother’s Day.

    The Best Mother’s Day gifts

    A little gift will make your Mum really happy and make Mother's Day unforgettable. The opportunity to say thank you to your mother and show her you love her. We have put together a few ideas for Mother's Day photo gifts.

    Design a personalised Mother’s Day greetings card

    It is creative, quick to make and your mum will love it! Our photo greeting cards allow you to send your own personal message. Let us show you how to design a wonderful card for your mum on Mother's Day in just a few short steps.

    Wall decoration as a lovely gift for Mother's Day

    Impress your beloved mum with memories of treasured family moments to decorate her walls. It will be a surprise she will love. Quick to create and with a very personal touch.

    Interesting facts about Mother’s Day

    When is Mother’s Day?

    In the German-speaking region and many other countries, Mother’s Day is celebrated on the second Sunday in May.

    In Switzerland, Mother’s Day therefore falls on 8 May, 2022.

    Where does Mother’s Day come from?

    Mother’s Day can be traced back to ancient Greece. The goddess Rhea was celebrated there on this day. Rhea was the mother of the god Zeus, which is why she was honoured. In today’s form Mother’s Day was shaped during the English and US-American women’s movement. Back then, so-called Mothers Day Meetings were held when mothers discussed current issues. The Methodist Anna Marie Jarvis, who held a memorial Mothers Day Meeting on 12 May, 1907, the Sunday after the second anniversary of her mother’s death, is considered to be the founder of today’s Mother’s Day. A prayer was devoted to all mothers the following year. She was also the one who tried to create an official Mother’s Day, which was already celebrated in 1909 in the USA. Mother’s Day was observed as a national public holiday for the first time in 1914.

    What is the meaning of Mother’s Day?

    Anna Marie Jarvis was mainly committed to peace and equality for women and ensured the poor hygiene conditions were improved, which were the main reason for high infant mortality. By introducing a public holiday, she intended to honour mothers so that their work and achievements are not forgotten. Today, Mother’s Day is mainly celebrated because we should say thank you to our Mums for everything they do for us every day.

    What can I give Mum for Mother’s Day and why is she a heroine?

    Mothers are particularly thrilled with a “Thank you”. It goes without saying that her love for us is unconditional but all the same she works hard to make us happy every day. Many of our most wonderful childhood memories are thanks to our mother. She is the one who takes care of us, cooks for us and shows us how the world works. She is also the one who gave us life in the first place. We should honour her on this special day and thank her for everything she has done for us. At the end of the day, we would not be here without our mother.

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