Lovingly designed Mother’s Day gifts.

Photo Gifts for Mother's Day

Great Photos Full of Fond Memories

The second Sunday in May is always a very special day for your mum. Spending time with your mum or going on a family day out can make Mother's Day an unforgettable day. This day is all about saying thank you and spending time with your family. Here are five fantastic ideas on how you can surprise your mum with or without classic gifts such as flowers and chocolates.

Feel Your Most Precious Memories

Surprise your mum on her special day with a matching photo pillow and photo blanket! Add one or more photos to each design. In addition, there is a variety of templates that allow you to add text to your individual design.

Design an individual photo pillow for Mother's Day.

The photo pillow is available in different sizes and is printable on both sides. It comes with a printed pillow cover and an inner pillow. Your individually designed photo pillow will not only be a great addition to your mum’s sofa, but it will also look very stylish.

You can also create a soft and cuddly photo blanket to match the pillow. You can choose between different sizes and layouts. The blanket is made out of soft microfibre fleece and has plenty of space for your design on the front.

Individually design your own key chain with your favourite photo for Mother's Day.

Individually Designed Key Chains for Mother’s Day

Give your mum a special memento for Mother's Day that she can always carry with her. Design your own individual ifolor Key Chain with a photo of you and your mum. You can choose between different shapes. Your picture will be printed onto high-quality faux leather, which will offer top image quality on a durable material with a black textured reverse. The key chain is very practical as your mum can easily attach it to her set of keys or handbag.

Designing an Individual Photo Book Full of Great Memories for Mother's Day

Design an individual photo book as a gift full of great memories for Mother’s Day. You and your mum will be able to reminisce time and time again whilst having a look through your individually designed photo book.

Individually Design a Photo Book for Mother’s Day

We will give you some tips on how to design a fantastic photo book full of photos of you and your mum for Mother’s Day.

Individually Design Your Own Tote Bag for Mother’s Day

The Photo Tote Bags from ifolor are perfect for shopping trips, going to the gym or for family days out. They are the perfect everyday companion and a fantastic gift idea for Mother's Day. Individually design it with your own photos or floral patterns to make it a very special one-of-a-kind bag for your mum. You can add a little surprise by filling the bag with a few treats, a bottle wine and some relaxing bath salts.

Design an individual photo tin and fill it with sweets or chocolates for Mother's Day.

Individually Designed Photo Tins with a Sweet or Chocolatey Surprise for Mother’s Day

The ifolor Photo Tin is available in different shapes and it is a practical and thoughtful gift for Mother's Day! You can design the stainless stell tin lid with a photo of you or another motif that your mum will love. Add a sweet surprise to your individually designed photo tin by filling it with your mum’s favourite sweets, chocolates or homemade biscuits. You can also order the photo tin filled with Lindt chocolates. Afterwards your mum can use the practical tin as a biscuit tin or for storing her bits and bobs.

Designing a Photo Mug for Mother’s Day

Bring a smile to your mum’s face every morning with an individually designed photo mug. She can enjoy drinking tea or coffee out of her one-of-a-kind individually designed photo mug. Add a saying or a small personal message to add a personal touch. You can also choose one of the collage templates and then create a colourful photo collage on your individual photo mug, which is full of your mum’s favourite photos.

Tip: Using a Photo Mug as a Plant Pot

You can use your individually designed photo mug as one-of-a-kind plant pot. This is a great creative gift idea for Mother's Day.

Individually designed photo coasters are a great gift idea for Mother's Day.

Personalised Photo Coasters

The photo coasters are ideal for coffee breaks, your next garden party or just for everyday use. Individually designed photo coasters with your favourite photos are a fantastic and original gift idea for Mother's Day. The high-quality coasters come in sets of 4 or 8 and you can choose an individual photo for each coaster. You can create a coaster for each family member or simply use great family photos and a saying to create a matching set for Mother's Day.

Finish Off Your Individual Mother’s Day Gift with a Greetings Card

Add an individually designed photo greetings card to your Mother’s Day gift to finish it off. If you live far away, you can always send your mum a photo greetings card with your Mother’s Day wishes.

Writing Your Mother’s Day Card

We have put some creative ideas together on how you can design and add a humorous or extra special message to your individually designed Mother's Day greetings card.

Individually Designing a Card for Mother’s Day

There is a range of design templates to choose from such as colourful or floral designs. You can use them to design an individual Mother's Day card for your mum.



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