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Mother's Day – a special occasion to make your mother happy

Photo Gifts for Mother's Day

Special photo memories for your mother

The second Sunday in May should always be a very special day for your mother. Giving a little attention or going out with the family, you can make your mother's heart beat faster and make Mother's Day an unforgettable one. You will have the opportunity to thank your mother and show her your love. Here are five ideas on how to make your mother happy - with or without classics such as flowers and chocolates.

A photo canvas as a Mother's Day gift

Personal photo canvas for Mother's Day

If your mother has an absolutely favorite picture, have it printed on a canvas for her. No matter if the picture shows you and your mother, or it’s a family picture or a picture of a beloved pet - a canvas is a highlight in every apartment. It gives the room character and reminds us of the favourite moment that was captured in the picture. If your mother has a lot of space on the wall, then it is worthwhile to create a canvas combination that will give the apartment a new sparkle and individual charm.

A photo book as a Mother's Day gift

The most beautiful memories in a photo book for Mother's Day

Collect your personal experiences and memories in a photo book and give this creative gift to your mother on Mother's Day. Numerous formats and countless design options are available so there won’t be any limits to your creativity. With the help of the photo book you can give new expression to your thoughts and feelings and capture them with pictures and individual texts. In this way you will indulge in reminiscences with your mother for a long time whenever you browse through the book together.


Choose a motto. For example, you can digitize your old childhood pictures and send your mother on an exciting journey through time or use pictures of family celebrations in recent years.

A photo mug – sweetens each coffee break of your mother

Design a photo mug for your mother

Sweeten your mother every morning with a photo mug designed just by you. No matter if your mother prefers tea or coffee, a mug with her favourite theme will always put a smile on her face. Add to the picture an individual saying or wish to make the mug even more unique.


By way of ifolor you can order photo mug for both right- and left-handed people so you can customize the photo on the mug for your mother.

Another pretty gift: planting herbs in photo mugs. The idea can be found here.

Photo flip – Can also be matched with lovely wishes adapted to the photo

The quick Mother's Day gift

Memories of the last family outing or the last family celebration can be perpetuated perfectly in a Photo flip. With the help of this little stand-up display, a selection of up to 25 photos will be staged magnificently and in an extraordinary way. In this manner, it will easily become an eye-catcher, whether placed on the office desk or at the kitchen table at home. Your mother will have the opportunity to flip easily between the pictures and select a new photo as the cover sheet.

A photo greeting card – Is also well-suited as a card accompanying a bouquet of flowers

The classic greeting card for every Mother's Day gift

The perfect gift for your mother should always be presented with a matching card. Here you can note loving wishes and thoughts. Of course, a self-designed greeting card with a picture of you with your mother will have the most personal effect. In this way you not only capture a moment creatively but at the same time present it to your mother with kind words.


A greeting card can also easily represent an individual voucher for Mother's Day. Just choose the landscape format and allow your creativity in content and creation to manifest itself. Ideas for personal Mother's Day vouchers can be found here.

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