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Gift idea: photo mugs designed with herb motifs with fresh herbs planted inside

Mother’s Day Gift Idea: Herbs Planted in Photo Mugs

Individual, Yet Classic

“You’re the best, mum!” This sentence that makes a mother’s heart beat faster is usually accompanied by some chocolates and flowers. That might always be the safe bet as far as Mother’s Day gifts go, but for those of you who’d like to give them something a bit more special, we’ve got the perfect gift idea for you. She’ll be sure to love it.

We’ll show you how it’s all done here: design your own photo mugs to use as herb pots and plant fresh herbs inside them - a practical, creative, and wonderfully fragrant Mother’s Day gift.

Photo Mugs in Many Designs and Variants

With your own personally designed photo mug you can arrange a brilliant Mother’s Day gift. You can design your mug for either a right- or left-handed mum or alternatively as a panorama mug. For every variant there are numerous design templates available for you to use - over 200 designs in all.

For the herb-mug, we recommend selecting either a panorama mug designed with a simple template or alternatively a right- or left-handed mug with a floral, spring-themed template such as “Flowers, yellow” or “Tree and butterflies.”

The Herb-Mug

Some design templates feature text fields, which you can use to make your mug that much more personalised. Use this space to write special greetings for Mother’s Day or perhaps write the name of the herb you’d like to plant in the mug. If your chosen design template offers you space for quite a bit of text - such as “Doily Green” - you have a bit more creative freedom. You could, for instance, write out instructions for taking care of the plant, its scientific name, uses in the kitchen, or perhaps different properties of the herb in an attractive font - let your creativity run wild!

Use graphics or photos of the herb that you’d like to plant in the mug - this is a classic look and will beautify any windowsill. For a panorama mug you’ll need a relatively wide, yet narrow picture that will be displayed across the whole mug and be visible from all sides. For right- and left-handed mugs, classic portrait and landscape photos work perfectly well. You can either shoot the photos yourself or search online for suitable images.

After the herbs have been harvested you can then stick the photo mug in the kitchen cabinet to use later for drinking tea or coffee. It’ll be sure to bring a smile to your mother’s face every time she uses it.

Gift idea: photo mugs designed with herb motifs with fresh herbs planted inside

Alternative Plants for the Photo Mug

It’s also possible to arrange other plants in the mugs: succulents such as cacti, lavender, horned violets, daisies, or other smaller flowers are well suited.

If you decide to plant flowers, herbs, or other plants in several mugs, it’s recommended to make sure they appear harmonious together.

  • Basil, lavender, and oregano make a good Mediterranean combination for Mediterranean cuisine.
  • Coriander and mini chilli peppers are good ideas for connoisseurs of Mexican cuisine.
  • When planting succulents you can combine prickly cacti with somewhat thick-leaved plants.
  • Two to three different spring flowers such as daisies, buttercups, or primroses form a coherent arrangement.

Get creative and design an especially personal gift for your mother this Mother’s Day. Enjoy bringing a smile to her face with your gift!

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