• Photo mugs as decorative herb pots

    Your mini herb garden for the kitchen: Plant Photo mugs with herbs

    Decorative and always fresh at hand

    With the first warm days of the year, the gardening season is back just around the corner. Even if you don't have a garden, you can bring a little garden freshness into your apartment! Create your own little herb garden for the kitchen by planting individually designed Photo mugs with fragrant herbs. In this way you will have both: an original kitchen decoration and always fresh herbs for cooking. These individual herb mugs are also always great gift ideas.

    Photo mugs in many designs and versions

    There are various options for designing your Photo mugs. The mug can be printed for left or right-handed people alternatively or as a panorama version. Numerous design templates are available for each version - a total of over 200 designs.

    For the herb pot Photo mug, it is best to use a panorama-mug in a simple design or a right or left-handed mug with a floral, spring-like design such as “tree and butterflies”.

    The herb pot mug

    On some design templates you will find text fields with which you can make your mug even more individual: Enter here, for example, the name of the herb that you want to plant in the mug later, or leave a nice message if you want to design the mug as a gift. If you choose a design with a little more space for a longer text - such as “green decorative cover” - you will have even more free rein for your ideas: care instructions for the plant, the Latin name, and usage in the kitchen, or vegetative characteristics of the herb, all printed with a beautiful font - your creativity is required here.

    Herb mugs as a chic decoration for the window sill: As pictures for the mug you can use graphics or photos of the herbs you want to plant in the cup. For the panorama-mug you need a relatively wide but narrow picture that runs around the mug and can be seen from all sides. For the right or left-handed mugs, it is best to use classic portrait or landscape formats. Take a picture of the motifs yourself or browse the internet for suitable images.

    A special advantage of the herb mugs: After the herbs have been harvested, the Photo mug can then be moved to the kitchen cupboard and used for coffee or tea - or, of course, replanted at any time. Thus, you can use your herbal Photo mug in many ways!

    Decorative design and gift idea: Planted Photo mugs with herbal motifs

    Alternative plantings for the Photo mug

    It doesn't have to be herbs, of course. Other plants can also be arranged very nicely in the Photo mugs: succulents, lavenders, horned violets, daisies or other smaller flowers are the most suitable.

    But be careful: Some plants are a little picky about their immediate neighbors. If you want to plant several cups and place them close together, you should make sure which plants are in good harmony with each other:

    • Basil, lavender and oregano are a good Mediterranean combination for the Mediterranean cuisine.
    • Coriander and mini chilies work well if you love Mexican cuisine.
    • As for succulents, it’s ideal to combine prickly cacti with more thick-leaved specimens.
    • Two to three different spring flowers such as daisies, buttercups and primroses make a harmonious combination.

    Just let your imagination run wild when you design and plant your individual Photo mugs, and make sure you bring spring fresh touches of colour and fragrant herbs into your home. We wish you a lot of fun!

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