Practical and personal: photo stickers for special occasions and everyday life

Our Photo Stickers Are So Versatile

Great ideas for children and adults

Personal and practical: your favourite photo can now be stuck to almost any surface. With our self-adhesive photo stickers, you can lend your personal effects even more individuality while improving your daily organisation. Whether on exercise books, gifts, boxes, cards, or a friendship book – these stickers really grab your attention and they’re practical into the bargain. Now we’re going to show you some cool design ideas and practical applications for them.

Photo Stickers for Back to School

No chance of mix-ups! Thanks to the quality of the adhesive of our stickers, they can be affixed to any material, so go on and stick them to the school supplies of your child. Notebooks, books, pencil cases or school bags can each be personalised with a picture. No more muddles with their school things! Simply upload a photo of your child and design a sticker unique to that school year or subject. When changing classrooms, it’s easy to lose personal school supplies. Personalise your important school items with photo stickers. This helps prevent notebooks, books, or other personal items not get mixed up or lost again. And if the person sitting next to you accidentally packs your notebook, they will know who it belongs to and can return it.

Simply upload your child's picture and design them in colours specific to the school year and lessons, so that all their school items can be easily organised and identified. You can also just print your child's name or combine a photo and name.

Idea: You can also choose individual logos for each school subject. Choose some fun logos with your child, so they can find the correct books for each subject, even if they can’t read very well yet.


Design the personalised photo stickers together with your child. It will be fun and a great learning experience for them.

Photo sticker on school supplies to help keep track of them

Idea: If you are a teacher and want to help your new class find their way around, create a set of photo stickers for the whole class - each sheet of stickers can be printed with individual designs. The stickers can then be used to decorate personal lockers or coat hooks in the classroom to keep things tidy.

Personalised Photo Stickers for a Friendship Album

A friendship album is a great reminder of childhood. Funny proverbs and childhood wishes for the future bring a smile to one’s face even if when paging through decades later. No friendship book should be without a great childhood photo. Whether it's a funny snapshot or a photo of them doing their favourite hobby: with our personalised photo stickers, the little ones always have a great picture of themselves to stick in the friendship book. You can add text to the sticker, so they have a nice message or even a funny saying. This gives the friendship book even more of an individual and personalised feel.

Photo stickers in a friendship book

Photo Stickers for Giving Order to a Child’s Room

Organisation was never so simple before our photo stickers – especially in a kid’s room. Stick a personalised photo sticker, round or square, on your child’s toy box. This will show the little tyke exactly in which box their toys, crayons, and crafting supplies belong.


This also works wonders for sorting out toys: take a picture of the toys that belong in a specific box or drawer and affix that sticker to the corresponding box. This will help even small children who can’t read keep track of what things belong where.

Organise your child’s room with ifolor photo stickers

Round or Square: Your Choice

Even a kid would have an easy time designing these stickers, personalised at home in just a few clicks and printed on quality paper with a matte finish. Choose the photo you want and upload it directly to the template. You can choose between rectangle stickers in landscape or portrait format (16 stickers per sheet) as well as round (12 stickers per sheet). You can even add text.

Stickers for Special Occasions

Our photo stickers are great for decorating birthday presents. Affix a round photo of your children’s favourite stuffed animal on their gifts. Their eyes will widen with joy even before opening their presents.

You can use the ifolor photo stickers to send your very best, very special wishes to someone. Use a round sticker as a seal for the envelope of a greeting card--that’s sure to wow ‘em! You can even use our little photo adhesives to lend a certain something extra to your event’s invitations.

Ifolor stickers for gifts and cards

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