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  • Summer decoration ideas for the apartment

    Individual and stylish decoration ideas for the apartment

    Bring summer into your own home

    The right decoration makes a home really cozy. Decorations with personal photos are particularly individual. And especially in the summer, your own home can be skillfully staged with great motifs from your last holiday, natural materials and other self-made decorations.

    For the extra portion of summer in your own home, we will show you 6 stylish decoration ideas with your most beautiful pictures that you can easily follow.

    DIY Herbarium with pressed flowers and Square Prints

    Whether the great palm trees on the beach or the rich red of the poppy fields right at the lake - especially in the warm season the green leaves and colorful flowers let us revel in memory of the last holiday. You can preserve this mood forever with a clear glass picture frame, pressed flowers and a matching image.

    For the DIY herbarium in the glass picture frame, carefully pluck a few flowers from the stems and place them to dry in the pages of a thick tome. While the flowers are drying, choose a suitable motif from your holidays that you associate with the flowers. Especially decorative are our square prints. The square photo prints are ideal for arranging them together with the pressed flowers in the clear picture frame.

    DIY herbarium with pressed flowers and Square Prints

    The booklet as an eye-catcher

    Small elements are ideal for decorating side tables or trays in a stylish manner. In addition to candles and small figures, books should not be missing. Especially decorative is our Booklet in square format, which you can design yourself instantly with the help of our app.


    Always arrange an odd number of decorative elements on a table or tablet. This is because an asymmetrical order is more harmonious for our eyes.

    Photo Booklet on a decorative tray

    Decorating a breakfast tray with your own photos

    Whether for a picnic in the garden or breakfast in bed - a tray is practical and decorative at the same time, especially if you remember beautiful moments while looking at it. With a slightly deeper wooden tray, a self-made photo collage with great travel motifs and a matching glass pane, you are already well equipped.

    Thanks to the glass pane (alternatively Plexiglas), you do not need to stick your pictures to the bottom of the tray. This allows the motifs to be easily exchanged throughout the year.

    Decorate your individual breakfast tray with photos

    A classic: A picture frame full of memories

    A memory frame is a great way to remember, for example, the last summer holidays or to dream of the sea and palm trees. All you need is a deep picture frame and 1-3 photos. Small memorabilia that connect you to your last holiday or summer are also perfect for designing the picture frame. Stick everything firmly on the background so that nothing slips later.


    Instead of writing the location of your holiday in the frame, you can also use the geo coordinates. Just look up in Google Maps. If you enter the desired location, the coordinates will be displayed automatically.

    Deep picture frame with photos and memories

    Decorating with your own photos

    It doesn’t always have to be a picture frame? There is a very simple solution: Take a nice stone from the holidays and buy a suitable wire. Twist the wire around the stone once and form the top in such a way that you can easily insert a photo. By doing so, you will have a special photo holder that won’t look boring or tacky.

    If you prefer something frameless on the wall: Try it with our Wall decoration.

    A branch as a picture ledge

    Natural materials are best for bringing summer into your own home. In addition to shells, wood, in particular, is a great material for a fancy wall decoration. You can create a great picture bar yourself using a branch, a few hooks and some strings. This DIY picture ledge looks especially modern with our Square Prints. These can be attached to the hooks with the help of small wooden clips.

    Turn a branch into a picture ledge

    Have fun decorating your own home!

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