DIY: two home decoration ideas with your photo

DIY: two home decoration ideas with your photo

Ideas for simple, yet stylish home decorations which will look great all year round!

The most beautiful memories at breakfast

Whether it be for a picnic in the garden or breakfast in bed, a tray makes things easier when you’re away from the dining table. It is even nicer if you are reminded of beautiful moments at the same time. With a deep wooden tray, a homemade photo collage and a suitable pane of glass, you already have all you need.

Some decoration shops offer such trays, together with plexiglass or glass. If you do not have one near you, why not use a tray from a well-known Swedish furniture manufacturer.

This is 38x58cm in size. An excellent fit for this is the35x50cm photo poster Smart from ifolor, which can be placed snugly inside the tray. In order to protect the collage against moisture, you should consider a sheet of plexiglass. Plexiglass is more practical for everyday use, but unlike a pane of glass it becomes slightly dulled over time and turns matt. Consider both types, depending on how you would like to use the tray.


The tray also makes a perfect gift.

Rock, paper, scissors

You want something different from a picture frame? There is a very simple solution to this: bring a beautiful stone back from your holiday and buy a suitable wire. Wind the wire around the stone once and shape the upper end so that a photo can easily be inserted. This way you have a special and totally unique photo holder!

If you would like to hang something frameless on the wall, try a wall decoration from ifolor, like the wall display. For anyone who wants to get even more stuck in, the photo heart is the ideal choice.

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