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How to make a home out of your four walls

Whether you are a sports enthusiast or a talented artist, love plants, enjoy reading or are simply a family person through and through - your individuality should be reflected on your own four walls. After all, anyone can design their home straight from a catalogue. It is the small personal things that make your living space a home. Your furnishings become unique with personal items like pictures, small souvenirs, and individual decorative elements. But how do you let them shine and turn your home into welcoming and personalised place? We will show you some exciting interior design tips with which you can breathe life into your four walls and create a unique and stylish home.

What you should keep in mind when furnishing

No matter which style of interior decoration you prefer or which colours and shapes you particularly like: We have a few tips for styling your interior and arranging your things efficiently.

Create cosiness with personalised home fabrics

Home textiles such as cushions and blankets create cosiness and warmth in a room. Draped on the sofa, bed, or armchair, they automatically create a cosy flair. You can use individually designed photo cushions and blankets to add colour accents and give the room even more character. For a stylish interior look, you can design cushions in different sizes with varying patterns and designs. This creates an interesting, layered look on the sofa. You can combine larger cushions with a quote or subtle patterns with small photo cushions with pictures of your favourite moments. For example, if you love to read and hike, you can design the cushions with quotes and sayings from your favourite books and great nature shots.

For even more cosiness in your home, you can create a matching photo blanket with chic patterns or landscape photos.

Self-designed home textiles create cosiness

Group individual decorative elements together

Small mementos and decorative elements as well as personal photos give your home a unique personal touch. But how do you show off the decorations to their full potential? Create a balanced overall picture by grouping the objects together. Combine an odd number of elements in different sizes and shapes and position them in an imaginary triangle rather than next to each other. By overlapping, you can create a feeling of depth. This makes your decoration look more exciting and shows them off better than if they were lined up next to each other. Use our photo products and create even more personalisation to your interior. For example, if you want to have your loved ones around you all day, you can print your best shots of them on our easel calendar or create a cool wall clock. These decorative elements are perfect for decorating a windowsill or shelf.

How to arrange decorative elements

Make sure you get the proportions right

Wall decorations are ideal for adding a personal touch to your rooms. Whether it's a canvas, poster, or photo collage - create your own individual wall decoration, for example with fun pictures of your last trip or a group photo of your sports club, to remind you of a great season. When placing wall decorations, pay attention to the room’s proportions. For example, a room will look out of balance if a piece of art that is too small is hung on a wall that is too big. The same applies to artworks that are too large on a wall that is too small. This makes the room look smaller than it is. Therefore, make sure that you hang smaller artworks on low or narrow walls and place larger wall decorations on large wall surfaces. We have summarised more tips on the correct arrangement of canvases, picture frames and other wall decorations in this article.

Create the right lighting mood

The right lighting mood is essential if you want to feel comfortable and at ease in your home. Light, whether artificial or natural, has a direct influence on our mood. Particularly in rooms where we relax, such as the living room or bedroom, soft and warm light is a suitable light source, because it radiates a sense of security. Rooms where you are active, or work can be illuminated with direct and cooler light. This makes you feel more awake and helps to motivate you. In addition to the typical ceiling light, it is always advisable to illuminate a room in different ways. This will better show off the room structure and the use of your rooms. For example, if you have a reading corner, use a floor lamp with warm light to directly illuminate your reading spot. Individual wall decorations can also be specially illuminated to make them the focus of a room. Indirect light, on the other hand, is ideal for watching a film or relaxing on the sofa. Small light sources such as candles also invite you to relax and underline the character of a room.

Atmospheric light sources create cosiness


Turn our photo mugs into an atmospheric candle. All you need is a customised photo mug, a candle wick, and some leftover wax. Simply heat the wax remnants in a tin in a bain-marie. Fix the wick to the bottom of the cup and pour the liquid wax into the cup. You can fix the wick with a clamp to prevent it from slipping. After the wax has hardened, you can integrate the candle into your decoration.

Store your accessories efficiently

Clutter in your home can quickly make you feel uncomfortable. To counteract the daily pile-up of things, clever storage and organisation is important. First consider which things accumulate every day and cause clutter again and again. Create a fixed place for all these things and stow them away. Boxes, tins, boxes, and baskets are suitable for this. Beautifully designed tins and boxes can be integrated perfectly as decorative elements in your interior. You can design our chic metal boxes in various shapes and formats with your favourite photos, patterns or sayings and adapt them to your interior design style.

Self-designed boxes for more organised storage

Be bold and add some colour

Even though white is probably the most popular wall colour, there is no other element that underlines your personal living style more than coloured walls and accents. If you don't have any coloured walls yet, you can start slowly with soft tones or individual coloured accent walls. In addition to colour, you can also create great colour accents on your walls with wall decorations in XXL format. Atmospheric landscape shots create a natural and cosy living look, whereas large-scale architectural shots emphasise a modern and clean-living style.

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