The Adhesive Photo Poster by ifolor

Wall decorations have never been this easy: Our adhesive photo poster is practical, versatile and can be hung on the wall instantly. No matter if it’s in the children’s room, in the kitchen, in the living room or should serve as an eye-catcher at a party – with this poster you can mount your favourite motifs to almost any wall without tools and remove them just as easily. It has never been so easy to give your walls a new decoration. Allow yourself to be convinced by the manifold design ideas and possible uses of this poster.

You can make our self-adhesive photo poster out of recycled polyester in no time. Simply upload your favourite photos and place them there where you want them with a mouse click or drag & drop.

Self-adhesive photo poster by ifolor in portrait and landscape format

Adhesive photo posters: Versatile and easy to attach

This clever product excels/stands out in its high colour quality and is simply practical. It is perfect for all surfaces and picture motifs. There will be no limits to your imagination. Just stick your favourite motifs wherever you want. Thanks to the self-adhesive back surface our poster can stick to all common surfaces and be mounted in no time – completely without tools. It can also be easily removed and reused multiple times. It will not leave behind any residues.

A change in your child’s room

Children love posters because they like to decorate their own rooms. Whether it’s a pet, a favourite series or a favourite animal on the poster – thanks to the practical adhesive surface, you can now easily make a change to your wall without any residue.

Not only decorative, but also practical: For example, print your child's timetable on the self-adhesive poster. In this way, your child will always be able to see the school lessons.

Thanks to the large variety of formats, the adhesive poster in portrait format is also good for making a measuring stick. This is not only a special eye-catcher in the children’s room but also a great gift for expectant parents.


Design the adhesive poster together with your child. You will see that decorating will then be twice as much fun!

Self-adhesive photo poster by ifolor in the children’s room with a pet and a timetable

Flexible decoration for your home

Let your creativity run wild and keep giving your walls new decorations. Our adhesive poster is perfect as a flexible decoration for your home. For example, you can easily hang your favourite motif from your last summer vacation from the living room into the kitchen without leaving any residue on the walls. Thanks to the practical adhesive back surface, even birthday surprises, Christmas or Easter motifs can be quickly and easily integrated into your seasonal decoration.

Signposting at parties and events

You are planning a party and would like to put up information boards and signs or funny pictures? If you need to put up a picture just for a short time, the self-adhesive poster would be ideal. The walls at your home will remain undamaged and just feel free to decorate your venue as you wish. The adhesive poster also sticks to delicate surfaces such as wooden walls or in the bathroom, and it is just as easy to remove.

The adhesive photo poster in the kitchen  

It is also suitable for the kitchen. For example, use it as a decoration for the fridge or the tiles. You can, of course, integrate wonderful seasonal motifs, holiday motifs or logos as a decoration.

You would like to know which vegetables are currently in season? How about an overview that shows you which locally grown vegetables can currently be found at the weekly market? This will make cooking fresh and regional even easier. Thanks to the practical adhesive surface that can be used multiple times, you can create such an overview for each season and have it printed on the self-adhesive poster.

Adhesive photo poster by ifolor in the kitchen on the fridge

Various formats for varied uses

Create your adhesive photo poster easily with just a few clicks. The following sizes are available in portrait or landscape format:


Available sizes W x H in cm


30 x 30, 40 x 40, 60 x 60, 80 x 80


20 x 60, 30 x 90


20 x 30, 40 x 60*, 60 x 90


40 x 100


30 x 40, 60 x 80, 75 x 100

  50 x 70

* In the 40 x 60 cm format your self-adhesive photo poster can also be ordered as a multi- panel poster. The total size would then be 120 x 60 cm.

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