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    Five useful travel apps for your vacation

    The holiday season is getting closer and so does the anticipation of a planned vacation or a longer trip. In your mind, you’re already making the first travel preparations and putting the most important documents in a safe place. To help you await your vacation in a relaxed way, we are introducing you to five useful travel apps that will make your preparations and stay abroad easier.

    PackPoint – Packing made easy

    This smart organizer app will help you easily master the most important and at the same time most basic of all travel preparations: packing your bags. To make things easy and stress-free, PackPoint will create your personal packing list. You enter the dates of your planned trip, the holiday location and which leisure activities you would like to pursue there and the app creates a handy packing list with all the important details. You can then edit and add more as you wish so that in the end everything will really end up in the suitcase and nothing is forgotten.

    You can download the app for both Android and iOS.

    Google Lens – the smart travel guide

    There’s so much to discover in a foreign city – from unknown sights to exotic dishes to new plant and animal species. Google Lens has the answers to your questions. The image recognition software instantly knows which statue you’re marveling at, finds recipes for delicious dishes, and picks out directions for your next destination. In this fashion, you will get to know the new environment even better and find your way more easily in unfamiliar areas.

    For Android systems you can install the Google Lens app. For iOS, the function is integrated in the Google Photos app.

    Booklet – Give your travel photos as a gift via ifolor app.

    ifolor app – Perpetuating travel moments creatively

    During a trip, many photos accumulate on the smartphone and they just keep sliding down the timeline. To prevent them from being forgotten, use the ifolor app so you can easily design and order creative photo products on the go, and receive them a few days later.

    With this app you can instantly order Wall decorations, Cards, Photo gifts, Calendars and, depending on the operating system, also the booklet (Android) or Photo books (iOS).


    The Booklet is a great idea to send a surprise to your travel companions or those at home. Or create your own postcard for your loved ones at home with the postcard service. In this way, you make yourself and others happy with your travel photos.

    The ifolor app is available for Android and iOS.

    SimpleCurrency – Paying fast and easy

    SimpleCurrency has been developed to prevent stress during the holidays when it comes to the conversion of the various currencies. This user-friendly app easily calculates the amount you need to pay. You can select several currencies at the same time and use the app completely offline. In this way, you can keep an eye on your finances and better assess prices.

    SimpleCurrency is available for Android. A similar app can be downloaded for iOS.


    With a Travel Budget app you can record your expenses and keep track of your travel budget.

    Plan your vacation with the right travel apps.

    TripAdvisor – Vacation Planner and Activities Finder

    If you want to find out about your vacation spot beforehand then TripAdvisor is the right app for you. Here you will find restaurants, attractions, leisure activities and much more with some information and ratings from the community. You can even come across the less touristy and equally recommendable destinations. You can mark your favorite destinations on the map and plan your perfect holiday from home.

    Install the app for Android and iOS.

    Having these travel apps with you will not only facilitate the travel preparations but also your stay in the vacation spot. Have fun traveling!

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