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Ready for Take off – Cleverly plan your next holiday

8 useful travel apps for your next holiday

It’s an exciting time of year when the holidays are approaching, as most people are looking forward to day trips and their next holiday. You have most probably already started getting ready for your next holiday, why not use some of the following apps to help make the planning less stressful. The following eight useful apps will help you to plan and prepare for your next holiday abroad.

PackPoint – Packing made easy

This helpful organiser app helps you to easily master the most important and at the same time the most basic of all travel preparations: packing your suitcase. They will provide you with a personal list on what to pack so that packing isn’t something that you end up worrying about. All you need to do is enter the dates of your holiday, the holiday destination and which activities you plan on doing during your stay. The app will then use this information to create a list of everything you will need for your holiday. You can also edit and add information at any time, so that nothing will be forgotten about.

You can download the app for Android as well as for iOS.

Dropbox – All important documents in one place

By using the Dropbox-App you can easily save any important travel documents in one place. Say goodbye to looking through endless different folders for your important documents, as you can save your boarding card, important contact details, vaccination records or a hotel booking confirmation all in one place.  You can upload all of these documents onto Dropbox with just a few clicks, which makes them easy to find. You can even save your photos and videos, which you have taken whilst on holiday as well as backing them up and organising them via the online storage service.

Dropbox is available for both iOS and for Android.

An ideal travel companion – ifolor Beach Bag

The spacious Photo Beach Bag is a miracle worker as it offers so much space for holidays or weekends away. You can pack everything you need for your travels into the personalised Photo Beach bag, whether it be a water bottle, snacks, a blanket, magazines, a change of clothes or even a grab & go travel sized board game to make any journey lots of fun.

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Google Lens – The Smart Travel Guide

When visiting a new place there are numerous things to see and do such as: sightseeing, trying the local cuisine and discovering the local wildlife and plant species. Google Lens also has answers to your questions. The photo recognition software immediately recognises which statue you are looking at and it can also find different delicious food recipes and not forgetting it can also look up directions to the places you want to visit. This app will help you to discover new places a lot easier and help you to get around unfamiliar places.

You can install the Google Lens App on Androids. This feature is available through the Google Fotos App on iOS.

Make your holiday memories last with the creative ifolor app.

ifolor App – Make your holiday memories last

When on holiday a lot of people tend to take a lot of photos with their smartphones, which can quickly accumulate to a large amount and a lot of the photos end up being at the bottom of your timeline.  By using the ifolor App you can easily design creative photo products on the go, so that you don’t forget about any of your photos. Place an order for your creative photo products and they will be delivered few days later.  

With the app you can order postcards, booklets, wall decorations, photo gifts and photo books in no time at all. The ifolor app is available for Android and iOS.


The booklets are great gift idea if you want to surprise family and friends back home or even a travel companion. You can even design your own individual post card for loved ones back home with the Post Card-Service. Treat yourself to a little gift or even bring a smile to your family and friends by showing them your best holiday memories.

Planning a holiday using the TripAdvisor app.

TripAdvisor – Plan a holiday and find local acitivites

TripAdvisor is the perfect app if you want to find out more about your chosen holiday destination. Here you can find useful information and reviews from the online community on restaurants, sights, great local activities and much, much more. You can also find out more about less touristy places or places off the beaten track, which have been highly recommended by others. You can mark your favourite places on the map and plan your perfect holiday from the comfort of your own home.

The app is available to download for both Android and iOS.

Using Instagram to plan your next holiday

Instagram– Find the best attractions and places to visit

By using the popular social media app Instagram you can find the best restaurants, places for taking photos or even the best places, which offer great experiences. You can use the search function on Instagram to find great places for unique holiday photos or hip restaurants by using the location tags or popular hashtags. In order not to forget the places you have found, you can simply save the corresponding posts and articles in the app. The folder function is also very practical allowing you to organise your saved articles by categories such as: sights, hotels, great places for taking photos or restaurants.

Instagram is available for iOS as well as Android.

HappyCow – Vegetarian restaurant finder

By using this app you will no longer need to spend hours on holiday looking through different restaurant menus to see what vegetarian options are available. The clever HappyCow app helps you to find restaurants and bistros nearby, which have menus with vegetarian options or even places which offer complete vegan or vegetarian menus. You can also find user ratings of the local restaurants.  

HappyCow is available for iOS as well as Android.



These apps will help you every step of the way from planning and preparing to go on holiday, to your stay at your chosen holiday destination. Now it is time to sit back and enjoy your holiday!

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