Use your own photos to create a personalised Photo Memo game

Create your own Photo Memo game

Fun for young and old with a personal touch

With animals, toys or movie characters: the classic photo memo game can be found in almost every child's room. But how about making a memo game with your own photos? Customise the ifolor Photo Memo game and turn it into a creative gift for your family and friends. We've collected some great design tips for your personal Photo Memo game. Let us inspire you!

A great gift for kids: an animal memo game using pet photos

Personalised Animal Memo game

A cute animal memo game is a popular classic, especially with toddlers. Use some family pet photos or pictures of local farm animals to create a very special Photo Memo game for your child, grandchildren, or godchild. You can even just take some photos of your child's favourite stuffed animals. Your children will be able to memorise the images a lot faster and the game will be even more fun.


Your ifolor Photo Memo game comes in a practical box, making it perfect for vacations or the next family party.

Remember your favourite travel moments with a custom travel memo game.

Photo Memo of favourite travel destinations

Relive the fond memories of your favourite travel destinations over and over again as you play this cool Photo Memo game. For example, use a distinctive landmark from the country you've travelled to for each pair of cards. Another idea is to create a game using photos from a specific trip or perhaps a theme such as ‘winter vacations.’ As you uncover the pairs of cards, you can reminisce time and time again about the great times you had - a fun way for the whole family to reminisce.

Photo Memo as a fun game for your next party with friends or family.

Unforgettable experiences with family and friends

Photo Memo is a popular game for kids and adults alike. Create a cool party game for the next time you are with your friends or family. Collect snapshots taken from times you spent together, perhaps a funny group photo or an incident that made you all laugh. Behind each image lies an unforgettable party, an extraordinary experience, or a special occasion. To add an extra dimension to the game, challenge players to name the place, the occasion and/or the date when the picture was taken. You can reminisce together about the most memorable moments of the last few years and tell a few stories - a cool game for the next party!

How to create your ifolor Photo Memo game

Click on the create button to go directly to the design editor. You can upload 24 photos directly from your computer to the editor. The editor automatically distributes your images to the cards in pairs. You can then preview and edit to make any changes. You will get a message if there are problems with the resolution or the image quality. Make sure that the resolution is as high as possible so that your images are clear on the cards.

Once you are happy with how they look, you can complete the order. Your photos will be printed as 6x6 cm memo cards. The 48 cards are made of sturdy hard cardboard and covered with a glossy protective laminate so that your Photo Memo game can withstand lots of use. Thanks to high-quality digital printing, your photos are displayed clear and vibrant. Finally, your ifolor Photo Memo comes in a practical box - perfect for travelling or to give as a gift.

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