Your individual holiday photo book: put all of your best holiday memories from your travels in an individually designed elegant photo book.

Ideas & Tips on Designing a Holiday Photo Book

Keep All of Your Favourite Holiday Memories in One Place

Lots of people take many photos during an excursion or a day out somewhere. Don't just leave them sitting around on your camera or smartphone, instead you could create your own individually designed holiday photo book full of all your favourite photos from your travels.

We'll show you 5 design tips and 3 photo tips that you can use to create a varied and exciting photo book.

Create a story in your individual photo holiday book by adding text to your images.

Design Tip 1: Use Your Favourite Photos to Tell a Story

Instead of simply keeping your photos in an album, you can add your memories, thoughts and anecdotes to bring them to life and this will tell a story about the ideas behind the individual photos. You can add an anecdote to some pictures and just add a short text to the others or you could add the place and date of where the photo was taken. This will give your individual photo book a varied look. However, you don’t need to add text to each and every photo as some photos speak for themselves without any text.


Your holiday photo book will be even more vivid if you include small mementos in your story, such as flight tickets, tickets to sights and attractions.

Design Tip 2: Integrate Picture Series into Your Photo Book Design

Photos capturing your first windsurfing attempts, a bizarre animal encounter or the challenges of pitching a tent are an absolute must for your individual holiday photo book. These types of pictures capture your experiences particularly vividly. These types of photos will add some variety to your photo book and ensure that you can still recall the exact moment long after the event.

A great mountain panorama on a double page in a holiday photo book.

Design Tip 3: Make Your Favourite Picture Stand Out

Make your favourite picture on the respective page stand out by making it larger than the other pictures on the page or by adding a suitable frame. Panoramic images of an impressive landscape or skyline can also be printed in large format over an entire double page.


The Photo Book Premium Photo Paper is particularly suitable for images over two pages, as the pages lie flat and this will make your panorama photo really stand out without having a page fold in the middle.

Spontaneous snapshots and funny moments will make your individual holiday photo book perfect.

Design Tip 4: Don't Forget to Add Imperfect Snapshots

You usually only want to have your favourite holiday photos in your individual photo book. However, you could also give your photo book an individual touch by adding some imperfect snapshots. You could include photos such as children playing together, a messy face after eating ice cream or a beautifully set table for an evening barbecue. These types of spontaneous pictures next to your favourite pictures will give your individual holiday photo book a personal touch and this is a great way to add the finishing touches to it.

You can organise your holiday photo book by holiday destination. You could use maps or graphic images showing the outline of where you went on holiday.

Design Tip 5: Adding a Map or Picture Showing Where You Have Visited

If you have visited a lot of places or different countries, you can add a map or a picture of the destinations where the following photos were taken as the opening page for each destination and write a short introduction. This gives your photo book a creative structure and stylishly mixes up the picture pages.

Photo Tip 1: Including Detailed Shots of Your Holiday

Alternate between full subjects and detailed close-up shots in your individual photo book so that you can present your holiday memories in a particularly authentic way. Detailed shots such as children's feet in the sand, a beautiful shell in the palm of your hand or a street sign are great for adding some variety to your own individual holiday photo book as you later flick through your photo book and reminisce about all the fantastic times you had on holiday.

Capture moments on holiday from different perspectives to create more variety in your holiday photo book.

Photo Tip 2: Trying Out New Perspectives

When you are on holiday most of the time it is the same person who is mainly taking all the pictures, which means that they are not always in every picture themselves. Get your children or friends who are on holiday with you involved in taking pictures as everyone has their own way of taking pictures.

Photo Tip 3: Creatively Capturing Landmarks

The Eiffel Tower in Paris, the Leaning Tower of Pisa, Big Ben in London and other famous landmarks are often the most popular photo motifs. They are photographed mainly with the same background or from the same perspective. Get creative and experiment with new angles and image compositions to capture a famous sight in a completely different way. Put your motif in a whole new light by taking a picture of it in the background in front of a delicious ice cream cone, between buildings or highlight just a certain detail of the sight. This will give your photos an individual and creative look.

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