Travel book: around the world on 80 pages

Travel book: around the world on 80 pages

Immortalize your personal memories and stories from your trip in a travel book.

While you're on your city trip, it's fun to upload a snapshot to Facebook or Twitter with your Smartphone. To do justice to your best photos, however, printed photo books are the best choice! This is where digital meets analogue. The visual experience of a photo book can't be compared to clicking through a photo gallery online -– in a book, photos are more eye-catching and visually appealing.

Travel book: around the world on 80 pages

The story of your holiday

Holiday photos are the most fun to look at if they are more than just a collection of pictures. Pictures which are connected by a story stay in your mind. The story can be invented on the spot or according to the situation: places or people may keep popping up, or photos from the point of view of each family member or simply sorted according to location.

Sights and everyday life

You're not the first one to point your camera in that direction: after all, sights and historical landmarks in a buzzing city make wonderful photo backgrounds. To capture sights in a different context, it's worth pausing for a second and thinking of other possibilities: shall I go for a different perspective, or perhaps pay a visit first thing in the morning?

Let's take one of the most frequently-photographed sights in the world as an example: the Eiffel Tower. Many people take its picture from the terrace at the Place du Trocadéro or directly from underneath. But great pictures can also be taken from the streets of the neighbouring 16th arrondissement, looking at the tower from amongst the houses.

Or perhaps in a nearby café from between two coffee cups? Buildings and sights can look quite different after the daylight has disappeared. At daybreak, visitors have the Eiffel Tower virtually "all to themselves", while late at night they can catch the tower bathed in spotlights.

Daily life in a different city or an exotic country is also a popular setting for stories told in pictures: people on the metro, in the supermarket, at work, in a hidden alleyway or in a café show a refreshing and personal perspective of a city and are just as worth seeing as the sights themselves.

Travel book: around the world on 80 pages

Less is more

Holidaymakers used to come home with several dozen pictures worth of film. These days, it's often hundreds of pictures – or even thousands. Digital cameras let us shoot images any time and anywhere, with the battery life being the only limitation - there's usually enough space for photos. Being a little choosy, however, can help you avoid having to sort out photos for hours at home. You don't have to reach for your camera every time you come across something interesting –- it's enough to take photos at dinner in your hotel once, not every time you sit down to eat. Capturing a single beautiful church is exciting, but each and every one may be too much of a good thing. It won't spoil anything to leave the camera in its case and simply enjoy the moment. An embellished story for your friends can also convey your experiences.

Stories also look great printed in photo books. Creating a travel diary complete with nice pictures will let you experience your trip again and again. To give it a charming touch, add train and museum tickets or letters and postcards.

The whole family

One person usually does the picture-taking on holidays and rarely appears in the pictures themselves. Taking turns with other family members is not only fun but also gives you different points of view.

Adults and children perceive the world differently -– a beach through the eyes of a child is not the same beach for an adult. Everyone decides themselves what will stand out in their pictures. Passing the camera around will give you greater variety!

Travel book: around the world on 80 pages

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