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    Around the world with your photos

    Perpetuating the most beautiful holiday memories in a photo book

    During a trip we like to share snapshots with our friends on Facebook and Instagram. Holiday and city trips offer countless subjects for a unique photo book. Perpetuate personal memories, experiences and photos of your journey.

    With our ifolor Designer you will have a wide range of options to make your photo book as individual as possible. As a result, each photo memory will become a unique item. Our tutorial video offers a short introduction to the different functions of the ifolor Designer:

    The visual experience of a photo book cannot be compared with a click through a photo gallery on the smartphone. In a photo book you will have a consistent memory with brilliant and high- quality photo prints.

    Travel photo book – Tell about your personal travel experiences

    Tell about your holiday in a story

    A story with a central theme remains highly memorable. The story can be created spontaneously and depending on the situation: with recurring elements (places or people), photos from the perspective of individual family members or simply sorted by location.

    Integrating sights into your personal story

    Often, you take your camera out where others do the same: sights and historical places of an exciting city are ultimately wonderful motifs. To capture a sight in a different setting, it is worth pausing and thinking about other possibilities: Do I choose a different perspective or, for example, set a different focus and blur the landmark in the background?

    The Eiffel Tower, for example, is one of the most photographed sights in the world. Many take pictures of it from the terrace at the Place du Trocadéro or directly from below. However, beautiful shots could also be made by standing on a street in the neighboring 16th arrondissement and photographing the tower between the houses. Or perhaps in a nearby cafe between two coffee cups? Get creative with your vacation photos and try to capture individual moments.

    Buildings and sights can look very different depending on the daylight. Early in the morning you have the Eiffel Tower without the crowds almost “all to yourself”. In the late evening you can capture its imposing spotlight.

    Read our Tips for unforgettable vacation photos.

    Travel book: around the world on 80 pages

    Thinking, photographing, sorting out

    With the digital camera or the smartphone, you can shoot photos anytime, anywhere. Nevertheless you should not photograph randomly. Before you press the shutter release button, think carefully about what you want to image so that you won’t have to sort out the best pictures at home for hours. You should also not reach for the camera every single moment. To make a beautiful church appear lively in pictures is exciting – every church you see on a trip may be too much of a good thing.

    For you to have an overview of your pictures, we have compiled Tips for managing and archiving your vacation photos.

    Your experiences stay the most present in your travel photo book. Choose the most beautiful vacation photos, edit and move the images as you like, insert text boxes or leave some space next to a photo to hand-write your experience. Our guest author, Martina Bisaz, provides you with professional tips for designing a travel photo book.


    To give your personal travel destination a charming touch, attach entrance tickets, train tickets or a map of the country.

    Family members as photographers

    During the holidays, it is not uncommon that only one person takes pictures. This person can hardly be seen on the pictures. Switch off when taking photos. Different angles bring variety to your holiday gallery. This is because adults and children perceive the world from different perspectives. Each person chooses different motives. If you let the camera circulate within the family, this creates a greater diversity and each family member can be seen in a photo.

    A change of perspective boosts your travel photo book

    Try it now!

    Try it out right away: Download the ifolor Designer and create your personal memory photo book for your last trip.

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