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The Coliseum in Rome—Holiday Photos of a City Visit

10 Tips for Unforgettable Holiday Photos

Capture the Best Moments of Your Trip

Photos are the very best souvenirs: they take us back to the best of our holidays long afterwards. When travelling, you’ll want to capture the stunning contrasts, amazing atmosphere, and one-of-a-kind views. Discover our creative ideas and practical tips for taking beautiful holiday photos to last a lifetime. Your pictures will fascinate and bring joy to those you left at home.

Use the Best Lighting Available

Using natural lighting—that is, “available light”—you can make the most of what’s available to create impressive travel shots. The best travel photos are taken during the golden hour, the first and last periods of daylight in which the sun is extremely low in the sky. Red sunrises and sunsets intensify the colours and enrich shadows and contours. The sky also appears especially beautiful in the end light of day, making for amazing shots. The blue hour follows the golden hour, turning the sky a royal blue before total nightfall.

Unusual Perspectives for Unique Photos

For more interesting, varied photos, particularly in the city, it pays to change perspective. Why not try lying on your stomach or squatting? However, be careful about perspective distortion, an optical error that gives the impression that a building is crooked or falling over. Using the tilt-shift technique, you can avoid such distortion. Whether country or city landscapes, the appearance of your subject will remain unchanged if you use this technique.

Photograph architecture from the perspective of a frog—tips for holiday photos

A Night Under the Stars

There’s nothing lovelier than to lie under the stars and relax. With the right settings and preparation you can light up a starry sky to perfection. A smart combination of exposure time and aperture is crucial for great night shots. We recommend a lower ISO and open aperture, although the exact combination will depend on the situation. The autofocus should also be turned off—manual focus allows sharper capture of stars. With patience and practice, you’ll soon be taking impressive photos of the Milky Way.

Photographing to Scale

Natural details and everyday objects are wonderfully suited for close-ups. With macro photography you can allow yourself to be fascinated by small details almost impossible to see with your own eyes. As you might say: it’s the small things in life. When focusing on the main subject, the background will blur and your subject comes into greater focus. To get a better picture, get as close to your subject as possible. When shooting with the smart phone or a compact camera, be sure to use the macro setting. There is also a special macro lens for single-lens reflex camera, although you can get sharp close-ups from a certain range with a telephoto lens.

Photos of the Kids On the Go—natural and dynamic

Show Off the Family Like a Pro

Holidays are also time for children for many families, when many undertake enormous trips and tiny excursions with the kids. For authentic shots of your tots, take their photos when they’re not looking and without flash. Because kids change their facial expressions so quickly, it’s worthwhile to take multiple shots at once. You can also use a few tricks to harmonise photos, selfies, and portraits. Obviously what is most important is to be in the right place at the right time. Really it’s fun that makes for the most natural, beautiful photos.

New Cultures and People in Exotic Locales

Different cultures leave behind fascinating impressions. Behind every picture that departs from the same tired shots everyone takes are unique moments and stories. More than attractions, it’s people who make a holiday special. Taking a photo at the right moment lets you relive your memories again and again.

Unusual Landscapes

Let yourself be taken over by unusual scenery and dive into the world of natural beauty. With the right picture composition and contrasting colours, you’ll bring an aesthetic and harmonious atmosphere to all your photos of the landscape. The Rule of Thirds will aid you in achieving the correct orientation of your subject. Using lines, this divides the picture in nine equal squares. The horizon often serves in photography as an orienting line, on which the top or bottom line should be positioned. This allows for a deliberate variance of the object. However, a combination of light and shadows also allows for amazing shots of the landscape.

Holiday photos: Panorama of the Alps

Optimise the Organization of Your Photos

When travelling, you take countless photos. Many are duplicate or blurred, but some are decent shots, or even real treasure. To keep perspective and spare valuable memory card space, take some time in the evenings to get rid of duplicate or blurry photos. This prevents you from having to wade through a chaotic mess of photos when you get home and maintains the absolute best memories. With the help of the right picture organization and management, you can use the time you saved to take more photos. Memorialise your holiday, for example, in a trip yearbook: in our eBook, we show you how to organise your pictures and create a photo yearbook.

Useful Equipment On the Go

When you’re travelling, you need a camera to immortalise your favourite images. But how inconvenient it is when you’re standing in front of a stunning view of the landscape and suddenly your battery is dead or your memory card is full! Make sure you always have extra memory cards and a second battery with you in order to avoid this. Power packs or solar-powered chargers can also provide some extra power on the road.

Don’t Forget to Enjoy Your Holiday!

Don’t spend your entire holiday peering through the lens of a camera! Take time to relax and enjoy your surroundings. One good picture of an exciting experience is worth more than a thousand duplicates. So enjoy your trip and try to strike a balance between photography and relaxation, and discover something interesting while you’re at it.

And when you get home, don’t forget: create a photo book of your trip, or decorate your wall with your favourite shots.

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